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Fear not the Darkness, But What Lies Within, The recesses of our mind, The creepy cobwebbed corners,That lingers on and tickles us,With tingle feelings of alarm, The deep in the stomach, Pain we feel when we do warn, The fear is deadly it seeks, The deepest corner of our mind, It's just a story to alarm,Educate and provide entertainment for our minds. So read on dear reader, I hope you find the stories amusing and full of charm.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Joy


Honorable Mention Week 242

Christmas Joy

          I sat in a box ,year after year gathering dust in the back of a cold dark shelf, high up in a closet. Then I’d been taken out of my box, dusted off and put  near the lights to give my glass exterior its best colour; but it had been many years since I adorned the sapling by the window.

      How could I bring them their Christmas wishes if they forgot about me year after year? Had something happened to that family? The man kissed his wife under the tree from the time she was twenty and his new bride; to when her hair was thatched with white and their home and filled with more and more descendants every year. Some years ago it had stopped and I lay abandoned on a shelf.

    I heard the door open and my heart filled with joy. A woman I’d never seen before reached for my box dusted me off and took me out of the box marveling at the light that shone through me.

“It’s a done deal; the house is ours,” the man said as he entered.
“Look what I found!” the woman said, “Our first Christmas ornament, an angel. It will bring us luck.”
“I’ve had nothing but luck since I found you but if it makes you happy; let’s put it at the top of our tree.”
   Happy again, I shone brightly at the top of the tree, bringing joy to all, for that was my name.
 ©Sheilagh Lee December 1 ,2016

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Three Word Wednesday-Stray Bullet- Part 27

Three Word Wednesday-Stray Bullet- Part 27

Prompts: Prickly, adjective: spiky, spiked, thorny, barbed, spiny; briery, brambly; rough, scratchy; technical spiculate, spicular, aculeate, spinose, tingly, tingling, prickling, problematic, awkward, ticklish, tricky, delicate, sensitive, difficult, knotty, thorny, irksome, tough, troublesome, bothersome, vexatious.

Quintessential, adjective: typical, prototypical, stereotypical, archetypal, classic, model, standard, stock, representative, conventional; ideal, consummate, exemplary, definitive, best, ultimate.

Rabid, adjective: extreme, fanatical, overzealous, extremist, maniacal, passionate, fervent, overkeen, diehard, uncompromising, illiberal, gung-ho, foaming at the mouth, mad. 

Stray Bullet- Part 27

         Two hours later my door creaked as Gordon came in unexpectedly. 

“Hello buddy, how’s it going?”
“Were still slugging  it out if you read the reports I’ve been sending you.”
“Yes, but I keep hoping one of us will find the answers we need,” Gordon stated.
“I’m working on it. Two of my best are surveilling the Richardson’s and their associates day and night.”
“So are my FBI men. It’s under control. Now come have lunch with me. I’ve invited Tina. She’s meeting us at the restaurant. I want you both to meet Perita.”
“We finally get to meet the illusive Perita,” I blurted.
“Be nice she’s really shy and I care about her,”Gordon insisted sounding prickly.
“She must be really special if you love her, so I’ll be extra nice,” I joked winking.
“Not that nice. I don’t think Tina or I would appreciate that. After all she's the quintessential lady.
“Gottcha Gordon.”

        I just grabbed my coat and limped out the door. When we got to the curb I climbed into Gordon’s car.

“So how is it going? Are you going to ask Perita to marry you?”
“Maybe but not yet; unlike you I want to wait a little bit before proposing marriage.”
“I love Tina and I’m going to marry her so you’d better get used to Tina hanging around.”
“I can see that buddy; but if she makes you unhappy she’s going to have to answer to me,” Gordon said.
“The same goes for Perita. If she hurts you she’ll answer to me,” I exclaimed.
“Touché.  We’ll agree to try and like each other’s significant other,” Gordon agreed.
“Wait a minute; where are you heading? I can’t go out of town I have a campaign speech at 3 p.m.”
“Campaign speech? So you’ve finally decided you want to keep your job?”
“Yes, I’m not going to let Percival Derrickson win.”
“I’ll help you anyway I can, Gunnar. It’s only eleven a.m. I’ll get you back way before 3 p.m.”
“Thanks Gordon.”
“Earn it by welcoming Perita.”
“Don't be so rabid Gordon. I only want my pal happy.”

