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Fear not the Darkness, But What Lies Within, The recesses of our mind, The creepy cobwebbed corners,That lingers on and tickles us,With tingle feelings of alarm, The deep in the stomach, Pain we feel when we do warn, The fear is deadly it seeks, The deepest corner of our mind, It's just a story to alarm,Educate and provide entertainment for our minds. So read on dear reader, I hope you find the stories amusing and full of charm.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Three Word Wednesday- Nightmares - Part 5

Three Word Wednesday- Nightmares - Part 5

Prompts: Metallic, adjective: of, relating to, or resembling metal or metals, (of sound) resembling that produced by metal objects striking each other; sharp and ringing, (of a person's voice); emanating or as if emanating via an electronic medium, having the sheen or luster of metal; noun: a paint, fiber, fabric, or color with a metallic sheen.

Optimal, adjective: best or most favorable; optimum.

Polished, adjective: shiny as a result of being rubbed, accomplished and skillful, refined, sophisticated, or elegant. 
 Nightmares - Part 5

    I searched everywhere in the attic they just weren’t there. Dusty and tired I decided to shower watch a little television to unwind and then go to bed. I was surprised to see daylight had arrived and according to the clock in my bedroom noon hour. I’d been in the attic all night and half the day. The search for the journals would have to wait until I ate and slept.

   Showering quickly using the facilities and putting on my flannel pajamas, I went into the kitchen and fixed some toast since there wasn’t any milk. I then broke my dad’s rule of no food in the living taking my food and eating it in front of the television I turned on. Flicking the channels with my right hand and eating with my left I found Entertainment Tonight and watched it mindlessly as I wondered why I should care about the Markarian’s who seemed to have used their wealth and power to get fame. Then they cut to Laila Markarian on a yacht looking polished and rich but with the optimal amount of skin showing. An oddly familiar woman standing beside her caught my eye. I felt I should know her but I couldn’t place her.  I only saw the back of her, her coat a metallic gold colour, but her hair was the colour of mine, dark brown almost black and oddly enough the same haircut; shaped in layers, long and to her waist. The skin colour on her hands had an olive tone like mine. Some part of me wanted her to turn around so I could see her fully with her face looking at me. I heard the announcer say “Laila Markarian and friend were spotted on a party cruise in the New York harbour. Guests must have been chilled as the temperatures reached the low 30’s.” then the announcer went n about new movies and some other star sightings.

      An inner compulsion begged me to find who that woman was with Laila Markarian. Some part of me wondered why I felt this way and another part my little voice just kept shouting find her. I listened to the voice that shouted and started googling Laila Markarian on my computer. Soon I went through thousands of pictures of her.  A lot of them with the same woman in them never showing her face only her back. Was she camera shy? I continued looking and finally found a picture with her looking into the camera. I realized why I had the sixth sense compulsion for it was if I looked in the mirror. This woman was the spitting image of me. I scrambled to find her name and there beneath another picture of her and Laila, I found Lena Panagiotopoulos. How was this woman related to me? Was she a cousin? Is that why she looked like me? But everyone always said I looked like my mother; how could she be a cousin and have my biological father’s name?

     With trepidation I googled again and found Lena Panagiotopoulos birth name, Magdalena Panagiotopoulos. She had my mother’s first name. I hadn’t thought about Lena being a short form. I read some more looking for her birthdate. Then I found it; it said born April 15, 1995 in New York City, New York, United States.  Lena and I not only looked alike but we had the same birthdate and were born in the same city. I was convinced Lena was my twin sister, but why had my mother given her to my father and kept me? None of this made any sense!

     Did she know about me? Or was she as ignorant as I had been? I needed to find those journals of my mother’s. Why hadn't my parents told me about her any of this? I had to know what wrong with the two of them and why they had separated my sister and I.

    Who separates twins? It was barbaric, like separating someone from their appendage.

     I decided to search my father’s closet; maybe he had hid the missing journals there? After another two hours of searching I came up tired and empty. The research would have to continue later.
to be continued 
©Sheilagh Lee  July 29, 2015

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Three Word Wednesday- Nightmares - Part 4

Three Word Wednesday- Nightmares - Part 4

Prompts: Metallic, adjective: of, relating to, or resembling metal or metals, (of sound) resembling that produced by metal objects striking each other; sharp and ringing, (of a person's voice); emanating or as if emanating via an electronic medium, having the sheen or luster of metal; noun: a paint, fiber, fabric, or color with a metallic sheen.

