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Fear not the Darkness, But What Lies Within, The recesses of our mind, The creepy cobwebbed corners,That lingers on and tickles us,With tingle feelings of alarm, The deep in the stomach, Pain we feel when we do warn, The fear is deadly it seeks, The deepest corner of our mind, It's just a story to alarm,Educate and provide entertainment for our minds. So read on dear reader, I hope you find the stories amusing and full of charm.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Three Word Wednesday-Stray Bullet- Part 30

Three Word Wednesday-Stray Bullet- Part 30

Misogynist, noun: woman-hater; antifeminist, (male) chauvinist, sexist, hater, male chauvinist pig.

Neophyte, noun: novice, novitiate; postulant, catechumen, beginner, learner, novice, newcomer; initiate, tyro, fledgling; trainee, apprentice, probationer, tenderfoot, rookie, newbie, greenhorn.

Oblivious, adjective: unaware of, unconscious of, heedless of, unmindful of, insensible of/to, unheeding of, ignorant of, incognizant of, blind to, deaf to, unsuspecting of, unobservant of; insensitive to, unconcerned with, impervious to, unaffected by, indifferent to, clueless.

Stray Bullet- Part 30

        Life went on and I got into a routine. I went to the office handled the mundane cases, a few drunk and dis-orderlies, some kids tagging, no big crimes. The election was tomorrow and it looked like in the polls I would win by a landslide. It probably didn’t hurt that city council had given me a medal for my devotion to duty. Take that Percival Derrickson!!

       Everyone seemed happy with the wrap of the murder investigation and drug busts. Driftwood had become the town I thought it was; but still I was uneasy. It just seemed too perfect. Maybe I was just an adrenaline junky I thought but still the lingering feelings remained of unease. Election Day loomed and I dressed carefully proudly wearing my uniform. What would I do if the polls were wrong?

     Tina, Aunt Louise and Stella-Marie accompanied me to the polling station and proudly posed for the Daily Driftwood’s front page if I won or lost. Aunt Louise cast her ballet then told me she voted for me. I cast my ballet for myself and crossed my fingers that I would win.
      After much discussion with Aunt Louise Penny, we decided the Driftwood café would be reserved for my victory. The Driftwood café was small intimate not too flashy and just big enough for a few of my supporters.
     As I came into the restaurant election night I noted that the remodel that had closed the restaurant for the last month had not replaced the aging and cracked nineteen fifties furniture but had repainted and resurfaced it making it look like you stepped right back to the fifties again. The vintage red wrought iron ice cream parlor chairs at the counter looked new again. The rest of the restaurant had been remodelled with new red leather seating material in a diamond tuff pattern in the booths. The outside of the restaurant new red and white awning looked great with the brick red paint that now covered its façade.
     Although people came to greet me and wish me well I saw that just as we hoped everyone was having a good time eating and talking in the booths and at the counter. All my officers who weren’t on duty were waiting there for me awaiting the results the results; except of course Nathan Ricci. I was sure he was at my opponent, Percival Derrickson’s headquarters. 
      Tina came to my side giving me a passionate kiss and whispering in my ear that win or lose she was going to rock my world later.  Stella-Marie gave me a hug and kiss and pulled me to a booth where she whispered, “They made two cakes for you daddy and I get to wipe off ‘Sorry you lost” when you win. I can hardly wait to do that since you will win!”
“But what if I lose pumpkin?” I asked gently.
“You won’t you’re a hero. Aunt Louise says they all love you.”
“I hope so sweetie.”

Two hours after the polls were finished I was elected by a landslide just like the polls predicted. Percival Derrickson called the café and conceded. My police officers with the exception of Nathan Ricci congratulated me.

     The next call I received from a unknown cell number. I laughed when I realized it was from my Uncle Tommy. I excused myself went into the hallway to speak to Uncle Tommy.

“Congratulations nephew. I hear you won.. I’m looking forward to you staying on the next four years as sheriff.”
“Don’t be thinking that will win you any favors.”
“Now would I expect that?”
 Thank-you, yes, I will. No congratulations on closing the cases?”
“Are they closed?” Uncle Tommy said mysteriously.
“You don’t think so either?”
“I don’t know it seemed a little too easy. Don’t you think?”
“Maybe,” I admitted.
“I’ll keep my ears open. Maybe I’ll hear something for you, just don't be oblivious to the obvious,” Uncle Tommy said.
“The trial is over?”
“Yes and I’m still in witness protection;  it’s so freakin' boring.”
“Uncle Tommy, please don’t contact your old contacts. You could get yourself killed,” I exclaimed.
“I’ll be careful, Gunnar. I’ve got a new life I’m not going to ruin it. Now go back and join your friends at the café.”
“How did you know…?” I asked.
“I have my sources. Bye now. I’ll keep in touch. Whoops, heads up boyo, incoming,” I heard and then the cellphone call cut off.

