Dear Readers

Fear not the Darkness, But What Lies Within, The recesses of our mind, The creepy cobwebbed corners,That lingers on and tickles us,With tingle feelings of alarm, The deep in the stomach, Pain we feel when we do warn, The fear is deadly it seeks, The deepest corner of our mind, It's just a story to alarm,Educate and provide entertainment for our minds. So read on dear reader, I hope you find the stories amusing and full of charm.

Sunday, October 14, 2018


          I knew I shouldn’t go, but it called to me like a siren. Rowing my boat across the calm sea, climbing the cliffs, I couldn’t find the beacon of light. Looking for some semblance of a door, or a building, it appeared only rock and earth at my feet. Suddenly without warning a chasm opened up and I tumbled like on slide down.
Picking myself up at the bottom I saw a strikingly handsome man (his hair long dark and flowing) with a ladle moving it back and forth as if stir the pot.
“How did you get by my wards, Aurelia?” he asked.
“What are you doing, Jonathan?” I asked.
“Alchemy,” he answered,” The ultimate magic, isn’t it? Besides I need some cash.”
“Would you like some assistance?”
“Are you insinuating a man, can’t do what a woman can do?”
“Of course not!” I kidded, “The spell is almost right; but you must promise never to share this ingredient.”

         I added the key ingredient then stirred the pot and the magic within roared, soaring a green light into the sky. I said the incantation and poured the waiting trays making gold into ingots.
Jonathan has pleaded with me to stay. Apparently I’m not just decorative! I decided to give him another chance; but he’s been warned to treat me with respect. I think he’ll do that, now that he’s seen how much magic I’ve held back. Someone always has the power in the relationship and that is mine.

©Sheilagh Lee  October 14 2018

Friday, October 5, 2018

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend

Enjoy your long weekend all my Fellow Canadians and give thanks

As the sun sets

On the day

We gave thanks

For our blessings

Give prayers

Hoping that tomorrow

Will be a better day

Offer help to those who need

Say prayers for others

For only through community

And love of our fellow man

Do we truly prosper

                                                          ©Sheilagh Lee  August 27, 2018

Monday, October 1, 2018

London City Council and the BRT ~ My Opinion

These are strictly my opinions about  London Ontario and the state it's in today.

Dear London City Council

        For years our councils have seemed to put of making major decisions about roads, buses and development in this city. It seemed like you were always taking the easy route, not changing anything. Most major cities in this province are years ahead of us in transit systems and that was because of good planning something we've sadly lacked. Hamilton with a population of slightly more than 536, 917 as of 2016 ( they lost population going down from 551, 771 in 2014.) is going ahead in 2019 with light rail because its more efficient and will bring jobs and growth to their city.  London? We've got the population moving here from Toronto to retire,(buying what they think are cheap houses) but how long will they stay with out the amenities they are used to and what do you think their purchases are doing to housing prices here? People who rent apartments or buy properties are paying higher prices.  This has trickle down effect making it harder to retain workers who can't afford housing which in turn creates a lower tax base. What do you think will happen when these retirees discover London doesn't have the amenities they're used to? Also Toronto has good public transit something we're lacking here.

        That's  because for years London has been suffering from NIMBY or not in my backyard syndrome. If you don't take transit in this city and most don't (probably because its so inefficient) then you have no idea how bad it really is. The fact is this city has been trying to keep our small town atmosphere to the detriment of jobs and growth. This city did not sufficient plan for any change to roads or driving habits. We need that to change or traffic snarls are going to get even worse and road costs will expand to untenable amounts. If the BRT will not work, because you must expropriate historically significant properties then that means you make another plan with the proper research you should have done originally (Why didn't you know this? That part makes no sense this has been in the planning stages for ten years.)

        Change the route and find a solution that works with the least amount of pain and costs for Londoners. That's your job and it seems you are not doing it!!!

          You think I'm exaggerating. No!! The roads are becoming busier in London anyone who drives or is a passenger knows that you've waited for delays, had to add time to your commute and seen more roads under construction. If you ask anyone who has used a transit system outside of London they can't believe how inefficient and unreliable it truly is. As someone who has taken the bus and had to plan to leave an hour or and hour an half before you are supposed to be somewhere I truly understand their pain and don't get me talking about how in the past I have waited for buses that never arrived. We need a new transit system I would have preferred the  light rail system it made more sens,e but the powers that be (that's you city Council) decided that maybe we could go with the BRT. Now you are waffling again because of heritage buildings? I almost choked, laughing, the city is always tearing down heritage buildings and allowing them to build their things on their sites or it seems the OMB allows them to.

       The problem with not moving ahead and keeping the' Old Boys Network' happy with the status quo is that the city is dying, yes DYING!!!. Jobs are not brought to cities that can't supply employers with workers and most employers want workers that they can pay minimum wage or slightly above to and that means those workers may not be able to afford cars and insurance; so they need transit. but if the bus doesn't go there to the workplace that means walking or not taking the job. If it took you four hours to walk to work and home again, most wouldn't do it and in bad weather, forget it. The city needs taxpayers so they can pay for all the things that make a city run this includes the workers and management that would work at these companies. Even if the workers don't own property they pay rent that goes to a landowner that pays taxes, there's your bottom line.

