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Fear not the Darkness, But What Lies Within, The recesses of our mind, The creepy cobwebbed corners,That lingers on and tickles us,With tingle feelings of alarm, The deep in the stomach, Pain we feel when we do warn, The fear is deadly it seeks, The deepest corner of our mind, It's just a story to alarm,Educate and provide entertainment for our minds. So read on dear reader, I hope you find the stories amusing and full of charm.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Three Word Wednesday- Part 9- Awakening

Three Word Wednesday- Part 9- Awakening


Fiery, adjective: Consisting of fire or burning strongly and brightly, [ s submodifier] figurative: a fiery hot chili sauce; having the bright color of fire; (of a person) having a passionate, quick-tempered nature; (of behavior or words) passionately angry and deeply felt.

Notorious, adjective: Famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed.

Toxic, adjective: Poisonous; relating to or caused by poison; very bad, unpleasant, or harmful; finance denoting or relating to debt that has a high risk of default; denoting securities that are based on toxic debt and for which there is not a healthy or functioning market.

 Awakening- Part 9

    I went to sleep despite all the thoughts jumbling in my head and dreamt of Annalise. Driving in my car I stopped at a house and went up to the door. Knocking tentatively I swallowed my nervousness. She was my twin sister after all we should get along. The door opened and at first I thought I looked in a mirror.
      “Well come in,” Annalise said coldly.

      I wanted to hug her, but her greeting didn’t inspire me.

    “It’s nice to meet you,” I blurted filling the silence.
   “Yah, yah, yah, sure it isn't every day you find out you aren't an original being,” Annalise countered fiery then realizing her tone she said, Let’s get some coffee in the kitchen.
    “Thanks, I’d like that,” I answered, but I tramped down my expectations this reunion wasn’t going the way I had hoped.
    “So you live in dullsville Aylmer?” Annalise started as she made the coffee.
   “It’s not dullsville!” I protested, “There’s also a lot of nice people there.”
   “Sorry to offend you. This is just so awkward. I mean it could have been me that was given to your parents if the circumstances were different.”
    “Do you know why it was me?”
   “Yah, Aunt Suzanne told me. You were smaller than I was and you had a hole in your heart. My mother didn’t want to care for a sick child, so she gave you away.”
   “Oh,” I answered.
   “Excuse me a moment I have to use the facilities,” Annalise said and then she left the room.

    I heard a rumbling noise, and then the sound turned into a doorbell ringing and then a loud popping noise. I shouted for Annalise but she didn’t hear me. I followed the noise to a small freezer. A horrible toxic smell emitted from the freezer. I thought maybe I could move some or any of the freezer stuff to the kitchen freezer. I opened it to find a naked man curled tightly into a ball filling the entire freezer. He was covered in frost and blood that had frozen a purple colour near the hole in his forehead. I gasped and Annalise appeared behind me.

    “You weren’t supposed to find him, yet,” she said with a gun in her hand.
    “You’d kill your own sister?” I asked.
    “I have no sister, only a wannabe sister who wants to take my money from me,” she cried.
   “I’m not taking money from you. I don’t want any money. Please, Annalise don’t do this.You'll be notorious as the woman who killed her twin sister.”
  “No, I won't. You will.
  “I don't understand,” I cried.
  I'm taking your life since you ruined mine. Call me Angelina. That’s my new name!” Annalise answered, “So long and farewell sis.”

    I grabbed the gun barrel and struggled with her. I managed to get it from her hands and turn it back on her. I then felt something hit the top of my head and I went down like a sack of potatoes as the gun went off.

©Sheilagh Lee November 19, 2014

To be continued

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Book Blitz -An Interview with Author Amy Beth Inverness

An Interview with Author Amy Beth Inverness

1.)What drew you to writing?
Early in elementary school I wrote stories, stringing together my spelling words into a series of connected sentences. It has always been an outlet for me, and now I have no choice but to write. The stories knock around inside my brain until I let them out.
2.)Do you have a degree in writing? Do you believe that matters? Why/Why not?
A writer does not have to have a degree at all, but they must be able to use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Non-writing degrees and non-writing life experiences can give an author the necessary background to draw on that someone who only studied how to write doesn’t have. Conversely, an author who studies a broad range of great works has a plethora of intellectual experiences to draw from. They are simply different flavors of experience.
3.) How long did it take you to create your first book?
This is not a simple question. I can turn out the rough draft of a novel of over fifty thousand words in a month. But then it must sit, then go through initial revisions, then it goes to beta readers…and I don’t have a novel published yet. The first book that is completely my own work is The Cities of Luna, coming out in fall 2014 from Distinguished Press. I began writing the stories in 2013, and I’m writing more to add to the book now.

