Dear Readers

Fear not the Darkness, But What Lies Within, The recesses of our mind, The creepy cobwebbed corners,That lingers on and tickles us,With tingle feelings of alarm, The deep in the stomach, Pain we feel when we do warn, The fear is deadly it seeks, The deepest corner of our mind, It's just a story to alarm,Educate and provide entertainment for our minds. So read on dear reader, I hope you find the stories amusing and full of charm.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Three Word Wednesday- Stray Bullet -Part 21

Three Word Wednesday- Stray Bullet -Part 21

Three Word Wednesday Prompts: 

Symbolic, adjective: emblematic, representative, typical, characteristic, symptomatic, figurative, representative, illustrative, emblematic, metaphorical, allegorical, parabolic, allusive, suggestive; meaningful, significant.

Tendency, noun: propensity, proclivity, proneness, aptness, likelihood, inclination, disposition, predisposition, bent, leaning, penchant, predilection, susceptibility, liability; readiness; habit, trend, movement, drift, swing, gravitation, direction, course; orientation, bias.

Unhinged, adjective: deranged, demented, unbalanced, unglued, crazed, mad, insane, disturbed, out of one's mind, out of one's tree; informal crazy, mental, nutso, bonkers, batty, loopy, loco, postal, bananas, touched, batshit crazy. 

                                  Stray Bullet -Part 21

    I listened intently as Errol told me through his microphone that he had arrived at the strip club.  I heard the rhythm of Errol’s voice come through clearly on his wire, “Testing one, two, three, text me if you’re getting this boss.”

     I signalled that I was and Errol continued, “Entering the strip club.
“Were closed, sir, until five p.m.,” a woman said.
“Tyrell around?” Errol inquired.
“Is Mr. Spector expecting you?”
“I’m Errol Ward, Tyrell expects me.”
“Oh so you’re his buddy from Iraq. From eight years ago.”
“You seem well informed Miss?”
“It’s Mrs. Sally Spector.”
“Ty didn’t tell me he got married.”
 “Ty and were married in Vegas last weekend.”
“So I’m interrupting your honeymoon?”
“No, we’ll go next week. I’m sorry we didn’t tell you but we didn’t tell anyone. We’ll have a party in about three weeks I hope you’ll come.”
“I’d be glad to.”
“Ty says he offered you a job working security here, but you turned him down.”
“I did because I had another job offer.”
“Sally, quit grilling the man. Come into my office, Errol. Errol, buddy. I hear you’ve joined the police force here. That’s a dangerous occupation and has a tendency to make one dead.”
“You know once a cop always a cop. You are keeping your nose clean buddy, aren’t you?”
“I’m still grateful for all you’ve done for me. I’ll never forget how you went to bat for me in Iraq when that Sergeant was out to get me. I could have spent years in the stockade.”
“It was mostly symbolic."
"Like hell it was you, Finding me a lawyer saved me from the Sergeant. You even put your career in the line and testified. I appreciate all of this more than words can say."
"We're friends; that's what friends do,"Errol insisted, then changing the subject he said,"You’ve picked up a beautiful wife since I last saw you.”
“Sally is a peach. She had such radiance that she shone in a sea of beauties. She was desperate and came in here to audition as a stripper; but couldn’t do it. I hired here as a waitress and then as my manager. We were married after six weeks.”
“Love at first sight.”
“You betcha, Errol. Maybe you need to find a good woman to settle down with too.”
“I think I’ll wait on that a bit. I’m not ready for the domestic life yet.”
“Quit listening at the door Sally and come in,” I heard Tyrell say. There was a brief silence and then I heard, “Who are you are you unhinged? Why do you have a gun pointed at Sally?”

        I heard a loud crack followed by a sort of whine in the background and some shouting. I recognized that sound and I signalled Nathan Ricci to move in. I went out into the outer office and gestured to George Henning to drive me to the strip club still listening intently to the action at the strip club on my radio. My heart dropped into my mouth as I heard more shots ring out and I hoped that Errol and my other officers were all right.

©Sheilagh Lee October 19, 2016

To be continued next week 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Three Word Wednesday- Stray Bullet -Part 20

Three Word Wednesday- Stray Bullet -Part 20

Three Word Wednesday Prompts: 

Radiance, noun: light, brightness, brilliance, luminosity, beams, rays, illumination, blaze, glow, gleam, luster, glare; luminescence, incandescence, joy, elation, jubilance, ecstasy, rapture, euphoria, delirium, happiness, delight, pleasure.

Rasp, verb: scrape, rub, abrade, grate, grind, sand, file, scratch, scour, croak, squawk, caw, say hoarsely.

Rhythm, noun: beat, cadence, tempo, time, pulse, throb, swing, meter, measure, stress, accent, cadence, pattern, flow, tempo.

