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Fear not the Darkness, But What Lies Within, The recesses of our mind, The creepy cobwebbed corners,That lingers on and tickles us,With tingle feelings of alarm, The deep in the stomach, Pain we feel when we do warn, The fear is deadly it seeks, The deepest corner of our mind, It's just a story to alarm,Educate and provide entertainment for our minds. So read on dear reader, I hope you find the stories amusing and full of charm.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Three Word Wednesday- Home For Christmas

Three Word Wednesday- Home For Christmas

Alive, adjective: (Of a person, animal, or plant) living, not dead; (of a feeling or quality) continuing in existence; continuing to be supported or in use; (of a person or animal) alert and active; animated; having interest and meaning.

Glaring, adjective: Giving out or reflecting a strong or dazzling light; staring fiercely or fixedly; highly obvious or conspicuous.

Misty, adjective: Full of, covered with, or accompanied by mist; (of a person's eyes) full of tears so as to blur the vision; indistinct or dim in outline; (of a color) not bright; soft.

Home for Christmas

     I looked in the back of my car. Not a lot to show for five years out west. I couldn’t believe it I would be home for Christmas after all; but not just because my parents had sent me some cash and the gas prices were down. No, I’d lost my job. Downsizing they called it, but what it really glaringly amounted to was that I was out of work. The trunk was packed with my clothes and a few possessions, but I sold everything else for cash to get home. Home, funny how I still called my parent’s house home.

      Now if I slept in my car a couple of times instead of a hotel, and drove some thirteen hour days; I could be home in three days.  Three days before Christmas. I could do this as long as there were no blizzards, ice storms or other weather events that was.

    I put my Honda Civic in gear and pointed in the direction of my parent’s home in London, Ontario; only 2218.64 miles or 3570.55 kilometers.  I cranked the Christmas tunes to keep awake and to elevate my mood. I hadn’t told my parents that I planned on moving home, only that I’d be home for Christmas. How could I tell them the daughter they were so proud of had lost her job in advertising?

    Ten hours later merging onto the TC-1 E and passing through I hit my first snag first misty fog hung in the air. Then snow came down heavily. When I reached Regina I thanked God I was alive and decided to spend the night. Pulling into the Wyndham Regina and luckily was able to get a room for the night. I planned on leaving after my free breakfast and hoped the snow would have died by then.

     Bleary eyed the next morning I walked into the breakfast room and bumped into a man whose head was down.

    “Sorry,” I said and then looked full into his face. I couldn’t believe it, “Kyle?” I uttered.
   “Wow, it’s been years,” I commented as my heart turned over and did that little pitter patter it always had when I saw him. Kyle had been the love of my life the one who got away. I recalled when we’d first met as children at the swing set. We were six and he pushed me on the swing. I fell in love instantly and he became my best friend. We remained friends all through public school then high school and then went our separate ways when he went off to university in Vancouver. I had always held out hope that he’d somehow see me as girlfriend material, but it had never happened. He called me at first after he went to university, but after he went through a girlfriend, or two, somehow we lost touch. Now when I was at one of the lowest points of my life here he was. What silly thinking! We were just ships passing in the night.
    “It has. Come join me for breakfast,” Kyle invited.    
     I smiled and nodded. I grabbed a coffee and a muffin and sat down at a table beside him.
    “So what do you do now?”
    “I had a job in advertising I’m looking for a new job in the New Year though,” I added.
   “Funny, I have an advertising firm,” Kyle answered.
   “You do?”
   “Yes it’s a new venture, but it’s really starting to take off,” Kyle answered.
   “Oh, good for you. Where is this business?”
   “It’s in London, Ontario.”
   “ That’s where I’m headed for Christmas.”
   “Really? I had forgotten that’s where your parents lived.” He joked, “I wrapped up some business here in Saskatchewan but unfortunately my car broke down, so I’m stuck all the car rental places are booked solid.”
   “I have room in my car,” I blurted before I even thought about it.
   “You do? You’re a lifesaver Miranda,” Kyle commented, “And of course I’ll pay my way I’ll pay for the gas.”
   “Thanks,” I said awkwardly.