     What did he mean by incoming? I thought as I took my seat back in the booth with Tina, Aunt Louise and Stella-Marie. I didn’t have long to wait. Nathan Ricci came in like whirlwind, his big size ten boots stamping across the floor of the café until he reached me sitting in a booth.   It was obvious by his stance that he had a few to many drinks.
“You didn’t deserve to win. Perry Derrickson is worth ten of you! You are a neophytemisogynist piece of shit, with allusions of grandeur!!” Nathan slurred.

How he got the words out clearly I didn't know. he was barely standing. 

      Everyone in the café stopped talking and stared at Nathan. Errol nodded at me as if to ask, “Do you want me to handle this?”

I shook my head.

“Hello Nathan,” I said quietly, “Would you like to sit down and have a coffee and something to eat?Maybe a piece of cake?”
“No,you stupid son of a bitch! Shove that cake up your ass!!” Nathan said and then he threw his badge at me and exclaimed, “I’m not working for you anymore. Take this badge and shove it up your ass.”

     Nathan looked like he was going to swing at me but he seemed to think better of it and then stamped out like a petulant school boy prompting Stella-Marie to say, “He shouldn’t swear. That’s bad!! He should have had a nap this afternoon, like I did. He needs a timeout.”

      Which prompted the crowd to laugh and agree and the party was back on. I told Stella-Marie it was time to go home and she protested stamping her feet, but then Aunt Louise said, “Do you want a timeout?”

Stella-Marie then agreed and Aunt Louise took her home.

      I watched the election results to find the five members of city, Harold Thorne, Winston Steadwell, Douglas Banks, Melanie Halton and Gertrude Fines were all re-elected along with Mayor Ethan Calladen, as well. Surprisingly Harold, Winston, Douglas, Melanie, Gertie all dropped by to wish me well. It was a great night filled with friends and family but by two am. I was exhausted and I had to be to work at seven a.m. so I left saying my goodnights.

©Sheilagh Lee January 18 ,2017

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Three Word Wednesday-Stray Bullet- Part 29

Three Word Wednesday-Stray Bullet- Part 29

Jockey, verb: maneuver, ease, edge, work, steer; compete, contend, vie; struggle, fight, scramble, jostle.

Kindred, noun: family, relatives, relations, kin, kith and kin, one's own flesh and blood; kinsfolk, kinsmen/kinswomen, people; adjective: related, allied, connected, comparable, similar, like, parallel, associated, analogous, like-minded, in sympathy, in harmony, in tune, of one mind, akin, similar, like, compatible.

Lopsided, adjective: crooked, askew, awry, off-center, uneven, out of line, asymmetrical, tilted, at an angle, aslant, slanting; off-balance, off-kilter.

Stray Bullet- Part 29

      We found fentanyl powder that had the potential to create more than 35,321 fentanyl pills (worth an estimated $706,000) and other drugs, like $22,000 worth of methamphetamine and $40,000 worth of cocaine and $9,000 in heroin. Also found were varying amounts of marijuana, MDMA, Oxycodone and morphine,60 grams of meth and a large amount of hash, cocaine, psilocybin “magic” mushrooms, ritalin, oxycodone, hydromorphone, synthetic THC, marijuana. We also found 70 tablets of a drug that had yet to be determined. Also found was GHB, also known as gamma hydroxybutyrate or the “date rape drug, turned to be after testing a few vials of GHB and a vial of liquid fentanyl. We also find a new derivative of the drug that Tina had mentioned to me… furanylfentanyl being distributed in counterfeit oxycodone tablets, which were marked with a 30 on one side and an ‘M’ on the other side.

        Furanylfentanyl, the opioid analgesic that was an analog of fentanyl and was being sold as a designer/ party drug. These could possibly have come from China. They’d gotten it past customs how could I stop this all from coming to Driftwood? I mentioned it to Gordon said the FBI would follow up with customs walking away from me.

