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Fear not the Darkness, But What Lies Within, The recesses of our mind, The creepy cobwebbed corners,That lingers on and tickles us,With tingle feelings of alarm, The deep in the stomach, Pain we feel when we do warn, The fear is deadly it seeks, The deepest corner of our mind, It's just a story to alarm,Educate and provide entertainment for our minds. So read on dear reader, I hope you find the stories amusing and full of charm.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Three Word Wednesday-Home For Christmas-Part 12

Three Word Wednesday- Home For Christmas-Part 12

Annoyed, adjective: slightly angry; irritated.

Hushed, adjective: having a calm and still silence; (of a voice or conversation) quiet and serious.

Pain, noun: physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury; mental suffering or distress; [informal] an annoying or tedious person or thing; verb: cause mental or physical pain to. 

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Home For Christmas-Part 12

   My mother and father arrived the next morning with fresh clothes and told me, that a bail hearing for me, would take place this morning. I asked mother about Celina’s bail hearing and she said Celina’s would follow mine.  I went before the judge and after I posted a thousand dollar bail and my mother promised my recognizance I was free.
      Dad took me back to the Hilton Hotel where we awaited mother. Mother, to our surprise, arrived an hour later with Celina. She ordered a cot brought up and then explained that she the only way she could get Celina in any place, other than a juvenile detention centre, was to promise that she would be responsible for her. My father, annoyed, took my mother aside and they had a heated discussion about this. The next thing I heard was my father apologizing and a hush coming over my mother before she accepted the apology, as he welcomed Celina to our hotel room.

     Celina excused herself and went to the washroom and I took the opportunity to complain to my mother. “The day after tomorrow is Christmas.” I whispered so Celina didn’t hear, “We won’t be home in time.”
   “And whose fault is that?” my mother replied angrily.
   “Nancy!” my father admonished.
   “Your father’s right; let’s let go of blame. Home is where the heart is and my heart is with you and your father. Poor little Celina has had a hard life. I’m not sure she even had a real Christmas with her parents they were very poor,” my mother explained.
I'm sorry I was so belligerent about her staying here. Celina has been treated badly. The child deserves a little bit of happy family life, after all that pain," my father commented.
“Can we give her a Christmas?” I asked.
“Why not? Celina will have a wonderful family Christmas with us. That is if you and your father go buy Christmas presents for everyone. I have a few for you Melanie and your father; but  I’d like some for Celina. As for Celina and I we have some shopping to do and an appointment for an amniocentesis this afternoon. Celina will be kept overnight to protect her and the baby.”
“We don’t even have a tree,” I complained.
“I don’t think the housekeeping staff would appreciate a real tree. Walmart has artificial Christmas trees; we’ll pick up a tree and some ornaments there. Come on Melanie let’s make Christmas bright,” my father said getting into the spirit.

I followed my father as we went off to shop hoping that we could find all these items two days before Christmas. I looked forward to making Christmas happy for Celina but wondered what we should buy her. What did teens want this day and age? I googled it and hoped all the sales pitches were right; after all I had worked in ad game I knew how this worked. 
To be continued in two weeks

 ©Sheilagh Lee  March 18, 2015

Monday, March 16, 2015

Beannacht Lá Fhéile Pádraig -(Happy St. Patrick's Day)

Happy St.Patrick's Day - 
Beannacht Lá Fhéile Pádraig

There's a dear little plant that grows in our isle,
'Twas St. Patrick himself, sure, that sets it;
And the sun of his labor with pleasure did smile,
And with dew from his eye often wet it.
It grows through the bog, through the brake, through the mireland,
And they call it the dear little Shamrock of Ireland.
(From an Irish song unknown author)

Madainn mhath  -(Good morning)
Feashar math  - (Good afternoon)

Oidhche mhath -  (Good Evening)

Céad míle fáilte romhat!- (A hundred thousand welcomes)
Dia dhaoibh  - (Hello to all)        
Is mise Sile~  (Sweet Sheilagh is my name)
Go raibh maith agat, a chara ceilidh
(Thank you my friend for visiting and sharing) and
Beannacht Lá Fhéile Pádraig  (Happy St. Patrick's Day)
Saol fada chugat~(Long life to you but remember if you drink today take a cab or use a designated driver)             

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Three Word Wednesday- Home For Christmas-Part 11

Three Word Wednesday- Home For Christmas-Part 11

Giddy, adjective: having a sensation of whirling and a tendency to fall or stagger; dizzy, disorienting and alarming, but exciting; excitable and frivolous; verb: make (someone) feel excited to the point of disorientation.