      The drive took a half- an hour and we soon arrived at an upscale restaurant in nearby De Ulibarri, Colorado. De Ulibarri was named after Spanish conquistador, Juan de Ulibarri who claimed Colorado. Some people were fighting to change the name and saw it affront to the native peoples who were driven from the land by the conquistador in the early seventeen hundreds.

      As I entered the restaurant with Gordon by my side; I saw his face light as he gazed at the woman whose back was turned to us. Tall and beautiful, her hair was like liquid chocolate as it flowed to her waist. As she stood up her dress moved like it was glued to her, it was cut expertly to accent her larger bosom, tiny waist and rounded bum. Her dark chocolate brown eyes flashed with intelligence.  Glancing at her twice, I knew something about her reminded me of someone I seen recently but I couldn’t think  of whom or what.

“Perita, this is Gee Bullet, my best friend and the Sheriff of Driftwood. Gee this is Perita Castillo.”
“It’s very nice to finally meet you,” Perita replied in a sweet soft sultry voice with a slight Spanish accent.

    I looked at Gordon; yes he liked this voice of hers. Frankly I was suspicious of it. He had described Perita as shy and retiring. Women who had figures and voices like that knew what they had and they used it to ensnare males. They weren't shy and retiring. What was her angle why was she playing Gordon?

“Gee, Perita and I’ve been talking and it seems we know a lot of the same people,” Tina interrupted my thoughts.

     Oddly Perita frowned like she didn’t like Tina sharing their conversation. Tina noticed and gulped as if she had offended Perita and then changed the subject,“So how has your day been, Gee?”
 “Pretty busy. I’m still trying to find some clues for the case I’m working on. I’m also trying to do a bit of campaigning. In fact I have to back to Driftwood Community Center by 3 p.m. to give a speech.”
“Sounds like a very busy day, Sheriff, I’m so glad you found the time to have lunch with me,” Perita stated.

      Perita followed this up by smiling the kind of smile that can bring a male to his knees and I was no exception, I found myself smiling back and saying,“Please call me Gee. My boy, Gordon here is mad for you so that makes us friends, I hope?”
 “I’d like us all to be friends,” Perita exclaimed and smiled again at Gordon.

     The smile for Gordon was different solely focused on him and with warmth that was palatable and for a moment I saw what Gordon saw in her.

        I ordered steak and potatoes as did Gordon and surprisingly Perita. Tina ordered shrimp and rice on a sea of vegetables and frowned at my steak. Tina had been cautioning me lately about the food I ate and my over dependence on red meats. I silently promised her that I would eat better later.  But as we talked some more over lunch, I noticed (as Gordon had said) that Perita didn’t seem shy at all but a bit on the manipulative side, or maybe my suspicious mind thought she’s hiding something. But that was ridiculous, was I actually jealous of Perita? I felt her eyes drawing me in until I forcefully pulled my eyes away.

       Gordon had supported me and protected me from my vicious ex – wife. That was it. Of course, my scars from Gina had made me suspicious of a perfectly nice woman who was just being sociable and I had taken it all wrong. I needed to support Gordon’s relationship with Perita not be a suspicious, judgmental friend. I attempted to be a better friend and told some fun stories keeping the ladies in stitches.

    We finished our meal and I excuse myself to go the bathroom. I had just finished using the urinal and zipping my pants and going to wash my hands when Gordon came in.

“Do you like her?”
“Yes, Perita seems very nice,” I answered.
“And it does hurt that she’s hot, huh?”
“Yes she is beautiful,” I responded knowing the answer he wanted.
“I’m glad you like her Gee. It means a lot to me.”
“I better get back,” I stated not wanting to get into anymore conversation and say the wrong thing.
“Okay, I paid the check. Go join the ladies. I’ll be back soon.”

      Leaving the bathroom I reached into my pocket to check the time on my cell and realized I left my cell phone on the table. I hurried and got to the table to find only Perita sitting there finishing off a piece of chocolate cheesecake.

“Wow for someone so skinny you can really put the food away,” I blurted out and then realizing how that sounded I backtracked, “I’m sorry that was rude. You are a beautiful woman you can eat what you want.”
   Perita laughed a tinkling laugh that made all the men in the room turn and smile at her then she said, “I had you pegged all wrong. I thought you hated me. I just make you nervous.”