     Why in the world had I offered him a ride? He had his own advertising firm, while I had been let go from mine. I was a terrible failure and he was a success. He’d never look at me. Why did I torture myself this way? This guy had been my friend but had never known I had feelings about him as he went out with every Thomasina, Darlene and Harriet. He smiled and me and that hope that had died years ago rose again in me. Days in a car with me maybe he’d see me as a romantic partner instead of a pal. A girl could hope couldn’t she?

©Sheilagh Lee December 17, 2014

    To be continued in three weeks, in the meantime have a Happy Holiday, a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah or Happy Kwanzaa, whatever this holiday season entails to you.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends and Blog Followers

Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends and Blog Followers

Hanukkah festival of lights
Candles burning bright
Nine-branched Menorah  
One candle each night
And one extra to light
The fight they won
The temple purified
A miracle performed
As wicks burned on
Eight days with oil
For one long night
It burnt so bright
Commemorated each year
To remember the gift
Of the single brilliant light
Burning so long so bright
Three blessings said
Three blessings given
Two each night after
Giving thanks to the eternal King
Our lord God is everything
Happy Hanukkah

© Sheilagh Lee December 16,2014

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Three Word Wednesday- Memories of Christmas

Three Word Wednesday- Memories of Christmas

Blunt, adjective: (Of a knife, pencil, etc.) having a worn-down edge or point; not sharp; having a flat or rounded end;(of a person or remark) uncompromisingly forthright; verb: Make or become less sharp.

Drunk, adjective: Affected by alcohol to the extent of losing control of one's faculties or behavior; overcome with (a strong emotion); noun: A person who is drunk or who habitually drinks to excess.

Lethargic, adjective: Affected by lethargy; sluggish and apathetic.

Memories of Christmas

       My father and mother gave me a love of Christmas. Though they had little money raising six children, they always stretched their budget at Christmas to make it magical.

       The Christmas when I was in grade six, we’d moved back to Ontario just before September. My father had taken a job as a garbage man (a position he’d held years before his accident at the water control park.) He hoped to get in good with the city again (as he put it) so they’d let him work at the control plant again. Meanwhile he worked long hard days hefting garbage to feed the four children left at home; then he came home and worked long hours in the basement sawing and making hammer noises. We, his children were curious about what he built; we were told by our mother and father that he made Christmas secrets and not to ask questions or go in the basement. When he wasn’t home the basement remained locked.

      One day in early December, my father arrived home from work with a bunch of plastic tree branches in a box. My mother took in stride and asked what he would do with it. He said he would clean the branches and then she would see. He went away with a bucket of soapy water and then when he was done took these downstairs along with an old mop handle. When he came back he put that mop handle pole in a Christmas tree and fitted each of those branches into it. He had sawed grooves into it exactly where the branches would fit on a tree. The tree was actually full and at six or seven feet and a very nice tree. My mother appeared overjoyed for she’d been complaining about the needles and the dog and cats drinking the water out of the real trees for years and best of all it was free.  It looked like it would be a wonderful Christmas and we were all getting very excited.

     I looked forward to the class Christmas party on Monday, December 21, the last day of school before Christmas and of course my first Christmas in two years, which I would spend with my oldest sisters and their husbands. Or teacher promised we’d move the desks and have our first real dance as well.  I was drunk on happiness. My classmates were to all to bring Christmas goodies, which we could share with all. It would be amazing and obviously the best Christmas ever.

      Four days before the party, December 17th, I came down with a cold and had to stay home. Anxious I begged my mom to cure me so that I could attend. My mom laughed and said if I was better I could attend. I vowed I would be better, I couldn’t miss the dance, there was a boy I wanted to dance with and I didn’t want another girl to get a march on me.