Lewd, adjective: crude and offensive in a sexual way.

Needless, adjective: (of something bad) unnecessary; avoidable.

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Home For Christmas-Part 11

         My father arrived followed by my mother and I was taken by the guard into a room where I could communicate with them. I explained to them what had happened and how Celina fit in. My father said that he would leave the actual defense to my mother. He had some ideas that he would share with her but he felt she'd handle my case better. At first I was insulted that he felt he couldn't help but then I realized that my mother had pressured him to get him to let her help me. She did love me, enough to put me before her job as a judge. Wow! 

    My mother explained, she had to look into to some things involving Celina before she would commit to being Celina’s lawyer, though she was my lawyer and always on my side.. She then sent my father to retrieve the blood samples and other information on my case. she also instructed  him to arrange a bail hearing, or try to have the case thrown out. Mother spoke in length to Celina and then she left. 

    We waited for hours and I knew after six hours that it had probably become too late for a bail hearing we would be staying the night in a jail cell.  My mother showed up about eight thirty p.m. at our jail cell. Celina seemed giddy when she saw her.

 “I can’t take on Celina as a client. She has a history of lying,” my mother stated.
  “God damn, I didn’t lie my uncle looks at me and acts in lewd, perverted ways. Why won’t anyone listen? I didn’t lie about being at the Hideway Hotel, did I?” Celina protested.
“No, that is where you were arrested. Unfortunately they won’t take your testimony about seeing Angela in Melanie’s room if they take your past into the equation.”
“What did I tell you? My uncle has convinced everyone I’m the liar. How do you refute that?” Celina asked raising her arms up as if screaming and shouting at the heavens, but as she moved her shirt moved up and I noticed a bulge in her stomach.
“How far along are you?” my mother asked shrewdly.
“Three weeks, I think...”Celina answered.
“If we could get a test will it prove that your uncle is the father?” my mother asked.
“I never thought of that. It won’t hurt the baby?”
“I’ll get you the odds, but it is a small risk,” my mother answered.
“Do the test. I told the truth! I broke into Melanie’s room and then saw that other woman break in.”
“And can you positively identify this woman?” my mother asked holding up three pictures of woman one of them Angela.
“Yah, it’s the middle one,” Celina answered positively identifying Angela.
“I’ll take you on but if I find out you’re lying...”my mother stated.
“You’ll can my ass and I rot in jail or with my perverted uncle. Got it,” Celina answered.
“I need to speak with my daughter, why don’t you wait on your pallet?” my mother stated.
“Fine...”Celina stated belligerently rolling her eyes.
“Melanie your father tries to get a judge to hear your case but needless to say it will  be tomorrow before we can get you out of here. In the meantime take what Celina says with a grain of salt; until I can prove anything she says it’s not a help,” my mother whispered.
“But Celina needs help.”
“If she’s telling the truth or even if she’s not I’ll see she gets the help she needs but right now you come first, she continued whispering” then louder she said, “It’s nine pm. now I’ll be back tomorrow and see you both then.”
“Your mom’s like fierce. You can tell she’s a judge. She’s kind of scary,” Celina commented.
“She’s my mom and a great lawyer and judge. She’ll help us,” I reassured.
Celina then went back to her pallet and lay down falling quickly asleep. It must be nice to fall asleep so easily I thought, then I remembered her condition and frowned. Poor kid.
I was tired, but I couldn’t sleep. Too many thing things were racing through my mind. The police said Angela’s husband was dead but Celina had seen a man with Angela so why did they think him dead. I hoped and prayed that Scotty would live and then he could tell them who had shot him.
To be continued.

©Sheilagh Lee  March 11, 2015

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Three Word Wednesday- Home For Christmas-Part 10

Three Word Wednesday- Home For Christmas-Part 10

Calculating, adjective: acting in a scheming and ruthlessly determined way.

Envious, adjective: feeling or showing envy.

Messy, adjective: untidy or dirty; generating or involving mess or untidiness; (of a situation) confused and difficult to deal with.