        I nodded. We began talking and I finally started liking her. The conversation was running smoothly and I let my guard down. Perita seemed to look over my shoulder and then said, “Look at the ring Gordon gave me isn’t it lovely.”
“Yes,” I replied.
“Look at the cut the clarity,” she responded putting the finger that held the ring directly in my hands.

        I clasped her hand looking at it closely and her face turned fearful and then she yanked her hand from mine as Gordon appeared over my shoulder.

“I want to go home,” Perita said sinking into Gordon’s arms as he gravitated to beside her.

        I was puzzled. Did she worry Gordon would think she was flirting with me? Perita whispered in his ear and the next thing I knew Gordon started glaring at me and then he abruptly took her hand and walked away. What had just happened? My best friend of more than fifteen years had just walked away from me. I tried to dial him on my cell phone but he didn’t answer me.

Tina then arrived at the table.

“Where are Gordon and Perita?” She asked.
“I don’t know one minute we are talking then Gordon came back and she says she wants to go home,” I explained.
“What exactly happened? Tell me exactly what you and she did?”
“Did? I didn’t do anything!” I protested.
“No you didn’t, but she’s done something. So tell me what did she do?”
“She was sweet and charming and apologizing that we didn’t hit it off. She said she’d misjudged me, and then she had me look at her ring.”
“Look at her ring?”
“I don’t know; but Gordon is mad at me. He left without speaking to me.”
“Oh dear that doesn’t sound good.”
“No kidding and not only that he was my ride. I have to get back or I’ll be late for my campaign speech.”
“Hopefully this will blow over.” Tina said comforting me, “I’ll drive you to the community center and you can give your speech. You have to win the election. So clear your head and give a rousing speech. Okay?”
“Thank-you honey. What would I do without you?” I asked.
“You’ll never have to find out.” Tina cried kissing me on the lips then she took out her keys, “Let’s go it won’t look good if the candidate is late.”

We stepped into the car and Tina as good as her word got me to the community center in time and I gave the stirring speech that Penny had written for me. 

©Sheilagh Lee November 30 ,2016
To be continued in January as we take a break to write Christmas stories

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

HappyThanksgiving To All My America followers and friends

Three Word Wednesday-Stray Bullet- Part 26

Three Word Wednesday-Stray Bullet- Part 26

Prompts: Machismo, noun: (aggressive) masculinity, toughness, male chauvinism, sexism, virility, manliness; bravado, testosterone, macho. 

Nauseating, adjective: sickening, nauseous, stomach-churning, emetic, sickly; disgusting, revolting, offensive, loathsome, obnoxious, foul, vomitous; informal gross, gut-churning, gut-wrenching.

Oaf, noun: lout, boor, barbarian, Neanderthal, churl, bumpkin, yokel; fool, dolt, dullard; informal idiot, imbecile, moron, halfwit, lamer, cretin, ass, jackass, goon, yahoo, ape, baboon, clod, blockhead, meathead, butthead, meatball, bonehead, knucklehead, chucklehead, lamebrain, palooka, lug, bozo, hoser, boob, chowderhead, lummox, knuckle-dragger, galoot, klutz, goofus, doofus, dork, turkey, dingbat.

Stray Bullet- Part 26

          Two weeks went by before I saw Tina again. She was so busy at work as a physician I didn’t see here even when I arrived for therapy. I was keeping busy too. I’d been going a half-hour daily and then doing the exercises at my desk while filling and reading reports so my leg was getting better but I still had a pronounced limp and had to work really hard at balancing but of course I was a tough guy with lots of machismo so I didn’t complain.

“Coffee and some aspirin, boss,” Penny said as she came into my office. And also handed me some more paperwork; there always seemed to be paperwork.
Was I a cranky oaf?
“Just a little. See you later boss,” Penny said as she shut the door.

        I stared into space, thinking about how easily the missing fentanyl case at the hospital had wrapped up. I had wrapped up the case of course; I’d followed up some leads on Troy and Calvin Richardson but so far they’d come up clean despite the fact that these pair looked more and more like the guilty parties. The testimony of the head nurse would go a long way in helping to convict them.
They had motive and means; but it felt like someone else was pulling their strings.  Who was their boss? My instinct that I always relied upon tingled like there was something I wasn’t seeing. I could arrest the Richardson’s and try to sweat it out of them; but I feared I would get nowhere so I put them under investigation by my men waited and watched.

