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Fear not the Darkness, But What Lies Within, The recesses of our mind, The creepy cobwebbed corners,That lingers on and tickles us,With tingle feelings of alarm, The deep in the stomach, Pain we feel when we do warn, The fear is deadly it seeks, The deepest corner of our mind, It's just a story to alarm,Educate and provide entertainment for our minds. So read on dear reader, I hope you find the stories amusing and full of charm.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Three Word Wednesday- Stray Bullet -Part 9

Three Word Wednesday- Stray Bullet -Part 9

Three Word Wednesday Prompts: 

Fatal, adjective: deadly, lethal, mortal, death-dealing; terminal, incurable, untreatable, inoperable, malignant, disastrous, devastating, ruinous, catastrophic, calamitous, dire; costly.

Gaping, adjective: cavernous, yawning, wide, broad; vast, huge, enormous, immense, extensive.

Harmonious, adjective: tuneful, melodious, melodic, sweet-sounding, mellifluous, dulcet, lyrical; euphonious, euphonic, harmonic, polyphonic, friendly, amicable, cordial, amiable, congenial, easy, peaceful, peaceable, cooperative; compatible, sympathetic, united, attuned, in harmony, in rapport, in tune, in accord, of one mind, seeing eye to eye, congruous, coordinated, balanced, in proportion, compatible, well matched, well balanced. 

                                  Stray Bullet -Part 9

     The mayor wandered in looking his smug self. Of course everything about him screamed I could be your friend or your enemy, from his blonde slicked back hair to his chiseled good looking chin, to his eyes that didn’t reflect his offered smile. He looked at me expectantly and I filled a coffee mug for him. I asked “Cream, sugar?”
“Two creams, two sugars,” he answered.
“Is Reggie ready to speak to me?” I asked.
“Reggie is. He’s sorry about his behavior. He has mitigating circumstances. I’ll let him explain; but he has information that I’m sure it’s something you could use in your investigation into Deputy Greg Barnes death.”
“Really?” I answered like I was excited.
 “Yes, something Deputy Barnes did may have caused his premeditated death.”
“Are you insinuating that a deputy committed a crime?” I exclaimed feigning that I hadn’t listened in.
“Cut the crap, Sheriff Bullet. I know you listened in on the conversation because it’s what I would have done if I were you.”
“That’s unethical and something I would never do!” I replied indignantly.

He looked taken aback and I think he believed me for he exclaimed, “I’m sorry Sheriff if I offended you. I want a harmonious relationship with you and this obviously touched a nerve. You’re an ethical cop or I never would have hired you.”
“I think I can let your comments go in the interests of harmony and goodwill,” I responded.
“Thank you Sheriff Bullet. Reggie will be happy to give you a statement now.”
“Does he want a lawyer present?” I asked.
“No, but of course I understand you have to ask him. You are going to drop the charges correct?”
“Yes, if Reggie apologizes and agrees to keep the peace from now on,” I agreed.

       I followed the mayor back to the interview room. The mayor asked if he could sit in the corner and he promised not to interrupt. I allowed it as I thought he’d just watch through the glass and interrupt anyway; I was still trying to stay on his good side.
The interview was over after a few minutes with Reggie apologizing completely. He reluctantly shared the names of the young women who he had heard gossip of their rapes by Greg Barnes. Reggie spilled everything with prompting from his father everything but what he’d said about his brother. But I’d investigate his brother’s former crimes later. After all I needed a handle on this town past and present. I had gaping holes in my knowledge of this town and how it worked I needed to speak to the two big gossips in town I knew Penny Ambercrombie and my Aunt Louise as soon as possible.

      I asked if Reggie if he knew the families of the victims and he reluctantly gave me those names. The mayor chimed in to asking me to keep those details from the press until we could get a handle and proof of this appalling news. I agreed. The mayor then told me of his plans to set up an abused women shelter in town along with counselling for women who have been raped. He said a year ago the council had voted down funding for a new clinic/women’s shelter but the mayor had voted for it. He had been working the last year to find sponsors of whom were willing to donate large sums of money and he’d finally been able to garner the funding. An unused building shuttered because of the economic downturn had been bought for a song and he hoped to begin renovating it in the next week. I un-cuffed Reggie, cautioned him to respect the law from now on and he left the building. The mayor however did not; he lingered as if he had something else to say.