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                          Home For Christmas-Part 10

        I sat on the rough well-used, messy-looking, mattress, trying not to think of whether the mattress was truly clean. A young girl was pushed into the cell by a guard. She looked defiant; but if I looked closely I could see she was scared. She looked at me her chin held high then took a pallet on the opposite side of the room. Her face turned to the wall I still could tell she cried. When I could take no more of the silent tears I said, “Hi, I’m Melanie.”
   “So?” she asked pretending she hadn’t been crying.
  “What’s your name?”
   “Maybe you should keep to yourself and I should keep to myself.”
   “If we’re going to be in the same cell maybe we should talk. I’m Melanie Danvers and the cops arrested me for murder, attempted murder aiding and abetting a kidnapping, but I’m innocent.”
   “Aren’t we all,” she laughed, and then continuing to open up she said, “I think I know you. You’re the one with the top lawyer for the dad and the judge for a mom, I heard about you.  I’m Celina Davidovich.”
   “What are you in for?”
   “Shoplifting and trespassing; I was hungry, homeless and I had no money,” Celina confessed.
   “I’m so sorry. Do you have a lawyer?” I asked.
   “My public defender will be here soon; but I can’t go home like they’ll suggest.”
  “Why not? You go home for a while you get a job and move out.”
  Celina laughed and then said, “I can’t I won’t. It’s not that easy I’m not an emancipated minor and when they find out and they will ...”
    “A minor how old are you and is that really your name?”
   “Celina is and I’m seventeen.”

    I looked at her sideways I could see it now she had a ton of make-up on; but if she was seventeen I had been a teen yesterday. I gave her a look of disbelief.

    “Okay, so I’m fifteen and my dad’s family last name used to be Davidovich.”
    “You have to go home to your family,” I cautioned.
    “Why so I can get more of this?” Celina asked.

    As she exposed her arms to me I saw bruises purple, yellow and green up and down her forearms.

    “Who did that?”
    “This? Nothing compared to what he did.”
    “What did he do?”
    “I don’t want to talk about it.  Nobody believes me anyway,” Celina responded.
    “I’ll believe you,” I answered.
    Celina moved closer to me and began whispering, “My uncle is my guardian. I thought he loved me but he...”
   “What did he do?”
   “I was devastated when my parents died and started acting up. I took some cosmetics from the drugstore and was caught and arrested. I skipped school and got detentions and suspensions after fighting with other kids. I started dressing like a Goth and that made me a bad kid. I guess it was my own fault that he took advantage of the situation. Maybe I’m just a bad person.”
   “You’re not a bad person Tell me what happened, Celina. I’d like to help you.”
   “You don’t even know me.”
   “You seem like a nice person and I could get my parents to help you.”
   “Would you?”
   “Maybe, but I have to know what happened.”
   “My uncle seemed sweet and kind and sympathetic. I let down my guard and tried to be nicer to him. I tried obeying his rules. One night when I was asleep he climbed in bed and he hurt me. He hurt me so bad. I told him I’d tell people and he said no one would believe me. He was a powerful businessman and I was a troubled teenage girl. I told the housekeeper and she laughed at me and told me not to make up stories then she took my sheets and washed them. She knew. I knew then no one would believe me so I put some things together and ran away.”
  “Oh Celina, I am so sorry.” I said, comforting her as she broke into a torrential flood of tears. A few minutes later I angrily promised, “He’ll pay. We will make that calculating, evil rapist pay.”
Celina pulled herself together and asked, “Do you think your parents can help?”
   “I think so, but I need to know more about what landed you here. So where did you commit this shoplifting and trespassing?”
   “I was cold and I got as far as the Hinterland Hideway and I thought maybe I could find a room that was empty.”
   “You were at the Hinterland Hideway?” I asked shocked.
   “Yes,” Celina answered, “I tried to break into this one unit to sleep, but two kids and a woman were in it. This man showed up and yelled at me.”
   “What did this man look like?”
   “East-Indian looking, with dark black hair and he had weird mesmerizing azure blue eyes and a trimmed black beard to his chest. He had one of those hats kind of like the Shriners, sort of like a waiter’s hat, but in a colourful paisley pattern. He wore a long pajama like outfit with cotton pants and a green winter coat and boots.”
   “And he was with a woman and two kids? What did the woman look like?”
   “I don’t know why you wanted to know about her.  She was model thin and stunning. She looked a lot like Halle Berry. I would have been envious of her looks, but he had her totally on a leash.”
   “On a leash?”
  “Yes, he was really controlling, you know? She had to do everything he said or you felt he’d do something to her. It wasn’t because she had one of those scarf thingies on her head, covering all but a few strands of her black hair I have a lot of friends who wear that as a religious expression and that’s fine, but no guy should control your movements.”
   “You said there were kids with her?”
  “Yah, the daughter about ten years of age was as carbon copy of her mother. The boy was about nine years of age and had dark wavy hair clipped short to his head. His eyes were a strange mesmerizing azure blue that matched the guy with them.”
   “This man was his father?”
   “I think so,” Celina answered, “He yelled at me that he’d call the cops, so I took off from there. I waited a few minutes and broke into this room about five cabins down and took some snacks and drinks from the minibar. But then I heard someone come in I hid under the bed. I have to admit the person was you. I’m sorry they probably dinged you for those snacks.”
    “You were in my room?”
   “Yes, I’m sorry you’ll still help me, right?”
  “I will do my best,” I reassured her, totally shocked and wonder if she was telling the truth I asked, “How did I not see you?”
   “I told you I hid under the bed and I left the room when you went into the washroom to use it. Then that woman who looked like Halle Berry came into your room when I was outside. So I hid and watched.”
   “You saw the Halle Berry lookalike enter my room?”
   “It’s okay I won’t tell anyone you were seeing your dealer.”
   “My dealer?”
   “Yes you don’t have to lie to me.  She came out with a needle in her hand I saw her throw it in the garbage bin, but I hid it in case her old man tried to charge me with break and enter but I won’t tell them it’s yours.”
   “It’s not mine. She drugged me.”
   “I think we can help one another Celina and I’m sure my parents will agree when they get here.”
   “Thank-you, Melanie.”
  “Hang tight kid; we’ll be out of here soon and some bad people will pay big time,” I stated.