       As for Gordon he’d been called back to head office but I kept him updated. The investigation was a slow go. I decided I needed a coffee and went to the break room. I was only there about five seconds when Nathan Ricci walked in. Nathan looked at me for about five seconds as if he was hesitant then abruptly said, “I’ve seen your election signs around town. They’re okay; but I think your opponent’s signs are better and bigger. They are also in more strategic positions.”
“I have signs?”
“Of course you have signs,” Penny laughed, as she entered the coffee room. “You know you only have roughly six weeks until the election, Sheriff.  Nathan;s correct your opponent’s signs are bigger. You have to do some campaigning. I’ve put up some signs for you but you have to start taking this seriously or you’ll be out of a job come November 8th.”
“I hate campaigning. I just want to do the job,” I complained.
“Sorry Sheriff, but I’ve got to say your opponents looking pretty good. He says he can solve all these crimes and that you’re doing a piss poor job not only in solving the cries but in allocating money and resources,” Nathan replied.
“He can allocate some money right now by firing you if you want,” Penny threatened.
“Hey don’t kill the messenger. No offence meant.” Nathan responded.

         Who did this little shit think he was? I’d given him a job and he was stabbing me in the back with this kind of talk to my face what did he say behind my back?

“Aren’t you supposed to be relieving Errol whose watching the Richardson’s?” I asked my eyes narrowing.
“Yes in about fifteen minutes. I’d better hit the road,” Nathan said looking at his watch.
“Yes, you better and don’t forget to report back to your sheriff those Richardson’s doings. I’d better not hear you’ve been spreading these same lies that Perry’s telling. Don’t forget Nathan, I know your mother and she was grateful to the sheriff for giving you a job,” Penny whispered to him as he went out the door, but I still overheard.
As soon as Nathan was out of earshot Penny started in, “Do you have any idea who is running against you?”
“Some guy named Percival Derrickson.”
“Not just some guy; his father was killed on the job. Twenty years ago his father, Hiram Derrickson held the position as sheriff. He was killed apprehending bank suspects and he left a wife and an eight year old son Percival or Perry as those who know him. Perry will use that to win. You have to solve the murders of your police officers and their families and stop the flow of the fentanyl in this county then people will see you are the sheriff they need and want. Because Perry knows how to pretend his good and has charisma that sways crowds but he’s an evil nauseating vindictive soul who would make a terrible sheriff.”
“Tell me what you really think…”
“Don’t joke this is serious. You do want to be sheriff still? Don’t you?”
“Yes, I do and I appreciate that you’re helping me. You’ve been a good friend to me since I came to Driftwood.”
“I know how hard it is to be a single parent. I had a little girl once.”
“I met a guy and I thought I was in love; but he didn’t. He left me; but not without a present…the greatest present of my life, my little girl Lorna. Lorna was healthy for a couple of years, but then she got really sick with leukemia. I tried to find her a bone marrow; but her father was the only one to match even the slightest. He was tested and matched;  but he refused to give her his bone marrow. I begged I pleaded but he wouldn’t and Lorna died.”
“Who was this guy?”
Penny hesitated then said very quietly, “Percival Derrickson.”
“He is truly evil. What kind of father wouldn’t give his child anything, even his own life? I’m so sorry Penny. I will do everything in my power to make sure he doesn’t get this job.”

       I then left and went to my office but Penny followed a few seconds later carrying papers in her hands.

“I’m glad you said that you would do everything in your power to get this job. I like having you for a sheriff and I think you are the man to beat Perry. I’m not exaggerating there is something innately evil in that man. Now if you really mean to win then you have to give a speech this afternoon at the community center at 3 p.m...”
“I hate those things but I understand that I need to be seen so they can judge I’m the better candidate. I don’t have a speech prepared. I guess I’ll have to write one before then,” I answered.
“I’ve already written you one,” Penny replied handing me piece of paper.

I glanced over it. It was a great speech and touched all the right points but Penny was right I need to show the citizens of this county I could do the job or I’d be out on my ear come November 8th.