4.)What are you currently learning to further develop your craft?
Although I don’t read horror, I learned a lot from Stephen King’s On Writing. I also spent a year proofreading for a small press, which gained me a lot of experience and some great connections. I participate regularly in several flash fiction exercises, which are a lot of fun and a great way to shake up the writing muscles. In particular, I love 5 Minute Fiction at because writing a complete and VERY short story in just a few minutes forces my brain to let go of all its hang-ups. I was fortunate to be able to attend the Pikes Peak Writers Conference in Colorado Springs in 2013, where I networked and attended many sessions on improving myself as a writer. Conferences are one of the best ways for an author to work on their craft, as well as networking and finding encouragement amidst others in the profession. I plan to do many more in the future.
5.)Do you prefer creating short stories, or novels?
Short stories are like candy. If I have a random idea I want to put into a story, I can do it easily in the short format. If I end up not liking it, it’s not a big deal to set it on the shelf or the proverbial back-of-the-drawer, never to be seen again. Novels, of course, are more work, but it is rewarding to allow my OCD brain to immerse itself in one complete, multifaceted story.
6.)What Genre do you write and why?
I grew up with a father who read science fiction and fantasy and a mother who read romance. I followed in my father’s footsteps, enjoying the ‘what if?’ intellectual plausibility of science fiction and the wondrous magic of fantasy. I scorned my mother’s romance novels until I was an adult, taking fertility drugs in hopes of conceiving. My hormones were out of control, and I found that romance novels were exactly what I craved! One of my first published stories was SciFi Erotica.
7.)Can you pick a favorite line from your latest work (or the work being highlighted) and tell us why this is your favorite?
“Flags ahead at Blasted Wall. Hitch a ride or get some exercise!”
I love this because although there are no weird sciency terms in it, it still has a scifi feel. It makes the reader wonder… what’s at Blasted Wall” Why the flags? And why is it capitalized?
8.) What about your life influenced your drive to create?
The unconditional support of my husband. He was the one who said “This time, DO something with it!” He takes the kids away as often as he can so I can have uninterrupted writing time. If I didn’t have this unconditional support, my drive to create would disintegrate in the face of life’s demands.
9.)Tell us something personal you've enjoyed due to being an author.
Being able to say “I’m a published author” is pretty darn cool. Networking with other writers who understand what it’s like to carry around a bunch of fictional people in our heads is a huge relief! Most of all, having an outlet for my creativity that actually sends my work out into the world is personally fulfilling.
10.)What is next on your current writing agenda?
I am currently lengthening some stories and writing new ones to be included in my collection The Cities of Luna. More stories will also be released individually to coincide with every full moon.

11.) What kind of books to you enjoy reading?
I read romance like candy. I can’t get enough. I’m picky about my science fiction… hubby wants to have his full of explosions, but I’m more interested in something that poses a “what if?” I’d never thought of.
i.)What are you reading now?
I just finished Tiffany Reisz’s The Saint. Every book in her Original Sinners series leaves me with a hangover that doesn’t completely go away until the next one is out. I also just finished Ashlyn MacNamara’s A Most Scandalous Proposal, which I thoroughly enjoyed and I’m ready to dive into the next one A Most Devilish Rogue. I am overwhelmed with science fiction on my TBR list and I’ve no idea what to pick up next.