     I had been stupid, a patsy in Angela and her husband’s plans. I had once felt sorry for Angela, but no more. She and her husband had shot Kyle and Scotty and set me up for their murderers. I would make the two of them pay with Celina’s help. Poor Celina needed to get away from her guardian and my parents could help her do that it would be a win-win for both of us.

©Sheilagh Lee  March 4, 2015

To be continued

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Three Word Wednesday- Home For Christmas-Part 9

Three Word Wednesday- Home For Christmas-Part 9

Docile, adjective: ready to accept control or instruction; submissive.

Inflict, verb [with object]: cause (something unpleasant or painful) to be suffered by someone or something; (inflict something on) impose something unwelcome on.

Whimper, verb [no object]: (of a person or animal) make a series of low, feeble sounds expressive of fear, pain, or discontent; [with direct speech] say something in a low, feeble voice expressive of fear or pain; noun: a low, feeble sound expressive of fear or pain; (a whimper) a feeble or anticlimactic tone or ending.

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                          Home For Christmas-Part 9

     I heard the police officers talking in the front seat about how the gun would nail me.  I wanted to whimper; but being docile and cooperative had gotten me nowhere it was time to pull myself together. But how could a gun I’d never seen or touched hurt me?  They'd test it and not find my fingerprints or any gun residue on my hands. But if it was that easy, there wouldn't be any innocent people in jail. I started to think how easily it would to be framed. I had passed out and the police came in the room effortlessly. Why had I passed out so quickly? I only drank two small bottles of booze, the kind they had on airplanes. I’d drank more than that before and had nothing more than a buzz. Wait a minute, those screw tops bottles had been easy to open and there were no other drinks in the fridge. That was odd in it's self why hadn't I noticed that?

     But how could someone have known I’d stay there and how had they tampered with the bottles before I opened them? Could someone have entered the room and put my fingers on the gun? That was all in my imagination, wasn’t it? I had to safeguard myself if there was any chance that this could have happened I had to take steps now to test my blood and make sure my lawyer had the results. I banged on the back of the seat with my feet to get the passenger seated cop to pay attention.