Optimal, adjective: best or most favorable; optimum.

Polished, adjective: shiny as a result of being rubbed, accomplished and skillful, refined, sophisticated, or elegant. 
 Nightmares - Part 4

No time like the present, I would search my mother’s things in the attic maybe they’d give my clue where to look. 

I opened the first diary and read~

March 2003

    Katie was being difficult again today. She is very intelligent for an almost eight year old, but she is still very much a little girl. It’s terrible when she screams then holds her breath to get her way. It’s unwelcome window into how she will be as a teenager.  My baby will be eight in less than two months.

   I had such a headache that all I wanted to do was yell at her. Am I a bad mom for even thinking that?  I finally sent her to her room to think about her behaviour before I blew my own top.

  She came out of her bedroom a half an hour later and apologized. Despite all my complaining I love her with all my heart. My family means everything to me. Henry saved me from total unhappiness. He came along at just the optimal time and made my world right.

  I put the diary aside wiping away tears, my mother truly loved us. I needed to read some of the other journals though. I needed to find the diaries before I was born. It was then that I noticed that each of the journals were marked with the year in the right hand corner in very small metallic printing. I found the diary that said 1994. I opened it to read~

January 1st, 1994

    Diary you won’t believe what happened to me. Life has brought the most wonderful man into my life. I’ve never believed in kismet or fate but now I do for I’ve fallen in love at first sight. I’m so excited and happy that I’m not explaining this well.

   I was invited to a party at Erica Bentley’s; a woman I barely knew from work. I almost didn’t go but then voices inside me said “Go, you never know what life will bring.” So I put on my best dress, that little red strapless number that Tina, my best friend said was indecently splendid. I almost didn’t wear since it was short and barely covered my rump and was cut deeply in the front revealing a little too much cleavage but I needed a little courage going to this party. I knew Erica had invited me out of pity and I didn’t want to show up looking like a little waif.

   I entered the house my back rod straight my best assets forward and then I tripped over the rug with my four inch heels and fell into the arms of a complete stranger. He was tall over six feet tall, so polished and his hair was dark and wavy just touching his ears. His eyes were a flashing blue, that lit up his face. His lips curled into a smile that captured my heart.

“Are you alright?” he asked.
I nodded but I didn’t feel alright. I felt like the earth had tilted on its axis and then righted itself. I wanted to stay in these arms forever. How embarrassing, he was a complete stranger.
“I’m Petros Panagiotopoulos, but people call me Pete. What’s your name?”
“I’m Magdalena Torres.”
“Everyone calls you Magdalena?”
“No they call her Maggie,” Erica interrupted staring daggers at me.
“Then I shall call you Magdalena,” Petros said.
“And I’ll call you Petros,” I answered.
“I’d like that,” Petros exclaimed.

   We talked and talked, unfortunately shutting Erica out. Erica got so fed up after a few minutes and walked away. We talked and danced all night the whole party disappearing before our eyes. I don’t think I spoke to anyone at the party, before Erica appeared glaring at me and said,” Excuse us for a minute. I need a little help in the kitchen. We’ll be right back.”

    Erica took me into the kitchen and then proceeded to tell me stories about Petros. How he had dumped woman after woman. “He liked his conquests.” she explained.
So that’s all I was? I believed. I left the kitchen walking away from Petros devastated. Petros looked puzzled and kept staring after me. Suddenly Jessica who I worked with appeared at my side.
“You like Peter?”
“Yes, but...” I answered honestly.
“But Erica told you stories about him? Peter thinks of her as a friend, but she’s no friend, she’s stab you in the back to get whatever she wants. You do know she only invited him because she’s crazy about him?”
“Erica is maybe I should back off?”
“Why? I told you he doesn’t care about her. In fact I’ve never seen him so happy.”
“You haven’t?”
“No, and he’s a great guy. I’d like to see him happy. Go to him,” Jessica insisted.

    I went to him and he smiled. We left together. In fact we spent the night together. I can’t believe I did that, but it felt so right to give my virginity to him. I came home to change and write this in my journal for I may be rushing it but we’re moving into together. I am so happy I can’t contain all this happiness. The universe has given me a great gift.