“I’ll leave you to get some of this paperwork done, now,” Penny said.

     Penny then left the room shutting my door and I was left with my mountains of administration and for me to tinker with the speech and make it mine.

©Sheilagh Lee November 23 ,2016

Friday, November 11, 2016

Kith and Kin Remembered #RemembranceDay #lestweforget

Lest We Forget  

Kith and Kin Remembered 

       My dad was a born storyteller. Some of his stories I took with a grain of salt, except those that were also confirmed by my grandmother. My grandmother confirmed this story, so I feel safe confiding in you. My dad was always fascinated by war and the strategies of war. This began at early age when my dad met relatives at the Timothy Eaton estate in Owen Sound when a young child. 

     What relatives did my dad meet you ask? The two flying aces of World War 1, Billy Bishop and Henry John Burden who he met at the family party. You see Billy Bishop is related to me sort of; let me explain, he was married to my dad’s cousin (you figure out how many removed) Margaret Eaton Burden. Therefore so is her brother, Henry John Burden. Their grandfather was Timothy Eaton,( yes, those well known Eaton's in Canada, related to Timothy Eaton the department head king) . My great-great-great grandfather was Timothy’s brother. Have I confused you yet? 

       When young, my dad went to picnics and summer retreats at the Eaton’s estate in Owen Sound, This particular summer he met the two flying aces. Billy Bishop's home was in England at the time, but he had come home to Canada and met with relatives at this party. 
       Now to a young boy so interested in military history, just being introduced to them made him think he was in seventh heaven, but when they found the boy so knowledgeable about military history they were happy to talk to him of their service as flying aces. My dad thought the two men intelligent articulate and was thrilled that he was related to the pair( if only one distantly and one by marriage).  They were kind to the young boy and his older brother who craved male attention since their parent’s divorce. Dad and his older brother Gordon spent that day just enjoying the stories and soaking in all the information they imparted. This time they spent with him had an impact on my Dad, he wanted to join the air force when he got older or at least some part of the military.  It made his interest in military history come alive even more so and you’d often find the boy with his nose in his book, when he wasn’t hunting and fishing. It may have also made his older brother, Gordon join the war effort as a soldier as soon as the Second World War began. Uncle Gordon became a leader and worked behind the lines in special forces efforts in the Second World War. It didn't hurt that my Uncle Gordon had a genetic ability that assisted him. He had an eidetic memory meaning that he saw something and he could remember it all in vivid images.I'm sure that was difficult for him after the war and part of the reason he never spoke of what he did during the war. As I told you reader once before Uncle Gordon was believed killed at one point and his family grieved for him for months only to have a miracle happen finding out he was severally injured but alive. While my father tried to sneak off to war at thirteen years old but my grandmother retrieved him in Halifax before he boarded a troop ship that later was torpedoed. (see

     So on this Remembrance Day one hundred years after the start of World War 1, I remember the men who give their lives for their countries,and also the flying aces, Billy Bishop and Henry John Burden and my Uncle Gordon who served in Special Forces, and who were lucky enough to survive the war. Thank you all for you service.

My Uncle Gordon and some friends

     And thank you to my father who told me about all the military battles and made me see the sacrifices that these men had made for our country. He made me see that period of time through his eyes, those living through those turbulent times and how hard it truly it was.

NB: Billy Bishop officially credited with 72 victories thus making him Canada’s First World War flying ace the top Canadian ace of the war.  Billy Bishop was a touted as a Canadian hero and used as a morale booster to the Canadian people. Ordered to return to England and organize our flyers by June nineteenth, nineteen seventeen he couldn’t resist one last chance to take out more enemy planes flying behind enemy lines he took down five planes in fifteen minutes.   On August 5th, he was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel and was given the post of "Officer Commanding-designate of the Canadian Air Force Section of the General Staff, Headquarters Overseas Military Forces of Canada." During the Second World War, Billy Bishop became instrumental in instructing and setting up pilot training for the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. Billy Bishop received the Victoria Cross, Distinguished Service Order with Bar, Military Cross, Distinguished Flying Cross, 1914–1915 Star, and British War Medal 1914–1920. Margaret’s brother and Billy’s brother-in-law also a flying ace had 16 victories and received a Distinguished Service Order award and a Distinguished Flying Cross award. (source wikipedia)