12.)What might make you pick up a book outside your own comfort choices?
This is an excellent exercise for an author! I still want to be entertained, and there are some genres like horror that I do not enjoy. Good cover art is key…I might want to claim I’m above looking for something shiny that catches my eye, but it’s true. Finding something outside my comfort zone, where I wouldn’t usually look, isn’t easy. But if I have something specific I want to expand on, asking the collective consciousness via social media always garners a thorough response.
13.)Do you have a favorite author(s)?
ACK! At the risk of leaving oh so many great authors out, I will name just three. Robert Heinlein’s classic science fiction inspires all my writing, even the romance and erotica. John DeChancie’s fantasy and science fiction, with its innate humor and wish-I-could-live-there setting fulfill my escapist desires. (I’m friends with Mr. DeChancie on facebook and he’s just finished writing a new Castle Perilous book! I’m so excited!) An erotica writer whose works I devour is Tiffany Reisz. Although I have to read some scenes with my hands over my eyes (she writes BDSM and it sometimes gets way too intense for my delicate sensibilities) the way she makes me fall in love with her characters, as dramatically different from me as they are, is pure magic. Tiffany was one of my first interviewees on my blog, and she gave me my first ever acceptance for my erotica short In the Closetwhich appears in her 2012 anthology Felt Tips – The World’s Greatest Charity Anthology of Office-Supply-Related Erotica.
14.)Can you share a little about your family?
I’m a mom. I could go on for pages and pages about how adorable my children are!
To be more concise, hubby and I met and married in Wyoming in the nineties, and shortly thereafter moved to Vermont where IBM had moved my parents. We thought it would just be a few years, then we’d return to the west, but it’s been almost twenty.
We struggled with infertility, and adopted a wild little redhead. She moved in with us at age six, and we endured the ups and downs of the system until we finalized her adoption at age eight. Due to her difficult early life, she has special needs. She’s a very active child and always wants to be moving. At age fifteen now, she’s already taller than I am!
A week after we found out we finally had a court date to finalize her adoption, we found out that I was finally pregnant. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who is now six and a half. Our girls are very close, in spite of their age difference.
We are all computer geeks. Although my teenager prefers to surf YouTube for cute animal videos, our little one designs elaborate worlds in Minecraft. Hubby’s an IT guy, and I’m a social media maven.

Where can we find you?
You can reach the Amy Beth Inverness  on Twitter:
                         on Facebook:
          Series Facebook:

Thank you for your answers we look forward to reading your book
In the cities of Luna, humankind will build the society from which we will reach out to the stars and beyond.
The men and women who have come to colonize the moon are Loonies. Meet them in this enjoyable collection of short stories that take you through life in the many moon colonies hovering above Earth.
The Collection features 12 short stories
The first solo short story release is Moon Dragons

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Three Word Wednesday- Part 8- Awakening

Three Word Wednesday- Part 8- Awakening


Crucial, adjective: Pivotal, critical, key, climacteric, decisive, deciding; life-and-death; all-important, of the utmost importance, of the essence, critical, preeminent, paramount, essential, vital.

Malignant, adjective: Virulent, very infectious, invasive, uncontrollable, dangerous, deadly, fatal, incurable, life-threatening; cancerous; technical metastatic; spiteful, malicious, malevolent, evil-intentioned, vindictive, vengeful, malign, mean, nasty, hurtful, mischievous, wounding, cruel, unkind; informal bitchy, catty; literary malefic, maleficent.

Yearning, noun: Longing, craving, desire, want, wish, hankering, urge, hunger, thirst, appetite, lust, ache.

 Awakening- Part 8

    “I’m looking for someone who knows Angelina Cremonsi...,” Suzanne began and I heard “Do you know where my wife is?”
    “Your wife?”
   “Yes, Angelina is my wife. We were married six months ago,” the man answered.
   “Is she dead?” he continued.

     I wanted to speak to the man on the phone who insisted he was my husband, but I knew he wouldn’t understand me; so I motioned for Aunt Suzanne to ask him his name. Aunt Suzanne told me his name was John Smith. I admit I laughed; that sounded like such a fake name, but reason could someone have for claiming that I was his wife?

    “No, it's crucial you understand. Your wife has been injured and can’t speak clearly but she’s alive.”
   “What happened?” he asked.
   “It’s a long story; will you come to the hospital? It’s London Health Sciences, Victoria campus,” Suzanne advised,But you better bring proof.
  “Okay, I’ll be there within the hour,” he said.

   After he hung up I grew scared after all I didn’t remember this man who called me his husband. All of this seemed like a ridiculous story, first I’m found unconscious and naked with a dead guy in his bed. I’m misidentified as I can’t remember who I am and now it turns out I have a twin sister~ a twin sister I can’t remember. No one knows where my sister is and I can’t remember either. Now I have a husband I don’t remember either? I could remember my name Angelina so why couldn’t I remember the last year? I wanted to scream and shout and shakedown down the rafters of my brain. I needed to remember the last year. I shook my head but the memories wouldn’t come.
   Big wet ears flowed from my eyes and before I knew it I sobbed. Aunt Suzanne patted my hand in what she thought a soothing manner, but after a few seconds she became bored and said, “I’m going to get a coffee. Do you want anything?”
   I wiped my tears and wrote, “My memory back.”
  “Maybe seeing your husband will bring back the memories,” Suzanne claimed.