                                  Stray Bullet -Part 20

“A sweet talker and charisma to spare; no wonder I’m mad for you,” Tina said kissing me full on the lips then she stopped abruptly saying, “You distracted me so much I forgot the other reason I came here.”
“There was another reason?” I said joking that I was insulted.
“Yes, Gunnar, besides the fact that I’m hot for your body; I do have other pressing concerns.”
“My office door locks. I told you this before,” I offered.
“Maybe another time; right now I have to inform you a large quantity of fentanyl has gone missing at the hospital and it has to be someone who worked at the hospital and has access to it but we haven’t been able to determine whom.”
“When did this occur?”
“Before you started working here at the police station. The powers that be think maybe as long as a month ago.”
“Powers that be?”
“The administrators annoy me. It’s my pet name for them.”
“Why isn’t it the missing fentanyl in any report that came across my desk?”
“The hospital thought that they could take care of this internally and discipline the offending party when they found them; but they found more missing this morning.”
“This morning? Again why wasn’t I called?”
“I don’t know. I’m telling you now! You wouldn’t believe the number of people who come through our emergency room with overdoses with fentanyl. They think you'll get a huge radiance , a feeling of euphoria. That they'll feel the rhythm of the universe. All they get are raspy voices and overdoses. The idiots! They should think of the damage they also due to others.
“The families do suffer,I agreed.
“Families do suffer; but the problem is (and you should pay close attention to this) we as physicians are getting second-hand exposure.”
“How does the exposure happen?”
“We get it from their clothing and other belongings. Tim had to take naloxone nasal spray a year ago. He became addicted and had to undergo some addiction therapy; before he could come back to work. Yet none of that was his fault. He was just doing his job.”
“Poor Tim, is he better now?”
“Yes. Of course he is. He had nothing to do with the missing drug; if that’s what you’re asking.”
“What about you are you safe?”
I wear a mask and full hazmat gear at all times when dealing with drug overdoses at the emergency department. You should be really careful too Gunnar. You don’t want to get exposed. You should also caution your officers not to go into any of these drug dens without the proper gear. Get some naloxone nasal spray and get your officers to carry it; maybe even double doses.”
“I will. I don’t know why the hospital couldn’t have informed my department of this development. If a huge large of drugs go missing, that’s a serious crime.”
“Fentanyl is to easily accessible. It's a growing epidemic. If I were to do a simple online search of “buy fentanyl online” I find a number of sellers who would be only too happy to sell me fentanyl and don’t get me started on all the derivatives of fentanyl that you can. There are Alfentanil (brand name: Alfenta), Carfentanil (brand name: Wildnil), Sufentanil (brand name: Sufenta), Remifentanil (brand name: Ultiva), and then there’s Brifentanil ,Lofentanil, Mirfentanil, Ocfentanil, Ohmefentanyl,Paraflurofentanyl, Acetylfentanyl, Butryfentanyl, Alphamethylthiofentanyl, Betahydroxyfentanyl, Betahydroxythiofentanyl, Furanylfentanyl, Methylacetylfentanyl, N-Methylcarfentanil, Methylfentanyl, Methylbutyrfentanyl, Flurobutyrfentanyl, Allylfentanyl, Phenylfentanyl, Methylthiofentanyl, Beta-Methylfentanyl. These derivatives are far more dangerous as well. Carfentanil alone is a synthetic opioid so deadly, as little as twenty micrograms would be fatal to the average person, with one microgram being smaller than a grain of salt.”
“Less than a grain? Are you kidding me?”
“How do you know all this?” I asked.
“I’m a doctor; but also call me curious, when so many patients come through my department with drug addictions to one source I wanted to know how and why they could get access to the drug.”
“I’ve seen those same websites and more. One foreign pharmacy that promises “one hundred per cent anonymity and privacy,” and “undetectable” parcels packed carefully so they can skip through customs' X-ray machines”… It’s a terrible epidemic with huge societal implications and I have to stop it here. I won’t have Driftwood over run by drug addiction and start to be called Actiq town or some other crazy drug name like Murder 8 town because they’ve mixed it with heroin. This is my town and I’ll solve these murders and take it back from the drug trade too; which means I have to go back to the hospital and speak to the administrators and find the culprits.”
 “I thought that’s what you say so I’ll drive you back. I have to get back to work anyway, I’m just on a half-hour break. I’m working until six and then we have a command performance for dinner.”
“Command performance?”
“Your Aunt Louise and Stella-Marie have requested our presence at a dinner they’re making.”
 “Damn, I’m supposed to be on call for Errol. In about fifteen minutes he’s meeting a source. He took Nathan with him; but I’m at edge with all these blatant shootings at cops.”
“Tell you what give me a few minutes to fresh up in the washroom and then I’ll call in a favour and get another hour off so I can drive you back to the hospital,” Tina exclaimed smiling at me.
“I hope you can receive your favor; otherwise I’ll have to get George Henning to drive me and I hear he might need a refresher course for driving. Penny signed him up for a defensive driving course; but he hasn’t completed it yet.”
“I’ll get the time, Yasmin owes me she’ll cover for me,” Tina claimed, “Excuse me now I’ll let you get your work done and be back in a few minutes.”

I glanced over some reports at my desk and waited for Errol to meet with his snitch at the strip club and wished that I had been able to go with him but my leg being the way it was right now would be a liability.

