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Fear not the Darkness, But What Lies Within, The recesses of our mind, The creepy cobwebbed corners,That lingers on and tickles us,With tingle feelings of alarm, The deep in the stomach, Pain we feel when we do warn, The fear is deadly it seeks, The deepest corner of our mind, It's just a story to alarm,Educate and provide entertainment for our minds. So read on dear reader, I hope you find the stories amusing and full of charm.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Three Word Wednesday- Moonlight Becomes Her

Three Word Wednesday- Moonlight Becomes Her
Hinge; noun: A movable joint or mechanism on which a door, gate, or lid swings as it opens and closes, or that connects linked objects; verb: [ with obj. ] attach or join with or as if with a hinge; [ no obj. ] (hinge on) depend entirely on.
Lethal; adjective: Sufficient to cause death; harmful or destructive.
Need; verb: Require (something) because it is essential or very important; noun: Circumstances in which something is necessary, or that require some course of action; necessity; the state of requiring help, or of lacking basic necessities such as food.

Moonlight Becomes Her

   My family didn’t go out during a full moon and a blue moon. My mother would treat it like someone had died covering the windows with black paper and the mirrors with black crepe. She said the moon rays were lethal. I just thought she was a little unhinged. The children in the neighbourhood would laugh and point fingers at my mother, but her need to keep the shafts of light out would make mother continue to turn out the lights and not let the moonlight enter our house. I pleaded, I begged, but every moon I was locked in a darkened room. 

   Time went by and I grew older. I went to school an outcast, bullied, because my house was the creepy one, that once a month covered the windows with black. I had no friends no one wanted to come to the crazy lady’s house.
    Allowed only to go to the library and school, when I was fifteen I rebelled. I ventured to a bowling alley. Mother would have been angry if she knew; but I didn’t care. At the bowling alley I saw a boy about my age.He was red haired. His hair long and curling unto his shoulders, he was tall and muscular.His looks compelled me to smile. The boy answered my smile, with one of his own and came over to me and began speaking to me. I was thrilled. We spent the evening together just talking about anything and everything. 

    Paul became my secret boyfriend. He even seemed to take my mother’s peculiarities in stride, though he could never came to my house. Paul planned a huge birthday party for my sixteenth and I was thrilled that he cared so much. Then I discovered the blue moon fell on my birthday. How could I get out of my room? Mother would lock me in until morning. I couldn’t say I was going to the library. I placed tape across the window lock hoping I could get out that way and offered to cover my window myself with the black paper.

    I heard my mother turned the lock on my bedroom door, I knew the moon would soon start rising. I pulled the black paper away from my window and saw the start of a streak of light beneath a cloud. I crept across the field next door, and the clouds pealed back allowing the moon to rise. It was glorious in its beauty. The moonlight started to bathe me and felt more alive than I had ever felt in that radiance. Painful but yet somehow exhilarating I felt my clothes ripped from my body and I was naked, My limbs started to grow .My black hair then started to grow long, mixing with a grey blue, which covered my body. I knew I had changed into what I wasn’t sure until I saw Paul before me.He too had changed.He had red fur and was an animal like me.

Paul spoke to me softly “This was your first time. It does get easier but you have done well.”
“What are we?” I asked simply because I needed it voiced.
“We are werewolves. We are of the clan Macdonald. I recognized you as one of us. Your mother’s insistence on keeping the moonlight out kept you from turning. ”
“This is what mother prevented. Poor mother.”
“Your mother is not a werewolf, she doesn’t understand. Though she may have done you a good turn. Legend says that a werewolf born on the blue moon, is stronger and will be a mate to a great leader and help him lead.”
“You think I’m this werewolf?”
“Yes I do.” Paul answered. “Come now it is time for you to learn the ways of a werewolf.”

     We ran over fields and through the nearby forest we hunted deer and took them down filling our need to feed. The sun would soon be up and Paul took me back to my house. I turned back into my human self and slipped through my bedroom window. Fixing the black paper on my window, I hinged the window and threw on a nightgown, falling asleep in my bed.

I awoke to shaking.
“You stupid girl, Cara. You went out didn't you? I tried so hard to protect you from your father’s curse. Take your things and go and don’t come back. You aren’t welcome here anymore werewolf. Find your father’s family and go there. This is the last place I saw them in.” my mother said holding out a piece of paper.

     I went to Paul instead. He took me to my paternal grandfather. I live with him now and he teaches me about the life of a werewolf. Grandfather said he had been searching for me for years. He told me that at birth I was betrothed to Paul. I didn't know how I felt about that but I knew continued to date Paul. I loved him.

     It is my eighteenth birthday today. Today I choose to marry Paul. He will be my mate. I am a werewolf and Paul who is the packmaster’s son will be my husband. We have been picked to help our people. Paul will lead and together we will protect the other innocent werewolves of our pack. The werewolf children are vulnerable and we will protect them; not but putting black paper over their windows but by letting them be themselves. We will protect them from themselves and those who would harm them.
©Sheilagh Lee September 12, 2012


  1. I do know that a lot of people hide mirrors because of superstition but, it is to do with thunderstorms and maybe also not looking into a mirror at midnight for some reason too, something to do with seeing evil looking back at you or some such, can't remember.
    Had no idea she was a werewolf though ..good short story Sheilagh :)

  2. thank you Daydreamertoo for reading and enjoying my story.

  3. I love the title Sheilagh..the story has wider meaning for me..too many children hide in the library and the empty classroom..the last paragraph is the key..using difference postively! jae

  4. Thank you JaeRose I truly believe difference should be embraced.

  5. I was surprised to learn that the mother was not a werewolf--that was a great twist! Nice work.

  6. This reminds me of some of the other werewolf stories you've posted here.

  7. that was a wonderful story! I was engaged from the get-go! Total entertainment done so well......

  8. thank you Alice Audrey where Cara is similar in some ways to Rowen.Rowen is the leader where Cara is the support to the leader.Both women however are accepting,strong and fearless. Rowen will appear briefly in my book A Tiger's Heart Wrapped In a Player's Hide.

  9. thank you Joanne I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

  10. Innocent werewolves tend not to have a lot of sympathy from owners of the estates where the deer are hunted. It all depends whose eyes you are looking through. I somehow think that you crave to be a werewolf yourself, just don't lick your lips when you look at me! I did see the other message in the story which was 'tolerance', which I appaud.

  11. LOL old egg. Tolerance is always important.We are all different we should just embrace and except all differences.

  12. I liked that Sheilagh it conveys a lot about growing up ,belonging, love and the path to a perfect mate a lot of depth that is great

  13. I admit I was hopeful of what the full moon might bring. I'm glad she ended up happy. She finally found a place where she could belong.