“You know I hate just calling you Sheriff and having you refer to me as the mayor; I think we should be on less formal terms giving that were going to continually run into each other while I’m dong city business,” the mayor started while following me back to my office.
“Call me G,”I offered smiling but I didn’t really trust this congenial offering of his.  I offered him a seat in my office and he offered me his hand.
“I’m Ethan,” he replied.

      I shook his hand, but vowed never to trust his honor the mayor. He was slippery, slimy and would stick a knife in my back if it made him look good. All this fake camaraderie was interrupted by a knock at the door. Penny barged in and said, “You have an interview with the new police candidates starting at one p.m. and the meeting with the FBI guys will start in fifteen minutes in the meeting room.”
“Can’t you handle the new hires, Penny? I’m trying to conduct an investigation,” I complained.
“Sheriff, I work very hard at this station and make sure all the paperwork is done and all the calls are answered. But there’s much more than that I do. I don’t have the time or the inclination to conduct interviews nor the qualifications. I’m sorry you have so much on your plate but if you hired some new staff maybe we’d get some more work done on this investigation.”
“I’m sorry, Penny. You’re correct. you have been working very hard and making it easier for me and I appreciate all your hard work.”

    Penny positively beamed at me and I thought maybe I should have complimented her sooner. At least now she’d be friendlier when I asked her about the town and its past crimes.

“Mr. Mayor, you do know under the town charter you have to be present for these interviews too?” Penny said turning to the mayor.
“But I can’t be here for one. I have too many things to do. I have to be at the new supermarket opening at one and cut the ribbon. Then at two there’s a council meeting to debate zoning laws. Let me make a conference call and get back to you Penny.”
Penny excuse herself went back to her desk and Ethan then then took out his I-phone and setup a call.
“Harold, Winston, Douglas, Melanie, Gertie are you all on the line?” he asked.
I heard yesses come over the line.
“I want to change the charter so that Sheriff Bullet can hire the new police force with no interference or impute from me.”
“If that’s all I vote, yes,” I heard a woman say.

     A man complained that they shouldn’t go changing the town charter, but was quickly voted down. The mayor said goodbye put his I-phone away and then said, “It’s done now you can hire who you want after you interview them. One caution though get us some law abiding cops we can’t afford any more dirty cops and Penny did tell me her brother, Henry applied. Henry’s a good man and he’s been in Afghanistan.”
“A former soldier?” I asked.
“I think so but you’ll have to ask him these questions. I just think he might be a good man to have around,” Ethan said.
“I’ll put his resume on the top of the pile.”
“I want you to do more than that. I want you to hire him,” Ethan insisted.
“I thought you said I had total control over the hires?” I exclaimed.
“One favor for the other. You wash my back and I’ll wash yours.”
“Fine,” I agreed because what else could I do?

     I then went to my morning meeting with the FBI to update them and get any feedback on the case it was going to be long day I just knew it. 

As we neared the end of the meeting Penny stuck her head in and said, “I hate to interrupt this meeting Sheriff but you’re needed.”
“Why am I needed?” I asked.
“It was a half day for the high school students and some of the seniors left at ten-thirty a.m. after the assembly. They went to the swimming quarry where the kids like to hangout and party,” Penny whispered then motioned me into the hall.
“So they’re what drinking underage? Send Paul Grose. He’s great at handling calls like that,” I answered annoyed.
“No, Sheriff, you need to handle this. There’s been another incident.”
“An incident? What has happened?”
“Fourteen students are in critical condition after ingesting some drug. Another is zoned out on something else and there has been a fatality. You need to get to the hospital right away, "Penny stage whispered.
“What about the interviews for the jobs?”
“You can reschedule some of them for five and six tonight and do the rest tomorrow. I’ll set it up,” Penny offered.
“Thank you Penny,” I exclaimed.

    I then stuck my head into the room and dismissed the meeting.

“Sheriff business? Anything to do with our case?” Gordon asked.
“I don’t think so,” I answered.
“Want some company all the same?” Gordon offered.

     I nodded my head in agreement and Gordon followed me to my patrol car. At least I had Gordon with me. But could this get any worse?