   “Quiet down there. We’ll be in Thunder Bay soon,” the cop shouted.
    “I need my blood tested. You have to take me to a medical centre,” I insisted.
    “Listen, honey, the only place you’re going to is jail,” The cop responded.
    I took a deep breath, pictured my father speaking and said,“No, you listen. I insist you have my blood tested or your case against me will hit the skids before it even begins,” I continued.
    “And why is that?”
    “My mother and my lawyer, will skewer you in court and get the evidence thrown out, all because you didn’t allow me a proper defense.”
    “Ooh, I’m so scared of your mommy and your lawyer.”
    “You should be afraid my lawyer is my father I’m sure you’ve heard of him, Alfred Danvers of Danvers, Appleby, and Turner...”
   “I’ve heard of him he’s a top criminal lawyer in Canada he got that mobster, Frederik Manzi off and made my buddy look stupid. I'd like to inflict some pain on him,” muttered the one cop.
   “Alleged mobster,” I commented.
   “Ooh, I’m so afraid,” the cop driving the car said.
   “But you didn’t hear who my mother is...”
   “Who is your mother?” asked the passenger side cop laughing.
   “Judge Nancy Bellman,” I answered, “She goes by her maiden name.”

    The passenger side cop drew in a breath as if shocked and then turned to the driver and said, “I think there’s a medical centre just before the police station let’s stop there.”

     We reached the medical center and I was taken in in cuffs into it where the two cops demanded a blood test. A few minutes later I was off to jail where they took my fingerprints and then allowed me to make my one phone call. I called my dad’s office and my dad’s secretary put him on.

    “Mel, honey it’s great to hear from you. Did you get a flight will you be home in time for Christmas?”
    “Dad I need you. I’ve got legal trouble,” I insisted my voice, barely audible and fighting back tears.
     “What’s happened?”
  “I’ve been arrested for attempted murder, murder and aiding and abetting the kidnapping of two children,” I answered, “Also I may have been drugged.”
   “Where are you, Melanie?” my dad asked sighing.
   “Thunder Bay, Ontario.”
   “I’ll get a flight out as soon as possible. Don’t say a word until I get there. I mean it not one word.”
   “I think I made it worse. I already talked to them before they charged me.”
   “Don’t worry pumpkin. I’ll get you out of this and I’ll bring your mother, we will fix this,” my dad promised.

    I breathed a sigh of relief feeling like a little kid. My father, the super hero lawyer would arrive and he’d make all of these ridiculous charges go away. Then I remembered he'd bring my mother. I knew she’d give me the cold treatment and that hurt more than anything. She'd start judging me again and lecturing me about being too soft and foolish. I stared at the brick wall of my cell as I sat on the mattress. At least I hadn’t been housed with anyone...yet. Why had I given Kyle and his girlfriend Angela a ride? Then I remembered Kyle was dead. Poor Kyle. Who had killed him, Angela’s husband? But they said he was dead. How could a dead man kill anyone? Had the man faked his death? My dad and my mother would figure this all out and then I’d get out of this hellhole...I had to believe that I could survive time in this cell I’d be out before tomorrow with my dad in charge.

To be continued
©Sheilagh Lee  February 25, 2015

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Three Word Wednesday- Home For Christmas-Part 8

Three Word Wednesday- Home For Christmas-Part 8

Content, adjective: in a state of peaceful happiness; satisfied with a certain level of achievement, good fortune, etc., and not wishing for more; verb: satisfy (someone); noun: a state of satisfaction.

Evolve, verb: develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form; (with reference to an organism or biological feature) develop over successive generations, especially as a result of natural selection.

Sober, adjective: not affected by alcohol; not drunk; serious, sensible, and solemn; free from alcoholism; not habitually drinking alcohol; muted in color; verb: make or become sober after drinking alcohol; make or become more serious, sensible, and solemn.