To read more of Billy Bishop got to



 We remember and we honour our beloved soldiers. Thank you

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Remembering them

Soldiers in full dress
Some frail,
With canes, walker and wheelchairs

Still they come in tribute 
For fallen comrades
New and old
The heavens cry 
With rain and wind

Still they stand tall
People old and young
Marvel at their inner strength
The symbol a red flower
Proudly worn on their breasts 
To remember so we can never forget
The sacrifices given
Though some think long ago
To these brave men and women
It’s yesterday again
Pain in their eyes
They remember and thank

Fallen comrades

Again and again
How can we do less?

Remembering them

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Two stories of Halloween-Happy Halloween

Hallowe’en House

It was Hallowe’en night and the weather reminded of that night forty years ago when Bobby Winters had invited me to a secret Hallowe’en dance. Sixteen and beyond excited that my crush had asked me. I had dressed carefully as a wraith, a silk white floor length dress covered by a white torn sheet and a silk white scarf covering my head. I remembered how Bobby had looked in his pirate suit. 
I stepped across the threshold of the old house and in my mind I shivered. It was older and more decrepit then I remembered. I heard the front floorboards creak, waiting as I had every Hallowe’en night for Bobby to come and join me. Tonight Bobby answered my invitation. 
Bobby came closer wielding a flashlight, I heard him gasp. I pulled my silk scarf closer to my head.
 “You said you deserve to be paid and then you and your friends lured me, raped me and killed me,” I uttered as I reached in and grabbed Bobby’s still beating heart.
Bobby’s body was found by some children a few days later. The town talked about pulling the old house down but nothing has been done… yet. There have been mysteriously deaths in the old house, a rash of heart attacks the coroner claims. People are afraid of the house, but they need not be; there’s only one person left that need fear the Hallowe’en house, all the rest of my murderers are dead.  

Happy Hallowe’en!!

©Sheilagh Lee October 21, 2016


    We were all gathered in the great hall ready for the meeting. Night had fallen hours ago and shadows now filled the corners of the room. The house  we loved and lived in was to be shown at the end of the week. It would be sold and we'd have to leave. We were united something must be done but days had passed since we heard and nothing had been done yet.

      The real estate agent came in with the first prospect and we hid in the shadows. It would do to be seen. Jack skillfully made the curtains blow as if in a breeze then the floorboards.

    “It worked Nita,” Jack said to me.

     The person made excuses and left. More people came in and we all did our part frightening them. Then one day the sign changed to SOLD.

    A month went by and then Paul and his two children, Susie and Erin moved in and we thought we’d have to move; but it turned out the children liked us. Apparently a ghostly maid, Annie a butler, Harrison and a couple of ghostly gentry,  Jack and me, Juanita, that was until he met her. 

    We saw Karen from a distance as we hid in the shadows. Karen was lithe and walked like a ballet dancer should. She seemed genuinely nice and we rejoiced that Paul and his children would have a wife and mother. Paul seemed to think she'd be terrified of us and refused to let us meet her. We didn't want to hurt his feelings so we pretended to let it go; but when he said he would marry her and she’d yet to meet us we demanded to be seen.  Paul said we had to go where ever ghosts went and we pretended that we would; but the truth is we had found family something we had never found alive. Susie and Erin had become the grandchildren Jack and I never had and Paul like our own son. We discussed it with our servants, Annie and Harrison and they too felt they couldn't leave them to their own devices. They needed us. After all who would clean the house? Make the meals? Stroke the fires and draw the baths? Help the children with their manners and homework? Who would Paul trust to watch the children when he worked and they didn't go to school? Karen traveled with the ballet company. She couldn't always be here.

     We hid until Karen moved in and then we reappeared. Karen almost fainted she was so frightened but showing the pluck that made Paul love her she straightened her back and asked,"Who are you?"

     We answered all her questions along with Susie and Erin who had entered the room at the correct time as we had practiced. Karen decided it might be nice to have ghostly family in the mansion as Erin and Susie told her all we did. Paul got over his anger at us pouncing on Karen and now  we all coexist happily in our big manor house in the country.  
©Sheilagh Lee October 27, 2016

Happy Hallow'een!!!

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