         My officers found a cache of weapons in the home, including three shotguns, two rifles, a handgun and a crossbow. Various amounts of ammunition for the guns and body armour were also seized. A search of a vehicle found discovered $37,115 in cash.
The drugs seized were worth an estimated $825,000. Fifteen (pay as you) go burner cell phones.$500000 in cash.20 stolen driver’s licenses and 20 stolen credit cards. A number of stolen items of property.

The Fentanyl and cocaine, methamphetamines and oxycodone were founded bundled in baggies ready for sale. Also found were a pill press used to make fake Oxy pills that contained fentanyl and carfentanil used to mix with other drugs that were found.
The amount of carfentanil seized could have produced more than 50 million doses. The greatest danger of all to these men and women making the drug concoctions was the consumer blender; with all their other precautions wearing full body suits and keeping environmentally safe rooms. None of this would help if they failed to realize that reusing this blender for foods could be deadly.

         Of all our finds, the best of all was the proof that the Richardson’s had carried out the shooting deaths of my officers and their families. We found the guns and the plans they used. They were obviously not the smartest tools in the bunch, so should I trust this evidence? Gordon said the FBI trusted it so should I.

        We jointly released a press release saying “The apparent prime suspect, 30-year-old Calvin Richardson is accused of recruiting members for a criminal organization, trafficking cocaine and fentanyl and other drugs and firearms offences. Calvin Richardson has a criminal history dating back to his childhood when he pled guilty to manslaughter at 13. He was released after serving eight years of a ten year sentence. A youth who cannot be named was also charged with trafficking and other charges along with some other people. A list of those charged will be passed out in a media release. But we want to stress that it is important that the community know just how dangerous these drugs are and how important it is for the community to report any information about anyone who may be illegally trafficking these drugs but that we felt we had apprehended the murderers of these cops and their families so the community could feel safer.”

       Gordon and my department were hoping to find some more important details to sew up our cases. I found myself jockeying with Gordon to interview suspects a clear waste of labor and time. All the information from the FBI side was now lopsided and attention seeking for Gordon and his team. My team was getting very little credit which I wouldn’t stand for. My team needed to know they had done a good job in the public’s eyes as much as the FBI did.

        We found the guns used and some of the people we nabbed offered testimony to the guilt of the Richardson’s in my police officers and their family’s deaths for more lenient sentences. Still I kept at Gordon about my feeling that wasn’t satisfied that we had the right men. He froze me out. Damn that Perita, she had Gordon refusing to even listening to me in police matters How had it come to this? What had Perita said to him that made him end our friendship? Gordon planned on wrapping up the FBI’ send of this case and then he was leaving Driftwood until the trial. I thought we were kindred spirits Gordon and I but that woman had changed all that.
I tried to speak to him this morning but was rebuffed. It seemed that our friendship was at an end and I didn’t know how to fix it. Sure the Richardson’s were high level drug dealers that we took off the streets; but something about how easy it was to find them made me uneasy.

       A week went by and Gordon went back to his FBI headquarters and was promoted to Denver Of course I only knew this through the grapevine. He still wouldn’t speak to me. If only I knew why!

     I spoke with Aunt Louise and she told me to apologise for whatever I had done. I tried again, issuing my congratulations on his promotion but Gordon’s heart was hardened and he said except for work we were done he never wanted to speak with me again. Heartbroken I knew that I could do nothing and I went on with my life.
©Sheilagh Lee January 11,2017

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate

Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah whatever you celebrate 

May your troubles be few and may you enjoy great company

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Christmas Angel~The Christmas Star -Part 2

“I take it back, that’s not my real wish” Christina said as she stepped out of the house wiping the blood from her nose looking up at the Christmas star.

     Christina closed her eyes whispered the words and when she opened and there was Craig walking towards her. Craig hugged her like he’d never let her go and then surprisingly, he kissed her.

“I should have done that a long time ago,”Craig insisted.