     I read on and my mother went on about how he was the one. It went on for the next three months and filled the journal. It was a glowing testimony of her love for my biological father, but where were the journals after that I could find no more for 2003 no matter how much I looked. Had they been destroyed but Dad?  But if he destroyed that wouldn’t he have destroyed this one? Could mom have hidden those ones but where?

©Sheilagh Lee  July 22, 2015
To be continued

Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Independence Day Weekend

To my American followers on July 4th, 2014 on the occasion of America's 239th Birthday of  Independence Day

Have a great holiday and enjoy the fireworks 

and enjoy..

Ray Charles singing America The Beautiful

and Mariah Carey singing The Star Spangled Bannner

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Canada


Canada a mosaic of people
Standing proudly free
The one hundred and forty-eighth birthday
Of confederation 
When we all came together
At first under the flag of Britain 
Then finally to be one under a flag
With a field of red on each side
A red maple leaf
 In a subject of white
In the centre
A symbol of our hearts
We love our country
Its people and traditions
We love the freedom of speech
Movement and freedom to vote

Some days just quietly
Thinking we are Canadian
How we are so lucky
To be in this country
To live strong and free
To enjoy our country
So beautiful far and wide
Riches of nature to behold

We love our symbols such as
The beaver and the moose
Hockey, toques, Timmies coffee
Butter tarts and maple syrup
To name a few
But most of all we love that
We can raise our families
In peace and tranquility
Proudly saying we are

So we raise our flags today
And celebrating proudly our birthday
Happy Canada Day!!
Smiling at our neighbours
Offering thanks to the heavens above
For peace as we
Get together to party
As one

¸¸.•*¨*• ♫♪Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee ♪♫ *¨*.¸¸¸¸
and ¸.•*¨*• ♫♪Happy Birthday♪♫ *¨*.¸¸¸¸.*¨* 

©Sheilagh Lee  July 1, 2015

♡ Happy 148th Birthday Canada! 

July 1st, 2015

This video was made a few years ago by some of my hometown people the song is 'Canadian Please'. I love this video.

Song & video produced by

Julia Bentley & Andrew Gunadie

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Three Word Wednesday- Home For Christmas-Part 24 - Conclusion

Three Word Wednesday- Home For Christmas-Part 24 - Conclusion

Prompts: Lump, noun: a compact mass of a substance, especially one without a definite or regular shape; a swelling under the skin, especially one caused by injury or disease; a small cube of sugar; a heavy, ungainly, or slow-witted person; verb: put in an indiscriminate mass or group; treat as alike without regard for particulars.

Nervous, adjective: easily agitated or alarmed; tending to be anxious; highly strung; anxious or apprehensive; (of a feeling or reaction) resulting from anxiety or anticipation.

Puzzled, adjective: unable to understand; perplexed. 

Home for Christmas - Conclusion

     I look back on those days between the first part of December and New Years that year, and wonder how I made it through them. I can’t believe how naive and foolish I was just a short few years ago. I find I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. But you are puzzled dear reader, as you read my journal account. You want to know what happened and how all of this was resolved and what happened to us all since then.

    The end of the week after my stay in hospital came with the news that the police had found James in a psychiatric unit in Switzerland. Derek turned himself in and went to trial for drugging me and aiding and abetting James and committing an indignity to a dead body (apparently moving Kyle while he was dead caused that charge).  After hearing James’ confession, Angela very nervously confessed to murdering Kyle in a fit of passion. Kyle had told her that it was over that he would be pursing me and she in a fit of anger burst in and shot at him not even seeing James in her anger until her gun was empty. She then kicked the gun over at James and hoped he would be blamed. Angela’s brother-in law shot Scotty when he tried to prevent him from taking Angela and her children. Time went by and Scotty got better and went home to London with Angela’s children and his mother. Scotty and his mother raise Ajeet and Devika to be model citizens. The children grieve the loss of their mother, Angela to prison as she serves her twenty year sentence. Scott and his mother hope that Angela will get parole earlier perhaps at the twelve year period.

      Celina was able to prove that her uncle was the father of her baby and he now serves a twelve year sentence for child abuse; though he’s appealing the unusually long sentence.  Celina gave birth in May of that year, to a baby girl she named Anna. Anna a bubbling little girl holds all the hearts in our family.