         Don't get me started on the brilliant idea to close off Dundas Street downtown. This was done down the street on Dundas Street East to make it pedestrian friendly during the 70's and it failed they had to put the road back and the the shopping died off there. Malls opened on the edges of the city and a vibrant downtown became stagnant and then had only pockets where people actually shopped.  Maybe the closed off street would work downtown if they had the amenities such as grocery stores and other needed things to make the area habitable and viable so you could buy things you needed on foot and make our city more friendly to people who studied here at Fanshawe and Western, (By The Way I've talked to them they've said why would I stay, there's nothing here for me.)

          Have you seen the cities that have died in the United States? That's where London could be headed, if we don't have transit that works. So please city council get your act together, quit dithering. do some actual research that doesn't have to be changed after ten years of discussion and get our act together before we're all sorry.

©Sheilagh Lee  October 1, 2018

Monday, September 17, 2018

Release Day for my newest Kelly Murder Mystery Book 5~This Little Piggy Had None

Release Day

This Little Piggy Had None release date September 18  available in  kindle form and Paperback at

Excerpt:(edited for space)

     Terrence  had been shocked and pleasantly surprised when the old Byers department store building went on the market. The building had been left to decay for the last twenty years, but it could be salvageable with a little construction.

    Terrence had thought he would have gotten a really good deal on the property but the competition had been fierce; mainly in the form of dealing with that real estate devil, Herbert Weatherthorpe.
Weatherthorpe through his lawyer and real estate agent, had tried to undercut Terrence and get the building from Terrence, but Terrence’s real estate guru had been better. Now the building was  Terrence’s and the construction would soon begin. 

           The phone rang and Terrence answered it.

“Is this Terrence Stewart?” a deep timbered voice asked.
“It is. Who is this?”
“Herbert Weatherthorpe.”
So the man dared to call Terrence himself? Ha, Ha, Terrence would have some fun with him. Weatherthorpe could do no harm the building was after all Terrence’s.

“I see,” Terrence answered.
“Don’t hang up; we have something to talk about.”
“We have nothing to discuss, Weatherthorpe.”
“But we do. If you want to truly own the Beyer building…”
“I already own the building,” Terrence declared triumphantly.
“Do you have the keys?”
“No,” Terrence admitted not knowing quite why he answered that way. He had the key, (a skeleton key mind you, but it would open the door) which he picked up at his real estate agent after signing the papers yesterday.
“So if you want the keys meet me at it third floor, at precisely eight thirty. Don’t be late.”

       Then the cell phone call dropped.

       How dare Weatherthorpe?

       Terrence tried to call back the man but no one answered. Terrence was more than a little annoyed. Why that man had to meet him on the third floor of the Beyer building? Terrence thought in the next moment he wouldn’t go! His real estate person had given Terrence the key so why would that bastard Weatherthorpe claim to have keys? Could he have keys? Should he really satisfy his curiosity and meet the man? Terrence was meeting Kerwin at 8:30 a.m.
Yet Terrence was now curious. He had a written confirmation by fax a few minutes ago, the place was now his.  Wouldn’t that be fun to wave in that asses face? He’d go if only to do that. Besides that man had no business trespassing in Terrence’s building. Katha didn’t have to know any of this he hadn’t told her anything about Weatherthorpe and his manipulations he didn’t need to tell her anything about this now.
No, Terrence didn’t have time for this. He’d go to breakfast and take his time with Kerwin. It wouldn’t hurt for that bastard, Weatherthorpe to stew in his own juices waiting for Terrence. Then Terrence would meet the devil at the Beyer building and gloat how he owned the building that Weatherthorpe would never get the upper hand.

“See you when you get here then,” the man cried, sounding triumphant and then Weatherthorpe had the nerve to hang-up abruptly.

      Terrence laughed into the dead air. Terrence had no intention of being there at eight- thirty p.m., the fool could wait. 

Arriving a little after eleven a.m. Terrence entered through the front door of the Beyer Building with the skeleton key he had picked up at his real estate agent.

       Terrence stared at the skeleton key. It was his building he had proof, so why did he feel so uneasy? Terrence then placed the skeleton key in his pocket.

      Terrence stepped into the antique elevator. The elevator creaked and made the usual noises of a decrepit elevator, as it went up the floors. Terrence thought maybe he should have taken the stairs. The elevator probably wasn’t safe. When had it last been serviced? Oh well it would be demolished soon as a new system was put in which would be much safer for his family.

      The elevator lurched a little and then stopped abruptly. Damn it, the elevator had stopped halfway below the floor, Terrence thought.

    Terrence pulled his body up and out of the elevator and as he did he felt something hard come down on his head as his body pitched forward.


A short time later Terrence came to, dazed and confused, and looking up into the face of a police officer who stated, “You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. Do you understand?”

“Where am I?”
“The Beyer Department Building, sir. Have you understood your rights as I’ve told you, so far?”
“Yes, sir,” continued the cop, “Anything you do say may be used against you in a court of law. Do you understand?”