      Strangely and uncharacteristically lethargic I went to bed, willing myself to get better. At ten o’clock that night, I found myself at the bottom of the stairs looking at my hands and shaking with fright. As I looked at my hands I saw long bones where flesh should be. I looked down at the rest of my body checking to see if I was dead and what had turned to bones and saw my feet were skeletal. I started crying in fear that I was truly dead when my mother came to me and assured me I was not. She placed a hand on my forehead and then a thermometer in my mouth.

      “She has a fever of one hundred and five,” my mother exclaimed which strangely enough calmed my fears.

      Bundling me up and putting my older brother in charge, she called a taxi as the car wouldn’t start and sped to the hospital. By the time we got there, due to the bitter cold night my temperature dropped to one hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit. 

      The doctor examined me and debated whether to keep me in the hospital. He told my mother that he thought I had rheumatic fever and he was concerned about my heart. He told her that it my heart showed signs of infection and he didn’t want it to get worse. He advised my mother to give me the strong antibiotics he prescribed and keep me in bed and still for about six weeks. Very unhappy about missing the Christmas party I then realized, oh no, if I was in bed for six weeks that covered Christmas. No, Christmas out of bed? Unthinkable! Surely they were wrong? I cried no, that I wouldn’t do it. I would go to the school Christmas party and I’d celebrate Christmas with my family. The doctor shook his head and bluntly impressed upon me how seriously ill I was and how I could be spending Christmas in the hospital and I began to listen. The doctor also arranged for our family doctor to come and check on me once a day. (Yes they actually did that then)

       I had to admit all my energy had left and I realized what he said was true but darn it those antibiotics were bigger than I’d ever seen and hard to swallow. My mother whispered to my father after I arrived home and he looked very worried; then a few minutes later brought me a gift ~his special coins from Ireland, one of them very old. He told me they were magic and would get me well if I obeyed the doctor’s edicts. Now in order to understand this I have to explain to you how my father had told me for years of the magic of Ireland through fairy tales, legends and family lore. To me Ireland was a magic place in my mind so thrilled to have the coins. I thanked him profusely for this gift and kept them close so the magic would work.

 The coins (I still have them)

         My class sent a homemade Christmas card signed by all of them wishing me to get well. I envied my siblings who could go out of the house to visit friends or play outside; even though I slept a lot of the time my body trying to recover. My father worked on those Christmas secrets and I often puzzled over what he could be making with those sawing and hammering noises and the odd curse word. Curious enough to think of getting out of bed I attempted to do so and was caught. My father then let me in on a secret. He made a cedar box for my sister, a hope chest that she could keep forever and a cradle for my nephew who had been born the day, my illness occurred. He showed me all of these things the day of the party to cheer me and swore me to secrecy. He made other things too, but some secrets needed to be kept he insisted. 

      Days blended one after another and soon it was Christmas Eve. At midnight officially now Christmas my father said they would allow me one Christmas present. I looked at the Christmas tree and there under it was a doll cradle my father had lovingly carved and painted white. In it was my favourite doll, Chatty Cathy. Definitely the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen and I told my father so. He smiled and then helped me back to bed. My bedroom, a sitting room that day, all my siblings came to visit me (though my older sister stood at the door with her baby to protect him) bringing my gifts to me. Although not getting up still felt like a great betrayal of my body and difficult to endure, I felt like a queen that day showered with all the love of my family. My dream of a special Christmas still came true even if it wasn’t exactly the Christmas I had envisioned. Six weeks later, I recovered and went back to school and thanked all my classmates for their well wishes letting them know how their kindness had touched me.

       Though the years have passed and I have had many Christmases since this is one of the Christmases that stay in my mind for the tree that my dad resurrected (which we found in his house the year he died), the love that my dad and family showered on me and the coins my dad treasured ( yet gave to me), and the cradle his loving hands made. The love and joining together of all my family at Christmas made this a special one. May you be so blessed!