     Celina happily lived with my parents while she completed high school and will soon finishing university and go onto to law school. She wants to be a judge, like mom was before she retired. Mom reveled in the role of grandmother to Anna and has babysat many times so Celina can study, as have I when I could.

    As for me I’ve went back to school. I used the four years I already completed at university and went back to get a Bachelor degree in the arts. Then after acceptance of the law school admission test I went to law school for three years.

     For four years I hadn’t dated and had avoided the usual mixers and parties to focus on my studies. Let’s face it I had decide I really didn’t have the maturity or the time to concentrate on a relationship. I had so miserably failed with both Kyle and James seeing everything about them through rose coloured glasses. I wanted to watch others and see why relationships worked and why they didn’t. I thought this would take a couple of years but as my studies continued I realized that I had bonded with both Kyle and James because I feared being alone. That was not the way to be a good partner in any relationship. I needed to be strong myself and stand on my own two feet, before I could possibly be the half of a whole.

    I started my articling with White, Howard and Finch a year ago and eight months  ago. My first day I tripped as I entered the elevator (the lip of the elevator floor being before the floor) and dropped my briefcase I’d been so proud of and knocked all the papers out of a hand of a man in the elevator. The man looked at me with eyes I thought full of thunder.

   “Do you have any idea who I am?” he asked.

    I realized then that he must be one of the bosses and I thought my articling would be done before I started. I still managed to calmly pick up his papers offering them to him and reply, “No not all; but I’m sure that realizing that the elevator malfunctioned and that I could have been seriously hurt you’re glad I’m not suing the firm.”

    The man threw his head back and began to laugh, a laugh that filled me with such joy that I joined in.

   “I’m Leonard White, I’d ask you out but that would be inappropriate since I own this firm with Howard and Finch and I assume you’re the new articling student,” He said offering his hand and helping me pick up my briefcase.
    “I am. I’m Melanie Danvers,” I replied.
    “Oh so you’re the one,” he answered cryptically.

    I thought he was cute with his warm brown eyes and his brown hair but his comment  made me smile even more. Then I thought was he saying the one~ like thee one who you’ve waited for all your life? No, I was getting carried away I’d but all that behind me, hadn’t I? He said he was the boss this could be trouble and I'd had enough of that to last a lifetime.

   “The one?” I asked.
   “The one to watch,” Leonard replied.
   “This is my floor,” I said as I reached the twelfth floor.
   “See you around Ms. Danvers,” Mr. White stated.

    I hardly saw Mr. White accept as ships passing in the night, but I often thought about that chance encounter and wonder what if? On my last day of articling at the firm, flowers arrived at my desk with a note of congratulations on my offer of a job from the in Jacob and Kenney law firm signed from Leonard White. They were also white daisies my favourite flower. I was amazed how did he know my favourite? Should I make anything out of this except that he was a good boss?  I dismissed the thoughts that he wanted a relationship now from my mind it had been eight months and not one word from him except these congratulatory flowers.
 I also asked received a note from Gerald Finch himself if would consider an offer from White, Howard and Finch working directly under Gerald Finch. I was flattered and accepted the offer from Gerald Finch putting the daisies behind me as a token of the firm trying to woo me.
The following day Mr. White called my parent’s home asking for me. I answered and Leo asked me out.  We’ve been dating for the last year and now is the day I’ve waited for all my life.
Today is my wedding day and I’m about to marry, my partner in all things, Leo. Leo treats me not like a woman on a pedestal but an equal. I know that all the experiences I went through with James and Kyle were to lead me to this point where I could be the partner Leo deserved. Not perfect partner, but a flawed human being who tries to love him the best way she knows she can. I can be myself and he still loves me and he knows that he can be the same with me. So as I walk down the aisle on my father’s arm I am truly happy to begin a new journey with Leo and look forward to all our journeys to come together. For with Leo I’ve found what I was looking for; a future where I can face anything with him by my side. May you dear reader find such happiness.

©Sheilagh Lee  June 24, 2015

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Three Word Wednesday- Home For Christmas-Part 23

Three Word Wednesday- Home For Christmas-Part 23

Dead, adjective: no longer alive; (of a part of the body) having lost sensation; numb; having or displaying no emotion, sympathy, or sensitivity; no longer current, relevant, or important; devoid of living things; resembling death; (of a place or time) characterized by a lack of activity or excitement; ((of a piece of equipment) no longer functioning, especially because of a fault.