“Sorry, Yasmin says it’s a no go. She can't cover for me. I guess it’s George Henning that will be your driver. Tell him to drive carefully and I’ll see you later,” Tina said as she came back into the office. Tina then kissed me goodbye and went back to the hospital.

©Sheilagh Lee October 12, 2016
To be continued next week 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Tragically Hip~ Gordon Downie poetry in motion

       Last Monday the 8th of August I was fortunate to attend the Tragically Hip concert in London, Ontario. It was incredible and filled with all of Gordon's joy in his music that he shared with us the fans. Last night the 20th of August all of Canada was able to see their last concert in Kingston,Ontario on CBC or YouTube Live. For those of you not familiar with The Hip as they are lovingly called, the lead singer and poetic writer of all their songs ,Gordon Downie was diagnosed in December 2015 with a brain tumour specifically a glioblastomabrain tumour ( atype of brain cancer) which is incurable. Gordon recently announced that and chose to undergo some medical treatment and then tour one short last time to sellout crowds swelling tee shirts to research a cure. This is my tribute to Gordon Downie for his courage and love shown to the fans. if you are able to please donate to The Gordon Downie fund for BrainCancer

Gord Downie thoughtful, kind
Bringing us great music
Poetry in motion
Lyrics with meaning         
Making people think
Bringing people together
For more than thirty three years
And now tonight
For all Canadians and YouTube viewers

One nation under Gord♡
Closed down for over three hours
Most of all we thank him
We love you Gord

You are the best of Canada
Grace in motion.
For Gord’s joy/joie
Merci beaucoup
Thank you from the bottom
Of all Canadian hearts

  Ahead by a century

Never disappointing your fans
You have us in the palm
Of your hands
Forever more

©Sheilagh Lee August 20, 2016


Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy 4th of July

To my American followers on the occasion of the 240th Birthday of Independence Day

Happy birthday America and have a great holiday and enjoy the fireworks and fun.

and enjoy..

Ray Charles singing America The Beautiful

and Mariah Carey singing The Star Spangled Bannner

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Happy Canada Day!!


Canada a mosaic of people
Standing proudly free
The one hundred and forty-ninth birthday
Of confederation 
When we all came together
At first under the flag of Britain 
Then finally to be one under a flag
With a field of red on each side
red maple leaf
 In a subject of white
In the centre
A symbol of our hearts
We love our country
Its people and traditions
We love the freedom of speech
Movement and freedom to vote

Some days just quietly
Thinking we are Canadian
How we are so lucky
To be in this country
To live strong and free
To enjoy our country
So beautiful far and wide
Riches of nature to behold

We love our symbols such as
The beaver and the moose
Hockey, toques, Timmies coffee
Butter tarts and maple syrup
To name a few
But most of all we love that
We can raise our families
In peace and tranquility
Proudly saying we are
Blending cultures and families 
For only together
Can we be one great nation
Proud and free

So we raise our flags today
And celebrating proudly our birthday
Happy Canada Day!!
Smiling at our neighbours
Offering thanks to the heavens above
For peace as we
Get together to party
As one

¸¸.•*¨*• ♫♪Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee ♪♫ *¨*.¸¸¸¸
and ¸.•*¨*• ♫♪Happy Birthday♪♫ *¨*.¸¸¸¸.*¨* 

©Sheilagh Lee  July 2, 2016

¸¸.•*¨*• ♫♪¸¸.•*¨*• ♫♪¸¸.•*¨*• ♫♪¸¸.•*¨*• ♫♪¸¸.•*¨*• ♫♪♪♫ *¨*.¸¸¸¸.*¨*♪♫ *¨*.¸¸¸¸.*¨*  ♪♫ *¨*.¸

♡ Happy 148th Birthday Canada! 


This video was made a few years ago by some of my hometown people the song is 'Canadian Please'. I love this video.

Song & video produced by

Julia Bentley & Andrew Gunadie

& Bobby Gimby's Canada Song from 1967

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Rose Moon, Strawberry Moon

The Strawberry Moon occurs in the northern hemisphere on Monday the 20th of June 2016. The sun will rise at 4:45 a.m. and sunset will be at 10:34 p.m. but the moon turns on  
June 20 at 7:02 a.m. Eastern Standard Time,  It's the longest day of the year and Summer Solstice. Both of these will not coincide again until June 21, 2062 so enjoy tonight.

Rose Moon, Strawberry Moon 
Strawberry moon
A deceptive name
For it's amber
In its colour
Hot Moon, Honey Moon 
Long Night Moon
A Rose Moon by any other name
For Summer Solstice
Seventeen hours of sunlight
Followed by bright lit sky
The sun super high
The moon super low
Coexisting in one sky
Fragments of light
Across the spectrum
Creating amber glow
Filling the sky
With warmth
Bringing a feeling
Of peace and love
Look up, enjoy
For the Strawberry Moon
Will not be again nigh
Coinciding with Summer Solstice
Until June 21, 2062
So seek out its warm and guiding light
Let go of all the inner fight
Hold on to the peacefulness 
Of the night

Embrace the energy 
Dance and rejoice 
Eat and be merry
In the waning hours
Of the moon

                                                     ©Sheilagh Lee June 19, 2016