The cop then finished reading Terrence his rights.

     Terrence held his throbbing head trying to understand what was happening. Why was he being arrested?
       Terrence turned his head and couldn’t believe his eyes. Not only was Herbert Weatherthorpe lying close to Terrence with a hammer imbedded in his head; but in Herbert’s grasp was a skeleton’s hand holding the skeleton key to this building that had been in Terrence’s pocket. One finger also pointed pointing to something, but what? Terrence tried to pull his thoughts together; but he just felt foggy. None of this made any sense. Terrence heard another person come in the room and thought good they can sort this out. He’d leave it in their hands.

“You idiot, Alan! This man is injured. He can’t understand what you’re saying. Call an ambulance and get him to the hospital,” he heard the new police officer say. Terrence just took a deep breath and promptly passed out.

If you want to know more of  the story purchase your copy at

Monday, September 10, 2018

It's going to be fine?

“It’s going to be fine.”
The words echoed through my brain as I dug the grave in the middle of the forest. My boyfriend, Andrew was my alibi. As long as no one came by or saw me in the next three hours then I’d be fine. I felt so guilty but if I hadn’t clobbered Paul over the head with that statue then he might have killed me or… No, I had to forget, the forest would take him and I’d never have to think about him again.
Driving back I made sure I wasn’t seen and the car returned. I entered the house through the backyard and crawled into bed beside a sleeping Andrew. When I woke it was late morning and Andrew was still sleeping his back to me. I kissed him on the cheek. He was cold and I pulled back the sheets to find him blue grey and dead.
I picked up my cell phone but it wouldn’t turn on. I heard noises in the kitchen and I picked up the lamp and walked into the kitchen.
“Missed me Sharron?” a dishevelled muddy and leaf covered Paul asked me.
I fainted, the doctor says I imagined Paul and killed Andrew; but I know the truth Paul came back from the dead and took the one person I loved. Paul is annoying and insistent that he’s staying with me forever.
I tell you this tale and beg you can you make him leave me alone?

©Sheilagh Lee  September10, 2018

Friday, August 31, 2018


     The townspeople seemed distant whispering and pretending they hadn’t been talking about me. Hearing snippets they mentioned his name...Hector. Hector, eighteen years ago and taken what he wanted from me leaving me with a child. For weeks, months I searched for him and then found him with another woman… married.
I birthed Hecuba, passing her off as my niece. She had recently married the man of her choice and now expected my grandbaby and then Hector came back. I wanted to truly curse him not just call out his name. I tried but the words wouldn’t come.
Just let it flow. I thought but to my surprise under the anger I still loved him. I must confront him, maybe anger would kill the small hope in me, that he still wanted me. I asked the tailor where he was and he told me Hector was in the town hall.
As I entered the hall I saw an archway of flowers and a priest standing there. All the townspeople stood there smiling.
“You’ve answered my summoning potion. I’m free from that awful woman’s spell. She tried to make me forget you but she didn’t succeed. Will you marry me, Xanthus?”
I nodded.
The townspeople clapped.
I found myself uttering the words… I do. If this is a spell I don’t care, for I have what I’ve always wanted a devoted husband and an acknowledged daughter. Hector’s magic and mine keep our town safe form harm.
©Sheilagh Lee  August 27, 2018

Friday, August 17, 2018

Heaven Sent

      Since losing my husband, Lawrence when I was two weeks pregnant, Larry’s best friend Kyle had been visiting regularly seeing to our needs. I had begun to rely on Kyle; maybe even love him but was that fair to Larry's memory? Kyle had even moved closer so he could help us out. He had loved Lawrence as much as I did, and he adored Sophie. I needed to see him I decided. Calling him I begged Kyle to look after Sophie, so I could shower.. I only hoped Kyle could handle her colic episodes.

    Hearing the doorbell ring I cursed under my breath; I should have told Kyle to knock softly. Answering the door with Sophie in my arms, Sophie let out a huge wail.

“You should come with a warning sound,” Kyle chuckled and took her from my arms.

      Stopping crying immediately Sophie looked up into Kyle’s eyes with a doting expression. She cooed and laughed going to sleep in his arms. I left them going to have my shower. Coming back now dressed and refreshed I found Kyle rocking Sophie. Eyes open Sophie smiled at Kyle and said, “Dada.”
Kyle looked at me stricken and said, “”I’m sorry Josie. She could have said that to anyone.”
“But she didn’t, she said it to you,” I commented.
“I miss Larry, too.” Kyle stated.
“I’ve been thinking about your proposal…”
“Don’t say no, yet.
“I accept.”
“You do?”
“I do.”
“You’re sure?”
“I am.”
“Tomorrow, with Sophie, at the courthouse?”

     I looked over at Kyle, Sophie was gurgling at him and I nodded. Kyle would make a great dad and an even better father. I looked up at the heavens through the window and for moment I could swear I saw Larry smiling down at us and I smiled too. Life could begin again.
©Sheilagh Lee  July 30 2018