Hungry, adjective; feeling or displaying the need for food; having a strong desire or craving.

Threaten, verb: state one's intention to take hostile action against someone in retribution for something done or not done; express one's intention to harm or kill (someone); cause (someone or something) to be vulnerable or at risk; endanger; (of a situation or weather conditions) seem likely to produce an unpleasant or unwelcome result; (of something undesirable) seem likely to occur.

Home for Christmas - Part 23

“Melanie?” a small voice came from behind the curtain.
“I’m sorry it’s all my fault. I’m so sorry I should have told you what I suspected,” Celina blurted.
“You suspected that James was mentally ill?” I asked.
“Sort of...well I kind of figured it out. He acted so much like my brother you see,” Celina tried to explain.
“You have a brother?”
“I had an older brother. He suffered from a bipolar disorder and would swing from one being happy to being sad in a short period of time. He was an artist and I adored him.  How can I describe him? He was hungry for new experiences, new heights and then he would become morose and downhearted feeling like the world was against him. He threaten, all kinds of things horrible things would happen if he didn't get his way.
Where is he now?
“You obviously didn't hear the had. He's dead, he died when I was nine. He killed himself.”
“I’m sorry Celina,” I sympathized.
“I should have told you what I suspected but you seemed so happy with James and you’d gone through so much. I just wanted you to stay happy. James promised me he took his medicines.”
“So you did know?”
“I confronted him about his erratic highs and lows and he promised it wouldn’t happen again. He said he would take his medicines regularly because he loved you and I thought he meant it. He loved you.”
“Celina you must not blame yourself. He had an illness and he didn’t take care of it.
“You could have been killed.
“That wasn't your fault. I’ve been trying to find a love like Mom and Dad’s, but I’ve been going about it the wrong way. I care about James but the truth is I have to find myself before I can take on anyone else’s problems. James needs help I hope Derek got him some.”
“Derek? Is that his manservant he said he fired?”
“Derek is actually his uncle. He was there when James kidnapped me and he drugged me,” I admitted.
“The creep, he could have killed you,” Celina cried.
“I think he took James somewhere to get help.”
“So you’re not mad at me?” Celina asked.
“You’re my sister now, family. We love you even if we get mad at you we’ll still love you,” I told her.
Celina then gently hugged me with tears in her eyes said, “It was the best day of my life that I met you.”
“And mine little sis,” I answered.

My mom pulled back the curtain then and smiled. Mom said that she forwarded a copy of James confession to the police and they were searching for him and asking questions of Angela. They be coming here to take my statement soon. The doctor then came in and said that I might be able to leave the hospital as of the day after tomorrow. Mom said after all the paperwork was signed we could go home to London as soon as the end of the week, I could hardly wait. 

©Sheilagh Lee  June 17, 2015

Next week the conclusion

Monday, May 25, 2015

Birthday Week Giveaway Contest

It's my Birthday Week my birthday is Thursday May 28th and I'm in the mood to celebrate so I'm having a Twitter giveaway contest each day May 25 to May 29 I will ask a question about me or another question with an easy answer (other answers are below) to enter follow me at

and answer the giveaway question the first person to answer each day will receive a copy of one of my e-books. the books are below the answers to the questions I might ask below that in the five facts about me. If you're here and reading this leave me a Blogpost below and I'll put you in a raffle and you might win a e-copy of one of these books.

Christmas is Calling, The Christmas Card , The Christmas Angel

                                                                               A Penny Saved A Murder Earned, A Diller A Dollar A Really Dead Scholar, Betty Blue Lost Her Holiday Shoe



Five facts about me:

1.) My name, Sheilagh comes from Irish Gaelic and means musical or blind. I prefer musical, as I love to sing. My dad always said it was pronounced She-log though I go by Shee-la.
2.) My favourite musical movie is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
3.) My favourite childhood book was What Katy Did.
4.) My favourite animal is an elephant. I love elephants and collect elephant figurines.
5.)  My writing career was born in grade six when a story about my mother’s talking crow Doc and I won for the junior trophy at my school.

N.B. You can only win once