Continued in two weeks
©Sheilagh Lee July 20, 2016

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Three Word Wednesday- Stray Bullet -Part 8

 Three Word Wednesday- Stray Bullet -Part 8

Three Word Wednesday Prompts: 

Carefree, adjective: she's nothing like her carefree mother: unworried, untroubled, blithe, airy, nonchalant, insouciant, happy-go-lucky, free and easy, easygoing, relaxed, mellow; informal laid-back, loosey-goosey.

Deadpan, adjective: blank, expressionless, inexpressive, impassive, inscrutable, poker-faced, straight-faced; stony, wooden, vacant, fixed, lifeless.

Ear-splitting, adjective: extremely loud. 

                                  Stray Bullet -Part 8     

          I pretended to go to the men’s room as Penny Ambercrombie watched; but as soon as she turned her back I turned back and entered the room where I could watch their interaction through the glass.

“You stupid little punk!!”I heard Mayor Calladen ear-splitting yell and then he reached out and smacked Reggie on the back of the head.

     I almost went in then as a white rage burned through me. I hated child abuse even when the kid was of age. No one should hit their child. Reggie sat there not saying a word.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Are you trying to embarrass me or make me lose my position?”
“No!” Reggie exclaimed.
“Do you have brain damage from playing football? What were you thinking attacking a sheriff? Have you lost your mind?”
“What are you talking about, he’s a deputy?”
“The deputy is dead murdered! Did you do that too?”
“No, he isn’t; he’s out there and he arrested me.”
“You idiot! That is the sheriff; the deputy was murdered three days ago. Where were you three days go?”
“What? He’s not the deputy? But...”
“You thought he was the deputy? Now tell me Reggie where were you three days ago.”
“Don’t you ever pay attention to anything I do? I was at that football tourney in Denver. You know the one I begged you to come to; but you wouldn’t come? But what else is new?” Reggie whined.
“Thank God, you have an alibi.”
“I’m glad that bastards dead.”
“You’re glad he’s dead? Don’t you dare say that to anyone else! Wait a minute... it’s that girl she has something to do with this. You haven’t taken up with her again? You wouldn’t do something so foolish after I warned you that she was jail bait? That’s not my grandchild?” The mayor shouted while pacing up and down in the interview room.
“I love her but we never...How do I put it in your terms. She’s a good girl, dad!”
“She’s a fourteen year old slut with a baby. I told you she was looking for a fall guy to look after her! He father is a businessman but her mother was the town whore. She’d tried to get me to sleep with her but I was too smart to fall for those tricks,” screamed the mayor angrily.
“He raped her!!”
“What in the hell are you talking about who raped her? Is that her story? You idiot that’s the oldest story in the book; she’s stinging you along as her back-up guy. She's carefree and looking for a place to land.”
“If I weren’t handcuffed to this table ...”
“You’d do what? Hit me? Just try it boy! I brought you into this world I can take you out. I own your ass while you’re living under my roof .And don’t you forget that! And if you want me to help you out with that college you’re considering you better stop talking to me with such disrespect.”
“You don’t understand, dad. I’m not trying to disrespect you. I just want you to know the truth. The deputy offered her a ride in his squad car and then he took her to Elk Woods and he raped her.”
“Why would he have done that? You’re mistaken!!Or she came on to him.”
“She wasn’t the only one dad; just the only one to get pregnant. Helena Harold, Taneesha Rollins, Carlotta Barnes are just a few.”

     I shook my head. With what I just heard this just gets worse and worse. I hoped I could get to the bottom of this but this would not go down well the hero of the community was now a pedophile and a rapist.

“If that’s so then how do you know about any of this?”
“The girls gossiped to each other and someone overheard and told me. The other girls say he wore a condom and told them he’d kill them and their families if they told anyone.”
“This can’t be true. I hired that guy. This will ruin me.”
“It’s not always about you dad. What about all those young girls he raped? And poor Alicia?”
“I’m the mayor. As for those girls they’ll get help and deal. I’ll start up a program to assist them and then I’ll restore my good image. Watch and see.
I watched as Reggie rolled his eyes in response.