©Sheilagh Lee December 10,2014

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Awakening -Part 12- Conclusion

Awakening -Part 12- Conclusion

     I knew the culprit, but not the why. Why had Suzanne tried to kill me? The police arrested Suzanne. She denied it all of course and said obviously with a head injury I mistakenly connected her with the culprit. She almost had me convinced but then I asked if they had tested her hands for gun residue like I’d seen on television. They said they had and the results would be back any moment. That’s what caught her. She had washed her hands and ditched the black clothes somewhere, but when she’d washed her hands she’d forgotten to wash under her nails and residue was left there. Suzanne uncooperative refused to tell them anything, that is until they caught John Smith, or should I say John Burkhardt. John decided to testify against her in exchange for a reduced sentence. They allowed me to watch and listen through a glass window and a speaker.
     “So how did this all start?” Constable Bennett asked.
     “I met her and we hooked up,” John answered.
     “And then how did it lead to Annalise Simmons?”
     “Annalise was bored with that husband of hers, Garland. He was too possessive you know and she felt trapped. She also felt he didn’t care that their daughter had died. She got involved with this guy Raymond Markowitz, but the guy was worse than her husband. He videos of them and threatened to sell them to a porn site if she didn’t pay up. By that time I’d been sent by Suzanne to charm her get her in bed and help her kill Angelina.”
     “Why did she want you to help Annalise kill Angelina?”
     “She wanted me to make sure it happened. Annalise was to drug Angelina only she didn’t get a chance she found Raymond in the freezer.”
     “That would be Raymond Markowitz? How did he die?”
     “I shot him in the forehead while he was in the act with Annalise.”
     “After Angelina found Raymond, Angelina was ready to plug her but they struggled over the gun so I hit Angelina over the head. There was tons of blood. I assumed she would die. Annalise panicked and called Suzanne. We did just like Suzanne told us and placed her naked beside Raymond and then called the cops.”
     “But Angelina wasn’t dead?”
     “No, and Suzanne flipped out at me. She told me she expected me to kill Annalise but that she would take care of Angelina.”
   “Did you kill Annalise?”
   “Yes, but I made her happy first.”
    “Where is her body?”
   “In Angelina’s bed in her apartment.”
   “Why did she want them both dead? Do you know?” Constable Bennett asked.
   “Yah, we were going to be rich. That’s what she told me. She thinks I’m stupid but  I found out she’d lied all along.”
   “How did you find out she lied and what did you find out?”
   “Suzanne had been bilking the trust for years. She considered it her own personal bank account after all she murdered her brother to get it. She has used up most of the trust funds. She couldn’t take a chance on Annalise divorcing Garland and her asking for her funds. Then if her twin suddenly went looking for her father and found out she was due the money Suzanne would also be found out. She betrayed me, the bitch! I thought she loved me that we’d be rich and live out our lives together. Suzanne hatched this plan to have one twin kill the other, only it failed. Suzanne blamed me when it all her plans fell apart. I was next on her hit list she’d always planned to kill me when this was all over.”
  “So your contention is that Suzanne killed her won brother so she could loot the trust funds and then conspired to kill the twin girls Annalise and Angelina. She ordered you to commit the murders?”
  “Yes, sir. Suzanne did.”

    I walked away at that point stunned I shouldn’t have been I guess but I couldn’t believe money had taken away my birth family. I should have been happy that this was all resolved instead I was sad. I had lost chance at relationships with my biological family. As for Garland I had them drop the charges. The man was out of his mind with grief. I’ve closed that chapter in my life and moved on. Garland I got to know on another a little better and two years later we married. John Burkhardt received a fifteen year sentence. We hope I never see the man again. Suzanne got a life sentence and is still in jail. I have a good life now I’m a reporter for a local television station in London, Ontario and Garland and are very happy. It’s been ten years since Annalise died and Garland and I still visit her grave. Despite the fact she tried to kill me, I forgive her in fact our daughter is named Helen Annalise after her. We will never forget my sister; after all. Garland loved her once and I would never have met him if it wasn’t for her. But we will never trust people as easily as we once did either and we raise our daughter to be strong, moral and loyal. Who could ask for a better ending for me from such great tragedy? I won’t wish for anything more.

