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Fear not the Darkness, But What Lies Within, The recesses of our mind, The creepy cobwebbed corners,That lingers on and tickles us,With tingle feelings of alarm, The deep in the stomach, Pain we feel when we do warn, The fear is deadly it seeks, The deepest corner of our mind, It's just a story to alarm,Educate and provide entertainment for our minds. So read on dear reader, I hope you find the stories amusing and full of charm.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Three Word Wednesday - The Gravel Pits-Part 8

Three Word Wednesday - The Gravel Pits-Part 8

Carcass, noun: The dead body of an animal; the trunk of an animal such as a cow, sheep, or pig, for cutting up as meat; the remains of a cooked bird after all the edible parts have been removed; the remains of something being discarded, dismembered, or worthless.

Geek, noun: An unfashionable or socially inept person; [usually with modifier] a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast; a carnival performer who performs wild or disgusting acts; verb: Engage in or discuss computer-related tasks obsessively or with great attention to technical detail; be or become extremely excited or enthusiastic about a subject, typically one of specialist or minority interest:

Slash, verb: Cut (something) with a violent sweeping movement, typically using a knife or sword; reduce (a price, quantity, etc.) greatly; noun: A cut made with a wide, sweeping stroke; a wound or gash made by a cut with a wide, sweeping stroke.

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                                        The Gravel Pits-Part 8

  This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. All rights reserved. 

     Stuck in the trunk Kathleen panicked she needed to find a way out, She found her mind going to the car magazines that had belonged to her dead father. He had considered him self a car geek and she had loved to browse those magazines with him. Kathleen remembered seeing in one of those magazines with a description of this car. Karl had been correct that it had been a Ford Fairline but this was also a muscle car and a rare edition that. It was some kind of weird name like a snake or something. Cobra, that was the name. She’d remembered the name for all the good it did her trapped her in its trunk.
     She hit her arm out and hit the spare tire. Banging it she managed to dislodge and move to the front of the trunk so she could get at the seat. Some of these seats folded down if she could somehow get it to do so she could escape. If only she could find the switch. She pushed at the seat at several places. Nothing happened, no movement. She began to think she’d die in here. She took out the knife again and tried to slash through the edges of the seat and triggered something. The seat began to fold down.
     She was free she could escape as long as he didn’t come out. It was dark and the parking lot was empty she observed through the bag Plexiglas window. She saw the bar with its name in neon lights After Hours.
     Kathleen had never heard of the bar. Where was she? She looked and saw woods at the edge of the property on the other side of the property and on the other side the gravel road that the car had travelled in on. If she escaped to the road, it’s the first place he would look for her.  She’d have to brave the woods and hoped they would come out to somewhere she could seek help.
   Kathleen climbed over the seat and opened the front driver’s door quietly as she watched the bar hoping he wouldn’t see the light on in the car. She entered the woods stealthily and ran quickly through the woods. She came upon a path and followed it to a clearing. The dim light from the moon revealed a sulphur water fed spring. She was at the Sulphur Springs and the nearest home was four footballs fields away but it was there. She could seek help and be safe. She ran around the front of the springs to the road and then she heard it. With the rumbling of a car Kathleen darted to the woods, but not soon enough as she was caught in the headlights. She picked up her pace as she heard the car door open and him call to her.
   “Give it up little girlie. I’m not going to kill you. I won't leave your carcass on the road, if you come to me now. I kind of like your feistiness. I’ve decided you’re the one I’ll keep. After all we were destined to be together.”
   This sent chills down Kathleen's spine. Kathleen picked up her pace, but heard him hot on her trail, as branches started hitting her in the face. Just when she thought she might have lost him a hand reached out from in front of her and grabbed her saying, “Found you.”

©Sheilagh Lee  September 10, 2014

To be continued


  1. Truly chilling Sheilagh...i hate to say it but it sounds like a fate worse than death..but i hope she will fight her way out always..

  2. yes Jae Rose it is scary and a position none of us would want to be in but we'll see how Kathleen gets out of this one. (Hint I like happy endings and evil punished.) thank you for reading.

  3. Chilling indeed. How horrible. I hope she gets away from him. I wouldn't even mind if she accidentally killed him in the process.

  4. Kathleen is resilient she'll triumph yet Alice Audrey.
    Thank you for reading Alice Audrey and humbird