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Friday, June 8, 2012

Goodbye Slippery we'll miss the seals enjoy your new home

In January 21, 1958, London, Ontario, Canada's city council approved a plan by the PUC plan to turn part of Springbank Park into a $150,000 amusement park for children. In March, a deer enclosure construction began. A contest was then launched by the board of education April 15, 1958 for elementary students to name the park. In May, construction started on the sea lion pool (seals) and the Old Woman’s Shoe. In June, The London Free Press announced 13-year-old contestant Mary Okkerse from North Dorchester school’s $25 prize-winning name: Storybook Gardens. Thus Storybook Gardens was born,today only the Old woman's shoe and other amusements remain there are no animals.

When I was a child we would visit Storybook Gardens and enjoy visiting with the animals and the aquatic animals. My favourite even in to my teens and beyond was Slippery the seal .I loved the way the seal bobbed on the water dove and then would sit on his perch. When my daughter was born we took her to the park showing her the seals. She too enjoyed the seals. both my daughters did. Years went on and the park changed they installed playground equipment then a maze and other amusements. 

It was decided earlier this year by city council that the old barns and old aquatic centres really were not the best place for these animals and they decided to find new homes for the animals divesting the park of all animals. So today we said goodbye to our beloved Slippery legend as the seals Atlantis,Cri Cri,Nunavut and Peanut were sent to the St. Louis zoo to live out there days. Enjoy St. Louis we loved our seals so we hope you all will too. Below learn why our city loved our Slippery so much .It’s quite a story.

thanks to the late Chris Doty for his film above which I got from youtube. Obviously it wasn't Slippery they moved but other sea lions but we will still miss them.
check here for sad update to this story

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