©Sheilagh Lee December 3, 2014

Three Word Wednesday- Part 11- Awakening

Three Word Wednesday- Part 11- Awakening

Compact, adjective: Closely and neatly packed together; dense; having all the necessary components or features neatly fitted into a small space; (of a person or animal) small, solid, and well-proportioned; (of speech or writing) concise in expression, verb: Exert force on (something) to make it more dense; compress; (of a substance) become compressed; noun: A small flat case containing face powder, a mirror, and a powder puff;something that is a small and conveniently shaped example of its kind, in particular.

Jubilant, adjective: Feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph.

Neglected, adjective: Suffering a lack of proper care; not receiving proper attention; disregarded.

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 Awakening- Part 11

      I wondered where my sister could be and who she hide with? John Smith was the likely candidate but if so why had he come to see me? Was that to see how much I remembered? Could it have been John Smith who had tried to strangle me?
The doctor came in and told me she was pleased with my progress and that I would be released tomorrow. She asked if I had a place to go where I could be looked after as I didn't look jubilant. I told her I lived alone and she said that wouldn’t do, i'd be neglected. Aunt Suzanne suggested I rent a hotel room and the estate would pay for it along with a nurse. I admit to being hurt that she didn’t invite me to stay with her though I tried to hide it from showing on my face. Aunt Suzanne said she lived alone too, and was usually busy with her law practice. She had taken off the last few days to attend to my requirements and needed to get back to work so she couldn’t possibly take me in. She had a small compact place and felt I would be more comfortable at the hotel where I could order food or whatever I needed and have a nurse stay with me. I felt embarrassed that she read me so easily.

    Aunt Suzanne arranged for everything and early the next morning after my discharge my new nurse (a lovely woman by the name of Gail) took me to my hotel room. Surprising to me I felt tired and exhausted by the time we reached the room and crawled into bed. Since no one but Aunt Suzanne and the nursing agency knew my location the police guard was called off.  

      I awoke refreshed and got up from the bed and went to the sitting room. Gail looked up and said, “You look refreshed shall we order some food and watch some television?”

     “Sounds good,” I answered, looking at the menu provided, “I’d like some pasta primavera and a cup of coffee.”
      “I don’t know the doctor said your coffee intake is restricted,” Gail replied.
     “Just this once?” I begged dying for my caffeine intake.
    “Fine, but only if you don’t drink the whole cup,” Gail said ordering two orders of each on the phone and orange juice also for me.

     Our food arrived and was surprisingly delicious pasta. I savoured my coffee wanting to drink every drop, but mindful of the doctor I sipped two sips and then drank the orange juice Gail had ordered for me as well. Gail yawned and I did too; I excused myself laid on the bed and fell fast asleep. I awoke to a noise. Not sure why the room door would be opening I crept to the door and peered out. Gail was fast asleep on the sofa, but someone all dressed in black stood next to her checking her wrist. I knew now I recognized the woman in those clothes. I closed the door and went to the bed placing pillows underneath the blankets to make it appear I slept there then I went into the bathroom which had a lock and locked myself in.

     I heard a sound like a firecracker going off and then a poof sound as the bullet hit something.  I recognized the sound as gunfire and I prayed hard that she would think they’d killed me. I heard running feet and then the door of the hotel room open and slam shut. I wondered if I had been tricked and waited a few minutes coming out when I believed it was safe. I looked around finding Gail still sound asleep on the sofa. I locked the hotel room door and shivered calling 911. The police arrived a few minutes later and I began telling them who I believed the culprit was~ my Aunt Suzanne. 

