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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Three Word Wednesday - Home Children- Part 2

Bubble; noun: a thin sphere of liquid enclosing air or another gas; used to refer to a state or feeling that is unstable and unlikely to last; a transparent domed cover or enclosure.
Lumber; verb: Move in a slow, heavy, awkward way.
Wreck; noun: Something, esp. a vehicle or building, that has been badly damaged; verb: Destroy or severely damage (a structure or vehicle); spoil completely.

Home Children- Part 2
     Henry cried as they took Beatrice to the girl’s side of the home. Mother had said she would be with them but she was torn from them and placed on the girl’s side. James whimpered too but he was happy to be with Henry though he lumbered slowly down the hall to the boy’s side. The lady at the home had given them chores to do and fed them three times a day wholesome meals she said. It was hard to eat them at first. Henry stomach hurt at first as much with missing his mom and Beatrice and the rich food he was offered. They were now on a ship bound for Canada and Henry really enjoyed the rocking of the boat. James was sure though that the ship would wreck against some rocks. Henry had reassured him that they would be safe. Henry had even managed to see Beatrice. The social worker had taken alike to him and had snuck him over to see Beatrice. Beatrice had promised him again that they would all be together in Canada, with a nice family who wanted children. The boat docked in Halifax and Henry was overjoyed soon they would be all together. They were taken to the train station and James was nowhere to be seen.
“Where is James?” Beatrice asked the social worker.
“My dears, he’s been sent to a good home in Alberta.”
“But we were promised we’d be all together the three of us.” Beatrice protested crying.” I promised mother I take care of them.”
“Come now we must board the train to Ontario children.” The social worker replied ignoring the Bea’s cries.
      Henry stared out the window of the train worried for his brother Henry was all alone. What must it feel like to James to be without his twin? Henry felt like a part of himself had been ripped from his grasp. He was scared and frightened for his brother. Would he be okay with his new family? At least Henry had Bea.
“Henry dear.” the social worker said to him with tears in her eyes as the train came to a stop.
“Yes Miss. Lamb?” Henry answered.
“This is your stop dear.”
“But where’s Beatrice?” Henry asked looking around.
“She’s gone to Toronto to train to be a chambermaid. It’s a good life for her. A career.” The social worker explained."You want that for her don't you?"
“But she was supposed to stay with me Mrs. Birt promised Mom.”
“This is best for all of you. You’re going to live on a farm. You’ll have a wonderful family to live with the Smiths. Mr. and Mrs. Smith wanted a child but couldn’t have one. They have a nice farm where you’ll get lots of food and a good life.”
     Henry said nothing he was scared, life with new people without James and Grace? How could he survive this? It was like his life was a huge bubble and it had popped open. Everything from that bubble (much like a balloon he’d once saw) was spilling out and dribbling away from him. His thoughts were interrupted by Miss Lamb who said."We are almost to the farm'll be happy here. I know you will."
How did Miss Lamb know that? She wasn't Henry.Would these people really be so nice that they would want a boy like him?   Henry swallowed hard and got out of the wagon.
To be continued next Wednesday

© Sheilagh Lee January 25,2012


  1. Very sad. I will lwatch for the next installment.

  2. thank you for reading daybook as I ma basing this on mygrandfther's experiences you will nexdt hear what happened when he was left with the "Smiths"

  3. thank you Ramesh. I will try ot conclude all next week,

  4. A real tear jerker. I grew up in foster homes myself, so I can relate. Now I have to go read part one!

  5. That is exactly what happened to all those lost children too. They were 'given' away as if they were goods for sale for the owners to treat as they wished. Dreadful shame of past times.

  6. that is so true daydreamer too .They were given away as if they were unwanted pets with no real checks into the people who got them and no checks afterwards to make sure the chidlren were safe.

  7. sorry to hear that David that must have been very difficult. thank you for reading

  8. Your grandfather's experience was echoed by so many children whose siblings were torn apart by these cruel acts done for "their good". It is very important recount these events over and over again in the hope that such things do not keep happening. Humanity is so often missing from officialdom.

  9. First my heart ached for the mother, now for the children. A wonderful tribute to your grandfather and all the home children. I can't wait to read more.

  10. thank you old egg, it is true that fmailies were torn apart and little children were subjected to a lot of cruelty.and yes we have to remeber so it doesn't happen again.

  11. thank you Grandma Goulash I felt for my great grandmother it must have been heart wrenching for her. thanks for reading.

  12. How heart wrenching these "orphan" trains were. Many times the children went to the highest bidder and lived in virtual slavery until old enough to go off on their own.

  13. so true Alice Audrey.These children were not treated well.

  14. Henry will be a tough young man..a role model I am sure..sad..and yet a story of survival that can perhaps be applied to many childhoods which are displaced in so many ways..Jae

  15. My grandfather on whom Henry is based always seemed very withdrawn and afraid to show his emotions.I think he kept deep emotional scars from this Jae.That's not to say he didn't love us we knew he did he just had trouble expressing his emotions.