      That was the moment that I knew Christina saw that her real wish had come true for Craig got down on one knee in the snow and asked, “Christina I miss you. I love you. You’re my best friend and I never want to let you go. Will you marry me?”
“But you live here,” Christina protested feebly.
“I got a job at Trent, Holloway and Montgomery in L.A. I start the day after New Year’s. It’s my uncle Gordon Trent’s firm so lots of room for advancement,” Craig laughed.
“I got a job too. I’m going to star in a sitcom called Chrissy’s world. I’m playing Chrissy.”
“Wow Congratulations Chrissy. But about my question. Will you merry, marry me?”
“Yes,” Christina answered.
“Good because were getting married tomorrow if that’s okay.”
“How can we get married that fast?” Christina asked.
“I hired a wedding planner. Her name is Mary and she’s a miracle worker. It’s all planned even your dress. Your mother picked it out, so no bad luck, I haven’t seen it.”
“I love you Craig Trent.”
“I always knew you did but I knew you also needed time to figure it out.”
“Thanks for giving me the time.”
“Let’s go tell your parents,” Craig said.
“I think they already know,” Christina stated pointing to them peering out the window.

       Christina and Craig were married the next day with me catering and carrying out the plans of their wedding. Now they celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary on this Christmas day. Aarush gave me permission to visit them for the day as Mary’s granddaughter just to see the two I brought together under the Christmas star. They are still happy and their grandchildren and great-grandchildren bask in that love. 

I''ll always remember this first couple I brought together under the Christmas star. but who knows maybe someday I'll be your Christmas angel when you wish upon the Christmas . Until then Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah,Happy holidays whatever you celebrate let your days be merry and bright.
©Sheilagh Lee December 14 ,2016
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Three Word Wednesday-The Christmas Angel 2- The Christmas Star

Three Word Wednesday-The Christmas Angel 2- The Christmas Star
Unacceptable, adjective: intolerable, insufferable, unsatisfactory, inadmissible, inappropriate, unsuitable, undesirable, unreasonable, insupportable; offensive, obnoxious, disagreeable, disgraceful, deplorable, beyond the pale, bad; a bit much, too much, not on.
Vain, adjective: conceited, narcissistic, self-loving, in love with oneself, self-admiring, self-regarding, self-obsessed, egocentric, egotistic, egotistical; proud, arrogant, boastful, cocky, cocksure, immodest, swaggering; informal big-headed; literary vainglorious, futile, useless, pointless, to no purpose, hopeless, in vain; ineffective, ineffectual, inefficacious, impotent, unavailing, to no avail, fruitless, profitless, unrewarding, unproductive, unsuccessful, failed, abortive, for nothing; thwarted, frustrated, foiled.
Wakeful, adjective: awake, restless, restive, tossing and turning, alert, watchful, vigilant, on the lookout, on one's guard, attentive, heedful, wary.

I first wrote part of this last Thursday for ThursThreads 

and won an HM for that part but I’ve added to it much more since then and this is the condensed version of the added story for blog purposes.

The Christmas Angel 2 - The Christmas Star
         Christmas is a magical time of year when hearts are lighter, and people seem to care more about others. How I wish this could last throughout the year. Humans would share with others, be kinder and the world would always be an enchanted place. Christmas also brings sadness and an awareness of their place in the universe. These sad sacks whose hearts are battered and bruised, these have a right to be sad. They’ve loved lost, loved ones who were missed from their hearts and dinner tables. Some have gone through trauma, and or illness, they are not vain just simply poor and downtrodden by life. It's unacceptable that some people avoid them. Nerves can be exposed and these people need most of all a human touch of kindness. These people are assigned a Christmas angel. Why am I commenting on this? Because it is now my job to help these people as their Christmas angel as my cousin Mary-Ellen once did for others in The Christmas Angel.the christmas angel cover 2 .jpg

       It is a great honour that has been bestowed on me and I don’t want to fail so I had to be wakeful, watch my subjects and decide how to begin.  I started first with Craig Trent. Craig grieving and lost without his parents has let the one thing he loved, Christina, go out of his life.   So I’ve been whispering in his ear to remind him what he's truly missing. Then I went to Christina and whispered in hers; but the two of them are stubborn’ I’m afraid this will require more so I had to receive permission from Aarush to materialize as a wedding planner.
      How can I accomplish this you ask? Craig ‘accidentally’ bumped into me in the coffee shop several days in a row and since I drop wedding planning stuff every day, his brain starts thinking about what he truly wants. We in heaven know that he wants to wed Christina and spend his life with her for that is what he's always wished and prayed upon the Christmas star.
      Parabart an angel who I met in my reeducation classes has offered to help me by needling Christina about coming home and reminding her of all the times Craig was there for her. I think that might work and I agree. After all there isn’t much time until Christmas my deadline.