©Sheilagh Lee December 3, 2014

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Three Word Wednesday- Part 10- Awakening

Three Word Wednesday- Part 10- Awakening

Distrust, noun: Mistrust, suspicion, wariness, chariness, leeriness, lack of trust, lack of confidence; skepticism, doubt, doubtfulness, cynicism; misgivings, qualms, disbelief; verb: Mistrust, be suspicious of, be wary/chary of, be leery of, regard with suspicion, suspect; be skeptical of, have doubts about, doubt, be unsure of/about, have misgivings about, wonder about, disbelieve (in).

Hopeful, adjective: Optimistic, full of hope, confident, positive, buoyant, sanguine, expectant, bullish, cheerful, lighthearted; informal upbeat; promising, encouraging, heartening, inspiring, reassuring, auspicious, favorable, optimistic, propitious, bright, rosy; noun: Candidate, aspirant, prospect, possibility; nominee, competitor, contender; up-and-comer.

Tolerant, adjective: Open-minded, forbearing, broad-minded, liberal, unprejudiced, unbiased; patient, long-suffering, understanding, forgiving, charitable, lenient, indulgent, permissive, easygoing, lax; laid-back.

Awakening- Part  10

       I awoke with a start, as I couldn’t draw a breath. I felt a pillow being pushed into my face. I struggled grabbing the arms of the person and raking my fingernails across them. I tried with all my might to push them off and was ready to succumb when I heard a voice say, “Stop that!”

      Suddenly the pillow lifted off me and I inhaled great puffs of air. A nurse had come in just in time to save me. Whoever tried to kill me fled in a black hoodie and pants and a fast pair of running shoes. The nurse didn’t see the front of them and neither did I.  The nurse called the police who arrived a short time later in the form of the officer who had removed my handcuffs days ago. Constable Bennett wanted to know if I had remembered anything had happened when I had been found unconscious with the naked dead man.  Surely he didn’t still distrust me?

      I tried speaking and hopefully tried to speak clearly. To my surprise the aphasia had lessened and I could suddenly speak clearer.

     “Hello. Miss Angelina, is it? What is your last name for my records?” Constable Bennett asked.
    “My name is Angelina Cremonsi.”
    “Could you spell your last name, please?”
    “I went to meet my sister, Annalise for the first time. I thought at first we just had to get to know her but she was cool to me even though she invited me in.”
“Then what happened? Do you know how you ended up with the dead man?”
“I tried to be tolerant to her mood, even though she appeared not to be welcoming. Annalise made me a drink, excused herself and went to the washroom. Then the freezer made a terrible noise. I yelled for her, but Annalise didn’t hear me, so I went to find the noise. The freezer smelled and I thought maybe I could save the food for her so I opened and found a frozen dead man curled up inside.”
    “Did he look like this?” asked Constable Bennett taking out a picture and putting it in my lap.
   “Exactly like that. That’s him,” I declared.
   “The man is Raymond Markowitz, one of your sister’s lovers,” Constable Bennett explained, “Do you recall what happened after you found the dead man?”
   “Yes, Annalise tried to kill me. She said she’d planned to all along but this moved up her time table. We fought over the gun. Someone hit me over the head just as the gun went off,” I explained.
   “That explains the bullet we found in the wall near the freezer. Do you remember anything after that?”
   “It’s kind of hazy, but I remember hands at my clothes~ Annalise removed my clothes,” I recalled, “I heard a man’s voice say “She’s exactly like you.” Annalise grew angry and said, “Do you think were interchangeable? She’s not anything like me. She’s an uptight, church mouse.” He answered her back, “I didn’t mean anything Annalise. Anyone can see you’re more beautiful.” and that’s all I heard. The man’s voice seems very familiar to me somehow, though.”
    “Thank you you’re sure that is that all you remember?”
    “There is one another thing; a man came in earlier and claimed he was my husband but he’s not. I remember. I’m not married and never have been.”
   “The name this man used?”
   “John Smith. Obviously a fake name, but why was he at my home in Aylmer?”
   “Could he have been the male voice you heard when you were hit on the head and stripped of your clothes to be placed next to the dead man?”
   “I’m not sure,” I admitted, “I guess he could be.”
   “We’ll be keeping a guard on your room. If you receive a call from either your sister or this man let your guard know immediately.”
   “Thank you Constable Bennett.”
   “Thank you Miss Cremoni. We’ll be in touch,” Constable Bennett replied.