“You mark my words Reginald. Stay away from that girl, Alicia. You’re an innocent when it comes to girls like that. She’s nothing but a heap of trouble I know her type. I had to deal with someone like her in high-school. She tried to make me believe I’d fathered her baby and when that didn’t work she tried to make me pity her. Alicia will try the same tactics. She’s made from the same gutter trash cloth.”
“You’re cold, dad,”Reggie said with a deadpan delivery.
“If I’m so bad, why am I here trying to get you out of jail? You’ve given me nothing but trouble since the day you were born.”
“Yah right, like you care. You only care about my brother, your clone, Ethan.”
“Ethan is an upstanding individual. He doesn’t get in trouble with the law or take drugs. If he hadn’t been covering for you and hiding that ecstasy, he would never have gotten any blemished record.”
“Is that what he told you? And you believed him? He’s an even better model than you are at lying dad. He was dealing out of his locker. Where do you think he got all that money to go away on that ski trip to Aspen last winter?”
“Your brother worked day and night to earn enough money to go on that class trip and I rewarded him with a few extra bucks. He roomed with several others to save money. He earned that trip.”
“You are so delusional. He took some computers from the computer lab to a nearby city and hawked them. He then told the school he wouldn’t be on that trip that he was visiting an uncle. You being the mayor they didn’t argue; they just accepted your forged signature saying he could stay with an uncle while on the trip. Of course there was no uncle Ethan took the computer money and the cash he got from supplying ecstasy and rented a chalet for himself and his buddies.”
“You’re lying! Why do you always make up these horrible stories about your brother? He always defends you too, even though you’re a terrible example to him and are so cruel.”
“You are so fucked!! I love my brother but the truth is he’s a sociopath. I keep bailing him out; but he keeps tripping up and one of these days neither of us will be able to save him!”
“I can forgive you. You can’t help being jealous of his good looks, model behaviour and charisma. Maybe I am to blame. I did favor him when he was so ill as a baby. That must have made you feel unloved for that I’m sorry but this has to stop. Do you understand Reginald?
“You keep living the life where I’m the screw-up and he’s the perfect child; but one of these days it will bite you on the ass.”
“I’ll get you out of this Reggie; but you better shape-up. or I’m going to make you enrol in the military.”
“You could never make me enrol in the military. I’m not a soldier.”
“The military made your grandfather a great man. It could make you a better one. I could make it a condition of your release.”
“Please dad, don’t do that.”
Reggie looked scared and contrite like he was ready to beg and I felt sorry for him. His father was an asshole. Reggie was right his father only cared about his other son and his job. When it came right down to it he probably loved his other son more because he saw himself in it.
“Do you promise to stay away from Alicia and sincerely apologise to the sheriff? You could tell him about Alicia and the other girls.”
Reggie looked like he wanted to refuse; but then he swallowed and said, “Fine, you win as usual.”

      I left the room at that point and walked to the break room. It wouldn’t do to be caught eavesdropping by the mayor and I had received a lot of information that could help me in my investigation but there was still a long way to go. Entering the room I was thankful that no one was in it. I glanced at my watch my meeting with all the FBI guys would be soon I hoped the mayor would come here soon. I casually filled my mug and waited for the mayor to come to me.

©Sheilagh Lee July 13, 2016

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy 4th of July

To my American followers on the occasion of the 240th Birthday of Independence Day

Happy birthday America and have a great holiday and enjoy the fireworks and fun.

and enjoy..

Ray Charles singing America The Beautiful

and Mariah Carey singing The Star Spangled Bannner

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Happy Canada Day!!


Canada a mosaic of people
Standing proudly free
The one hundred and forty-ninth birthday
Of confederation 
When we all came together
At first under the flag of Britain 
Then finally to be one under a flag
With a field of red on each side
red maple leaf
 In a subject of white
In the centre
A symbol of our hearts
We love our country
Its people and traditions
We love the freedom of speech
Movement and freedom to vote

Some days just quietly
Thinking we are Canadian
How we are so lucky
To be in this country
To live strong and free
To enjoy our country
So beautiful far and wide
Riches of nature to behold

We love our symbols such as
The beaver and the moose
Hockey, toques, Timmies coffee
Butter tarts and maple syrup
To name a few
But most of all we love that
We can raise our families
In peace and tranquility
Proudly saying we are
Blending cultures and families 
For only together
Can we be one great nation
Proud and free