     I convince Craig plan a surprise wedding but; the fact is he hasn’t even proposed yet. He hasn't even told Christina how he felt about her. Maybe my plans have gotten ahead of themselves. I am rushing everything I think and rush gets failure.
Parabart informed me that he’s tried his best; but Christina isn’t even coming home for Christmas. Everything is ruined. I’ve blown my first assignment.

       Aarush counselled me about proud going before a fall and then he stepped in 
and worked his magic helping Christina get a sitcom. Christina seemed happier and she  decided to come home. I had to step back and let fate work trusting that these two would find their way now Aarush said.Apparently that  advice didn't count for Aarush,  he  stayed nearby them while I was allowed to watch through the viewer until I was needed.

     Christina seemed happy about actually coming home for Christmas. I heard her thoughts. “Maybe, just maybe she’d have a white Christmas instead of palm trees swaying in the breeze and the sun beating down on her when she went outside on Christmas day Ten long years since she’d been home everything had changed and yet it looked like nothing had changed. The house next door where her best friend Craig lived still looked the same dressed up like the Griswolds for Christmas despite the death of Craig’s parents. I could see the lights made her happy reminding her of the past and I congratulated my self for needling Craig about the  revival of the Christmas lights.

      I heard Christina's thoughts as she exited her car. "Craig had wanted to travel and work in Los Angeles but instead he gone to the University here in town and looked after his ailing parents until six months ago. Poor Craig he’d only been to see Christina at once week a year when her parents had looked after his and then they’d died within two weeks of each other. Mom and dad had called her and Christina flew home but a week wasn’t enough time to comfort your best friend. The last six months instead of the daily calls he now called once a week if Christina was lucky. Had he found someone finally? Christina didn’t know how she felt about that. She wished she could talk with him she missed him surely she see him over Christmas. She told mom and dad to invite him.”

         Christina looked through the window of her parent’s home and she saw Craig. Christina smiled, but then she felt unsure. Christina wanted to share her good news that she landed an acting job with all of them; but her mom and dad were always asking "Did you meet someone? When will you settle down? You should have married Vincent and then pursued your career". Such old fashion archaic ideas belonged in the past; but still after ten years she wondered about Vincent, the football jock who she’d given up for her career. That what if! 

        She starred up at the Christmas star and said, “Star bright, Christmas star light I wish I may I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight. Then she wished to see what her life would have been married to Vincent. 

         I saw Aarush grant this wish and I gasped why was he wrecking everything?

         I watched as Christina entered the house and saw Vincent.

“I’ve been waiting for you. Were you spending all my money? Money doesn’t grow on trees you know and community theatre brings in diddly squat you should quit stay home and look after our kids. .”
“What?” Christina said.
“Are you feeling all right, wife? Because you’re supposed to cook me dinner when we get home and those little brats running around are getting on my nerves.”
“I’m not your wife,” Christina stumbled.

       Two children a boy and a girl ran around the Christmas tree screaming and yelling almost knocking over the tree. Christina wanted to give them a timeout but she didn’t want to offend their parents.
“That ring on your finger says I own you babe and those little rugrats screaming and hitting one another are mine. At least that’s what you tell me.”
“No one owns me.”

       Vincent then bopped her in the nose and broke it.

This is where I'm breaking the story if you'd like to continue reading over the holidays while I'm gone or even immediately go to

©Sheilagh Lee December 14 ,2016
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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Please read and give generously to children in need at Christmas~Sean the Leprechaun~ A Christmas Story

Re-post from December last year; see my mother's story below and see what a little kindness can do for children and how it makes their Christmas and please if you can donate toys for Christmas for children.

I was going across some of my beloved mother's papers yesterday, (the first time since she died) and I found a surprising thing she too had written about the Christmas that stuck in my mind when I was young. I think it's my Christmas present from her and now you can read it.My story is included in my new paperback and e-book Visions of Sugarplums.

In the story she wrote of my imaginative nature;  she also included details I forgot.  It  did happen as she wrote them (in true fact I love her story)so I am going to give you another Christmas treat and post my mother's story for you. The only change to her writing? The Three Word Wednesday words included. The twist? It begins with a leprechaun. Yes, you read that right. Read on and enjoy. 