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                          Home For Christmas-Part 8

     The shorter cop entered the bathroom and shouted “Clear.”
    “What? What have I done?” I demanded to know feeling sick and wishing I wasn’t wearing yesterday’s wrinkled clothes.
   “You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. Anything you do say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future.  If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish. If you decide to answer questions now without an attorney present you will still have the right to stop answering at any time until you talk to an attorney.  Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, would you be willing to answer my questions without an attorney present?” the shorter cop said to me.
   “Yes, I’ll answer any of your questions, but I’m under arrest for what?” I asked but they didn't tell me right away.
   “Where are they?” demanded the taller cop.
   “Where are whom?” I countered.
   “Angela Batawali and her children Ajeet and Devika Batawali,” The other cop answered.
   “I don’t know,” I answered.
   “Do you realize how serious this is? You have aided and abetted a kidnapping.”
   “What? I’ve not aided and abetted anyone. I gave her and her children a ride because I ran into my high school friend Kyle and gave him a ride. Then he asked me to give Angela and her children a ride. He knew the woman,” I explained.
   “That would be one, Kyle Danforth?”
   “Yes,” I answered.
   “The same Kyle Danforth that witnesses said you argued with in a restaurant last night?” the other cop stated.
   “I did argue with him. He lied to me. He and Angela were involved and he acted like he was into me, so I left. He hadn't evolved and I had. Kyle, Angela and her kids stayed with her brother Scotty Warner,” I admitted.
  “Scott Warner is her brother?” the taller cop asked.
  “That’s what they told me. As I understand it Scotty is her half-brother. His mother married Angela’s father when he was five and then when they divorced her father kidnapped Angela and took her to India.”
  “You seem have been very invested in Kyle Danforth for someone who hadn’t seen him since high school,” the shorter cop commented.
  “I’m an idiot carrying a torch for man all these years, which was really puppy love,” I admitted and then blushed.
  “Did you also know Scott or Scotty Warner as you call him well?”
  “I met him when Kyle and I were young, but no he was Kyle’s friend. You don’t think Scotty and Kyle knew she kidnapped her children? She told them she fled an abusive husband and I believe her. Did you see her hotel room at the Hilton? One of her kids said she thought her dad had done it.”
  “The room that Angela and her children stayed in that was destroyed at the Hilton? You weren't content to sit back and let her take your man; were you? Do you admit you destroyed the room in a fit of jealousy?”
  “What? No, I didn’t destroy the room; I told you Angela’s ex-husband did it.”
  “That’s impossible Ms. Danvers; her ex-husband’s been dead for six months.”
  “But Angela and her daughter said they saw her ex-husband. It has to be a mistake,” I protested but the cops ignored me and the smaller cop asked, “So you’re saying that the last time you saw Kyle Danforth and Scotty Warner was at the restaurant last night?”
  “Yes, but why do you want to know this? Why aren’t you trying to find Angela’s crazy ex-husband? I know he’s alive.”
  “Did you leave this room last night?” asked the taller cop not answering my questions.
  “No. I meant to get something to eat, but I was stupid and drank myself into a stupor, passing out and waking up to you two hammering on the door. Then you opened it before I could get there with guns drawn.”
  “Then how do you explain the gun we found outside your room?”
  “Gun? What would a gun have to do with me?” I asked then looking at the two cops faces I knew they held something back.
 “Someone’s been shot?”
 “You tell us,” the taller cop said.
 “How in the hell would I know?”
 “Kyle Danforth and Scott Warner were found shot this morning in a cabin just down the way from you,” the shorter cop said.
I thought I would pass out hearing this but I pulled myself together and asked,“What? Will they be okay?” I asked.
 “Scott Warner was taken to hospital by air ambulance in Thunder Bay. He’s listed in critical condition and has been unable to tell us about the shooter,” the taller cop said.
 “And Kyle? He’s okay?” I begged.
 “I’m sorry Kyle Danforth was pronounced dead at the scene by the coroner,” the shorter cop answered.

  I looked for the garbage can and promptly threw up in it then I wiped my mouth with a tissue and apologised. As I struggled to come to terms with Kyle’s death tears streamed down my face.

  “Where’s your car?” asked the taller cop.
  “My car’s not there?” I said shocked and wiping my eyes with tissue.
  “Enough of this we know the shooter was you. We’ll continue this discussion down at the police station. Then maybe you’ll tell us where you let Angela take your car with her kids,” the shorter cop stated.
  I didn't do this,” I cried, but they still looked at me with those laser eyes.

 I wasn't going to make it home for Christmas...if only I had stayed sober; I hysterically thought but then the situation got worse. 

  “Melanie Danvers I’m arresting you for the attempted murder of Scott Warner and the murder of Kyle Danvers,” the taller cop answered slapped cuffs on my wrists while pulling my arms behind my back and marched me through the busted door and to the waiting police car.

To be continued next week
©Sheilagh Lee  February 18, 2015