    I hoped she was right. An hour later appeared in the doorway. His hair was blonde and clipped tight to his head. His eyes blue and searching zoomed in on me with love, yearning and concern. His six foot height walked quickly to my side and his arms went around me as if reassuring him that I lived.

     “Angel, I’m so happy you’re okay,” John said, “What am I saying and doing, you don’t even remember me. Do you?”
I shook my head because I honestly didn’t.
    “I brought pictures of our wedding day,” he said showing me pictures.

    Oddly enough I didn’t wear a wedding dress in these. Instead I wore a normal every day red cocktail dress. He wore a black suit with a striped blue tie. The picture felt like a malignant tool, a trick to fool me but was my brain telling me the truth?

    I’d always wanted the whole nine yards a white wedding gown with the wedding march playing as a my love ones filled the pew. This didn’t make sense. Could he be lying? I didn’t know what to believe, for all I knew he was my husband.

   I was tired and the nurse told them to come back this afternoon.  I went to sleep despite all the thoughts jumbling in my head and dreamt of Annalise. 

©Sheilagh Lee November 12, 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014

Book Blitz Blog-Two exciting new books

Check out two exciting new books Cities of Luna
by AmyBeth Inverness
and A Mirrors Beginning: John Brooks by K.G. Stutt

In the cities of Luna, humankind will build the society from which we will reach out to the stars and beyond.
The men and women who have come to colonize the moon are Loonies. Meet them in this enjoyable collection of short stories that take you through life in the many moon colonies hovering above Earth.
The Collection features 12 short stories
The first solo short story release is Moon Dragons

Quote from the Author:

I believe in a positive future. Not a Utopian paradise where all the world's problems are magically solved, but a society where the needs of the many are met by a joint effort that overshadows the selfish desires of the individual.

Author Bio: A writer by birth, a redhead by choice, and an outcast of Colorado by temporary necessity, AmyBeth is a creator of Speculative Fiction and Romance.   She can usually be found tapping away at her laptop, writing the next novel or procrastinating by posting a SciFi Question of the Day on Facebook and Google Plus. When she’s not writing, she’s kept very busy making aluminum foil hats and raising two energetic kids and many pets with her husband in their New England home.

Reach the Author Amy Beth Inverness  on Twitter:
          Series Facebook:

A Mirrors Beginning: John Brooks 
By K.G. Stutts

A Mirrors Beginning: John Brooks by K.G. Stutts

Life can be rough for some. For one man, life was insurmountable. One dead end after another lead him in and out of jail more times than he ventured to count. One such occasion changed everything.
Charlie Westlake is a man on a mission to bring together one of the top teams the universe has ever seen. On this trip, he will bring an empty man into the fold. Will he make it?
John Brooks enters the ISC in this, a prequel to Mirror Image.

Kith and Kin Remembered #WhoWillYouRemember

Lest We Forget  

Kith and Kin Remembered 

       My dad was a born storyteller. Some of his stories I took with a grain of salt, except those that were also confirmed by my grandmother. My grandmother confirmed this story, so I feel safe confiding in you. My dad was always fascinated by war and the strategies of war. This began at early age when my dad met relatives at the Timothy Eaton estate in Owen Sound when a young child.

     What relatives did my dad meet you ask? The two flying aces of World War 1, Billy Bishop and Henry John Burden who he met at the family party. You see Billy Bishop is related to me sort of; let me explain, he was married to my dad’s cousin (you figure out how many removed) Margaret Eaton Burden. Therefore so is her brother, Henry John Burden. Their grandfather was Timothy Eaton,( yes, those well known Eaton's in Canada, related to Timothy Eaton the department head king) . My great-great-great grandfather was Timothy’s brother. Have I confused you yet? 