 Sean the Leprechaun~ A Christmas Story

             Sean was leprechaun. Actually to be completely honest he was just a stuffed doll. He’d been in the family for years and the children had never been allowed to play with him. He was hung in the window by a safety pin through his hat. Because of the children’s love of fairy tales over the years many tales had been made about him consequently the children began to believe he was a real leprechaun. In appearance he was quite ugly; about twelve inches tall; had long spindly legs, a sharp pointed nose and a disfigured face that had aged and discoloured to an ugly mahogany.

         For some unknown reason every time something bad was going to happen we would find him turned inward. I always blamed it on air currents but the children insisted he was warning us and that the pin hurt. Sean had tried to warn us when we travelled out to British Columbia that something was wrong by turning around in the car window and then we’d blown a tire. After that he also turned around when the car almost went over a cliff. My oldest son joked that the leprechaun was vengeful and the younger kids believed him.

         My husband insisted that the leprechaun wasn’t warning us Sean wasn’t vengeful or a savage, but a doll. That the tire had just blown and he’d made a mistake in geography getting too close to a cliff; but my young daughter, Sheilagh as she said her prayers that night said ...”and please tell Sean will get him a new suit if the car doesn’t break anymore.”

          She then said to me. “We can, can’t we Mommy?” I reassured her we could; then realized he was faded. I promptly forgot about it.

               Over the next few months we settled in and Sean was installed in the front window with a beautiful view of the mountains but he insisted on facing in. nothing went right the job my husband was offered caused allergic reactions and asthmatic attacks and then the old injury that had caused us to relocate reared again and my husband was hospitalized.

               During a family conference I explained how there wouldn’t be expensive presents and my oldest daughter blurted out to the younger ones there was no Santa and I had to admit that was true. My youngest daughter insisted with the surety of youth a child there was a Santa. That in fact she believed Daddy was sick because I hadn’t made Sean the suit I promised him and then of course she started crying about not getting a Chatty Cathy. She finished all of this with tears flowing down her face.

           The next day I took Sean down from the window and searching throw my scrap cloth and wool box. I found enough to make a new suit.
When the children came home from school they noticed right away that Sean was missing. Wanting to surprise them I told them Santa’s elves had the flu and Sean had gone to help him in return for a new Christmas suit. This made them happy and reaffirmed their belief in Santa. Even though they somehow understood even Santa didn’t have a lot of money either. They not only accept this idea but demanded bedtime stories of Sean and Santa.

         That Saturday I turned on a Santa television program for them and imagine my surprise when I heard Santa say,” All my elves are down with the flu and my friend Sean has come to help me.”
The camera panned to a doll that was the spitting imagine of Sean.
Muttering “I don’t believe it I went upstairs to look for Sean in my scrap basket. I took everything out piece by piece but I couldn’t find Sean. Following a sleepless night after sending the children to school I wondered where I could have lost him. I searched again and found Sean under a sock that needed darning. How I missed him the first second and gazillion time I don’t know.

         The next day my husband was released from the hospital came home and getting a licence shot a deer for Christmas dinner even though it hurt him to kill such a magnificent animal. We were happier. there was food for Christmas dinner.
Christmas morning Sean was back where he belonged in the window facing out, in his brand new suit. The doorbell rang at five a.m. and I found gaily wrapped presents outside the front door with the children’s names on them.  There had been a light snowfall overnight but the only tracks were hoof prints and two straight lines like those of a sleigh.

         We all stammered “What? Where? Why? How?”, as we looked  at each other in wonderment at the lack of human footprints and the two long lines where something big had rested.
The parcels were opened and to sounds of delight as it revealed a Chatty Cathy doll cuddled tightly, a pair of figure skates, a Bowie knife and a make-up mirror, a large toy crane and a model airplane.

         I found out later that the toys were supplied by an elderly lady who befriended the neighbourhood children and who had given all the children a Christmas party’ but neither she, nor anyone else could explain the lack of human footprints. Sheilagh was sure that she was Mrs. Santa Claus and had brought Sean back with her and the presents.

        Was Sean really a magical leprechaun? I am no longer sure. some things maybe coincidence but others have no explanation . The only thing I’m sure of its that it was the best Christmas ever.
By Shirley.W.

I hope you enjoyed my mother's story.  My daughter now has Sean and has promised him another new suit not bad since his last one was so long ago.

Merry Christmas!! Happy Holidays and please if you can help children in need at Christmas and throughout the year.

Whatever you celebrate enjoy. One last blog post this Wednesday December 14th then I’ll be back here to my blog on January 2.