So we raise our flags today
And celebrating proudly our birthday
Happy Canada Day!!
Smiling at our neighbours
Offering thanks to the heavens above
For peace as we
Get together to party
As one

¸¸.•*¨*• ♫♪Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee ♪♫ *¨*.¸¸¸¸
and ¸.•*¨*• ♫♪Happy Birthday♪♫ *¨*.¸¸¸¸.*¨* 

©Sheilagh Lee  July 2, 2016

¸¸.•*¨*• ♫♪¸¸.•*¨*• ♫♪¸¸.•*¨*• ♫♪¸¸.•*¨*• ♫♪¸¸.•*¨*• ♫♪♪♫ *¨*.¸¸¸¸.*¨*♪♫ *¨*.¸¸¸¸.*¨*  ♪♫ *¨*.¸

♡ Happy 148th Birthday Canada! 


This video was made a few years ago by some of my hometown people the song is 'Canadian Please'. I love this video.

Song & video produced by

Julia Bentley & Andrew Gunadie

& Bobby Gimby's Canada Song from 1967

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Rose Moon, Strawberry Moon

The Strawberry Moon occurs in the northern hemisphere on Monday the 20th of June 2016. The sun will rise at 4:45 a.m. and sunset will be at 10:34 p.m. but the moon turns on  
June 20 at 7:02 a.m. Eastern Standard Time,  It's the longest day of the year and Summer Solstice. Both of these will not coincide again until June 21, 2062 so enjoy tonight.

Rose Moon, Strawberry Moon 
Strawberry moon
A deceptive name
For it's amber
In its colour
Hot Moon, Honey Moon 
Long Night Moon
A Rose Moon by any other name
For Summer Solstice
Seventeen hours of sunlight
Followed by bright lit sky
The sun super high
The moon super low
Coexisting in one sky
Fragments of light
Across the spectrum
Creating amber glow
Filling the sky
With warmth
Bringing a feeling
Of peace and love
Look up, enjoy
For the Strawberry Moon
Will not be again nigh
Coinciding with Summer Solstice
Until June 21, 2062
So seek out its warm and guiding light
Let go of all the inner fight
Hold on to the peacefulness 
Of the night

Embrace the energy 
Dance and rejoice 
Eat and be merry
In the waning hours
Of the moon

                                                     ©Sheilagh Lee June 19, 2016

Sunday, June 5, 2016

D-Day 72 years later

D-Day 72 Years Later

Image result for dday

The sky was dark
The wind grew strong
5000 ships lay laden
With equipment and troops galore
Under heavy fire from guns
Whizzing over head 
Into burden limbs
Shells landing
Bursting through bodies
Blood and bodies lining the waters
A cacophony of sound
Reverberated through the hearts and minds
As the overloaded boats  
Overlooking sanding beaches
Once the crown vacation spots of Europe
156,000 American, British and Canadian forces
Landed on five beaches in Normandy
Some killed before they reached the coast
Drowned with all equipment on
Their boats short of their goal
Others fought to swim to shore
Losing guns and equipment to survive
The big guns picking some of them off
Some still bravely made to shore
Shores mined, covered with wooden stakes
Metal tripods and barbed wire
Tanks and men on foot
The troops trying to clear them
Most difficult and dangerous
Added to the pain and horror
Two battalions of Germans
And a Panzer division
Awaited the Canadians on Juno beach
The Royal Winnipeg Rifles and
The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada
Fought strong and hard
Casualties amongst them highest
In the opening waves of battle
The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada
And all our Canadian troops
Scrapped, tussled and clashed
As did all the other troops
Proving their mettle
They reached their D-Day objectives

The Canadians took 
Juno, and so the villages needed too
They made us truly proud
Canadian landings on Juno Beach
One of the most successful
But we never forget
The sacrifice of those
Who gave their all
So we could end the war
To have peace again
And enjoy the fruits of life
So on this day 72 years later
We remember their sacrifice
And every day
For their love of country
And home they forfeited
Peace of mind, fear and life

We shall never forgetImage result for d'day- Juno beach
Their sacrifice 

Image result for d'day- Juno beach

And remember them forever
American, English and Canadian

Image result for dday

One and all
Forever more

 ©Sheilagh Lee June 6, 2016
Image result for dday