     The constable then left my hospital room and I did feel safer with the guard outside but the memories that flooded back of my meeting my sister ~not pleasant. We would never be close like I thought we might be. She’d set me up for the murder of her boyfriend and then had planned to kill me and her other boyfriend had almost succeeded. I only hoped they’d find her soon so I could look her in the eye and tell her what I thought of her and so I could feel safe once again.
To be continued

©Sheilagh Lee November 26,2014

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Three Word Wednesday- Part 9- Awakening

Three Word Wednesday- Part 9- Awakening


Fiery, adjective: Consisting of fire or burning strongly and brightly, [ s submodifier] figurative: a fiery hot chili sauce; having the bright color of fire; (of a person) having a passionate, quick-tempered nature; (of behavior or words) passionately angry and deeply felt.

Notorious, adjective: Famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed.

Toxic, adjective: Poisonous; relating to or caused by poison; very bad, unpleasant, or harmful; finance denoting or relating to debt that has a high risk of default; denoting securities that are based on toxic debt and for which there is not a healthy or functioning market.

 Awakening- Part 9

    I went to sleep despite all the thoughts jumbling in my head and dreamt of Annalise. Driving in my car I stopped at a house and went up to the door. Knocking tentatively I swallowed my nervousness. She was my twin sister after all we should get along. The door opened and at first I thought I looked in a mirror.
      “Well come in,” Annalise said coldly.

      I wanted to hug her, but her greeting didn’t inspire me.

    “It’s nice to meet you,” I blurted filling the silence.
   “Yah, yah, yah, sure it isn't every day you find out you aren't an original being,” Annalise countered fiery then realizing her tone she said, Let’s get some coffee in the kitchen.
    “Thanks, I’d like that,” I answered, but I tramped down my expectations this reunion wasn’t going the way I had hoped.
    “So you live in dullsville Aylmer?” Annalise started as she made the coffee.
   “It’s not dullsville!” I protested, “There’s also a lot of nice people there.”
   “Sorry to offend you. This is just so awkward. I mean it could have been me that was given to your parents if the circumstances were different.”
    “Do you know why it was me?”
   “Yah, Aunt Suzanne told me. You were smaller than I was and you had a hole in your heart. My mother didn’t want to care for a sick child, so she gave you away.”
   “Oh,” I answered.
   “Excuse me a moment I have to use the facilities,” Annalise said and then she left the room.

    I heard a rumbling noise, and then the sound turned into a doorbell ringing and then a loud popping noise. I shouted for Annalise but she didn’t hear me. I followed the noise to a small freezer. A horrible toxic smell emitted from the freezer. I thought maybe I could move some or any of the freezer stuff to the kitchen freezer. I opened it to find a naked man curled tightly into a ball filling the entire freezer. He was covered in frost and blood that had frozen a purple colour near the hole in his forehead. I gasped and Annalise appeared behind me.

    “You weren’t supposed to find him, yet,” she said with a gun in her hand.
    “You’d kill your own sister?” I asked.
    “I have no sister, only a wannabe sister who wants to take my money from me,” she cried.
   “I’m not taking money from you. I don’t want any money. Please, Annalise don’t do this.You'll be notorious as the woman who killed her twin sister.”
  “No, I won't. You will.
  “I don't understand,” I cried.
  I'm taking your life since you ruined mine. Call me Angelina. That’s my new name!” Annalise answered, “So long and farewell sis.”

    I grabbed the gun barrel and struggled with her. I managed to get it from her hands and turn it back on her. I then felt something hit the top of my head and I went down like a sack of potatoes as the gun went off.

©Sheilagh Lee November 19, 2014

To be continued