       When young, my dad went to picnics and summer retreats at the Eaton’s estate in Owen Sound, This particular summer he met the two flying aces. Billy Bishop's home was in England at the time, but he had come home to Canada and met with relatives at this party. 
       Now to a young boy so interested in military history, just being introduced to them made him think he was in seventh heaven, but when they found the boy so knowledgeable about military history they were happy to talk to him of their service as flying aces. My dad thought the two men intelligent articulate and was thrilled that he was related to the pair( if only one distantly and one by marriage).  They were kind to the young boy and his older brother who craved male attention since their parent’s divorce. Dad and his older brother Gordon spent that day just enjoying the stories and soaking in all the information they imparted. This time they spent with him had an impact on my Dad, he wanted to join the air force when he got older or at least some part of the military.  It made his interest in military history come alive even more so and you’d often find the boy with his nose in his book, when he wasn’t hunting and fishing. It may have also made his older brother, Gordon join the war effort as a soldier as soon as the Second World War began. Uncle Gordon became a leader and worked behind the lines in special forces efforts in the Second World War. It didn't hurt that my Uncle Gordon had a genetic ability that assisted him. He had an eidetic memory meaning that he saw something and he could remember it all in vivid images.I'm sure that was difficult for him after the war and part of the reason he never spoke of what he did during the war. As I told you reader once before Uncle Gordon was believed killed at one point and his family grieved for him for months only to have a miracle happen finding out he was severally injured but alive. While my father tried to sneak off to war at thirteen years old but my grandmother retrieved him in Halifax before he boarded a troop ship that later was torpedoed. (see

     So on this Remembrance Day one hundred years after the start of World War 1, I remember the men who give their lives for their countries,and also the flying aces, Billy Bishop and Henry John Burden and my Uncle Gordon who served in Special Forces, and who were lucky enough to survive the war. Thank you all for you service.

My Uncle Gordon and some friends

     And thank you to my father who told me about all the military battles and made me see the sacrifices that these men had made for our country. He made me see that period of time through his eyes, those living through those turbulent times and how hard it truly it was.

NB: Billy Bishop officially credited with 72 victories thus making him Canada’s First World War flying ace the top Canadian ace of the war.  Billy Bishop was a touted as a Canadian hero and used as a morale booster to the Canadian people. Ordered to return to England and organize our flyers by June nineteenth, nineteen seventeen he couldn’t resist one last chance to take out more enemy planes flying behind enemy lines he took down five planes in fifteen minutes.   On August 5th, he was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel and was given the post of "Officer Commanding-designate of the Canadian Air Force Section of the General Staff, Headquarters Overseas Military Forces of Canada." During the Second World War, Billy Bishop became instrumental in instructing and setting up pilot training for the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. Billy Bishop received the Victoria Cross, Distinguished Service Order with Bar, Military Cross, Distinguished Flying Cross, 1914–1915 Star, and British War Medal 1914–1920. Margaret’s brother and Billy’s brother-in-law also a flying ace had 16 victories and received a Distinguished Service Order award and a Distinguished Flying Cross award. (source wikipedia)

To read more of Billy Bishop got to



 We remember and we honour our beloved soldiers. Thank you

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Three Word Wednesday- Part 7- Awakening

Three Word Wednesday- Part 7- Awakening


Devastate, verb: Destroy or ruin (something; cause (someone) severe and overwhelming shock or grief.

Gossamer, noun: A fine, filmy substance consisting of cobwebs spun by small spiders, which is seen especially in autumn; used to refer to something very light, thin, and insubstantial or delicate.

Plummet, verb: fall or drop straight down at high speed; decrease rapidly in value or amount.

 “Who are you? This patient’s visitors are restricted,” the nurse responded.
  “I’m her Aunt Suzanne.”
  “Oh, then you can stay, but you must not upset my patient. She can’t answer your questions.” the nurse explained.
  “Why can’t she answer my questions?”
  “She has aphasia, The doctor believes it’s temporary condition.”
  “Oh, one of my clients had aphasia but he was able to communicate with a pen and paper as long as he didn’t think too hard.” she answered the nurse, then rummaging through her briefcase she carried she took out a pad of paper and a pen.
  “Here, write down where Annalise is.”

  I wrote, I don’t know where she is. How do you know me? Why did you claim you were my aunt?

  “I am your aunt. You must know where she is Angelina. You two are so alike; I thought you were her yesterday. you both have the same eye colour, brown with green flecks and the same long gossamer like blonde hair. Then I remembered you were mirror twins and recalled you used your right hand, Annalise is left handed. So I knew you were Angelina, last night.

   I’m Angelina and Annalise is my twin? I wrote.

  “Yes, I found you two weeks ago. I've looked for you for along time. The DNA tests have come back that I took last week; you are definitely my brother’s daughter and Annalise’s sister just as I suspected. You told me you were going to meet with your sister the day you were found with that man...”

  How are we twins and why weren’t we raised together? I scribbled.

  “I told you this two weeks ago. My brother, your father had a mistress (your mother), she gave birth to twin girls, but died shortly after. My sister in law didn’t want both of you in the house so she gave you away. My brother thought there was only one child, but he found out before he died a year ago and he had me search for you to give you your legacy.”

   But where is Annalise? I composed my heart rate plummeting in fear.

   “If you don’t know I’m very worried. Annalise gets in situations that are dangerous. You don't recall seeing her?”Susanne asked, devastated.

   I don’t recall the last year. I scripted. Do I have anyone who would worry about me?

  “I don’t know we didn’t talk long on the phone. You said you worked for a newspaper or was it a radio station? I still have the number of your home phone. Shall I call it; maybe Annalise is at your house?”

   Go ahead call maybe someone can help us. I urged on a paper.

   Suzanne dialed the number on her cellphone. A man answered.
  “I’m looking for someone who knows Angelina Cremonsi...,” Suzanne began and I heard “Do you know where my wife is?”
  “Your wife? But Angelina didn't mention she was married.”

  “Angelina is my wife. We were married six months ago. You've seen her? You know where she is?” the man answered.
  To be continued.

©Sheilagh Lee November 5, 2014

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Three Word Wednesday- Part 6- Awakening

Three Word Wednesday- Part 6- Awakening


Blood, noun: noun: Plasma, vital fluid, gore; literary lifeblood, ichor; ancestry, lineage, bloodline, descent, parentage, family, birth, extraction, origin, genealogy, heritage, dual heritage, stock, kinship.

Cripple, verb: Disable, paralyze, immobilize, make lame, incapacitate, handicap, leave someone a paraplegic/quadriplegic; devastate, ruin, destroy, wipe out; paralyze, hamstring, bring to a standstill, put out of action, sideline, put out of business, bankrupt, break, bring someone to their knees.

Lurk, verb: Skulk, loiter, lie in wait, lie low, hide, conceal oneself, take cover, keep out of sight.

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                                                Awakening- Part 6

       My head hurt and I put a hand up to feel it only to find a bloody bandage. Where was I? I opened my eyes and realized where. Hospital, I was in hospital. I had surgery? Had I dreamt all the other stuff? That man Garland had yelled at me demanding to know where Annalise was. Why did we look alike? Dreams... I had dreamt of a woman I believed my mother she had called me Angelina; was that my real name? Yes, Angelina was my name of that I was now sure. Surely all the other memories would come back now that I knew my name. I closed my eyes again and remembered being a little girl swinging on a swing.  A woman called to me and I ignored her lost in the world of flying. She called again, “Angelina, if I have to come over there and get you off that swing, you will be sorry.”
      I knew this woman she was my mother and her name was Mary. My name was Angelina. I had grown up in Aylmer, Ontario, the adopted daughter of Mary and Giovanni Cremonsi. I was a journalist. I remembered that two weeks ago I had received a call, but not what or who the call had been about. I remembered though that it felt urgent that I go to where ever it was.  All these thoughts were interrupted when a nurse entered the room and picked up my wrist to check my pulse.
    “Oh you are awake. How is the pain?”
   “My head hurts a little, but I’m okay,” I answered but it came out, “Arm cut not good.”
    What the hell what was wrong with me that wasn’t what I meant to say at all. I tried again, “Hand warm, needs water.”
     Terrified I wondered if I had a stroke, or something?  Would I be crippled? None of what I said made any sense. Tears escaped from my eyes.
    “There, there, now dry those tears. I’ll get the doctor,” the nurse commented.
     The doctor ushered herself in introducing herself as my neurosurgeon. She told me that what I experienced (not being able to string words together) was known as aphasia. This could be temporary. I heard temporary and I grabbed onto that with both hands. As I came to terms with that I noticed Suzanne lurking and then she walked in and appealed to me, “Please Angelina, can you tell me where Annalise is?”

©Sheilagh Lee October 29, 2014

To be continued.