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Fear not the Darkness, But What Lies Within, The recesses of our mind, The creepy cobwebbed corners,That lingers on and tickles us,With tingle feelings of alarm, The deep in the stomach, Pain we feel when we do warn, The fear is deadly it seeks, The deepest corner of our mind, It's just a story to alarm,Educate and provide entertainment for our minds. So read on dear reader, I hope you find the stories amusing and full of charm.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Happy Winter Solstice

 Happy Winter Solstice -Stonehenge

I had had always wanted to visit Stonehenge and then my dream had come true, for I stood in the centre of Stonehenge at the dawn of Winter Solstice . As the sun came up and shone on the stones, I felt one with the stones. The air around me whirled and I felt dizzy as the world seemed to shift. Before my eyes, the stones shimmered and seemed to become as new again.

“The great warrior comes. See, I summoned him, sisters,” I heard, but although I heard English, I knew it was in ancient dialect and not truly in the words I heard. Before me stood three women their hair long and luxurious, hanging down to their ankles. Each had a different hair colour, one had fiery red hair ,one brown almost black and the other golden like the rays of the sun.

“He looks scrawny.”

“Yes, far too skinny, young and has no muscles,” commented the other.

“I used the right spell. I know I did he will be able to remove the sword,” she said pointing to a sword stuck in a huge stone.


An ancient legend tells of a sword and stone, but this was something different. It had jewels encrusted on its tang. The blade what I could see of it was topped with quillon (a circular part) and guard with a nice grip. It was made of silver and bronze quite tarnished. The sword was quite spectacular as it had jewels of ruby, emerald, and diamonds encrusted on its handle and I felt the need to touch it; but I held myself back.

“What is your name boy?” the brunette asked.

“Arthur.” I answered.

“Good you have done well. He even has the right name, Morgana.” The blonde commented.

“There it is, boy. Get on with it.” said Morgana( the redhead.)

I put my hand on the hilt and pulled with all my might, but it wouldn’t budge. It was mired like quickstone, my knuckles and hands grew scabbed and scarred trying to make it move.

“You’ve failed Morgana. You fool, he’s the wrong Arthur. Send him back!” said the brunette.

“I think he’s handsome, might we keep him?” asked the blonde touching my shoulders.

“No, you know the rules. We might borrow from time; but they must all go back,” Morgana proclaimed.

There was a flash of light and then I found myself on the ground in the centre of Stonehenge.

“See here. you are trespassing.” said a voice over my head. ”And now you’ve knocked some of the stones down on top of you. I should arrest you; but looking at the scrape on your head, I’d say you’ve learned your lesson. Do you want me to call an ambulance, sir?”

“No, I’ll be fine.” I said holding my head and trying to stem the bleeding.

I wondered if my head injury explained all of this and reached in my pocket for a handkerchief. To my surprise I found a ruby from the sword in my pocket .I smiled looking back at the stones, perhaps the ladies would summon me again as long as I had the stone.

“Blessed be!” I shouted as I left.

©Sheilagh Lee  December 21, 2021 included in Legends Folktales and other Stories

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Monday, May 3, 2021

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Friday, March 27, 2020

I am the face of the Immunosuppressed or the immunoverdrive

         I am the face of the Immunooverdrive
This is the picture I show the world 

but this is how I look today 
I think I look awful and normally wouldn't share this I'd slap on some make-up and try to look normal. Then try to angle the camera so I look better.

Today I have a raging occurrence of my immune system disorder deciding as I call it  to start the 'I hate you cycle'. So I'm taking immunosuppression drugs, My face is red and
swollen I have the telltale rash all over my face. I am one of those people you are physically distancing for I have two autoimmune diseases, one which maybe lupus (not confirmed yet still testing for) This disease whatever it is causes health problems and makes me susceptible to diseases on top of my Fibromyalgia.I don’t like to talk about these because I don’t let them define me. I also had cancer of the thryroid which was successfully stopped.
For those that have never heard of it Fibromyalgia is described as muscle pain,tenderness, and fatigue. A disorder that is usually accompanied by memory, sleep, and mood issues. Researchers believe the condition arises from an

overactive nervous system, which amplifies painful sensations. The condition is difficult to diagnose as it is not identifiable by blood work, x-rays, orscans. So imagine having this disease not knowing what the heck is causing all
your problems and then being told it must be all in your head just because theydon’t know what the disease is. That’s what a lot of us have gone through over
the years and that’s partly why we stay silent and just try to live.
 I believe I may have had  a mild form as early as
when I was eleven years old and that the more severe form didn’t make itself really known until I was nineteen. That said I still wasn't diagnosed until the doctors started talking about the condition when I was twenty-six.
  Imagine being a young girl and knowing that your life has changed that you’d never do the things you could before like bike ride, running, skating and other things you enjoyed and to replace all of those you have extreme pain , fatigue and a

foggy brain that sometimes makes you forget simple words when you’re speaking added to that there is no defintion of this disease and some doctors treat you badly insisting or implying you're faking. You’ve adjusted to that all that you
take rest when you can but like before you power through you marry, adjusting your life to raising children and enjoying your life as best you can and then you get something they don’t warn you about another type of illness to add to it; an autoimmune disease that gives you even more of the same effects you felt with fibromyalgia and added to it more swelling a feeling of nausea, headaches, and indigestion as well as a slew of allergies to things you were never allergic to before.
If you’re me you decide it’s not going to win and you work hard when you can, rest when you can and keep close eye so you can get on top of an occurrence. You decide
you’re going to write books (you can do that despite your illness) and so you do, writing the books that have been waiting inside you for years reaching a publishing total of twenty six books since 2010. (I say none of this for sympathy or praise as I feel that's unneccessary we all have our own things we have to get through.)
Then a pandemic starts happening in other countries and you watch nervously as it moves across the world. You sequester yourself in late February to protect yourself and warn your loved ones to follow the guidelines of social distancing (now known as(physical distancing), washing hands and hope that no one you know gets the disease since it’s now moving through generations. I have a grandchild, a wonderful supportive husband and two daughters and a son-in law, for their sakes and yours I’m begging you follow the rules from the medical experts maybe we can stop this disease from advancing and save lives. Your neighbour, your family member, your friends or maybe just someone like me that you’ve only known from the internet will get through this unscathed or at least alive.
Thank you from ©Sheilagh Lee  March 27, 2020

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

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Dreams Can Kill~FREE ~ March 19 -23

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Sean the Leprechaun~ A Christmas Story


Going across some of my beloved mother's papers I found a surprising thing she too had written about the Christmas that stuck in my mind when I was young. I think it's my Christmas present from her and now you can read it.My story is included in my new paperback and e-book Visions of Sugarplums.

In the story  she wrote of my imaginative nature;  she also included details I forgot.  It  did happen as she wrote them (in true fact I love her story)so I am going to give you another Christmas treat and post my mother's story for you.  The twist? It begins with a leprechaun. Yes, you read that right. Picture the Elf on the Shelf only dressed all in green and in my mind more magical. Read on and enjoy. 

Sean the Leprechaun~ A Christmas Story

             Sean was leprechaun. Actually to be completely honest he was just a stuffed doll. He’d been in the family for years and the children had never been allowed to play with him. He was hung in the window by a safety pin through his hat. Because of the children’s love of fairy tales over the years many tales had been made about him consequently the children began to believe he was a real leprechaun. In appearance he was quite ugly; about twelve inches tall; had long spindly legs, a sharp pointed nose and a tense disfigured face that had aged and discoloured to an ugly mahogany.

         For some unknown reason every time something bad was going to happen we would find him turned inward. I always blamed it on air currents but the children insisted he was warning us and that the pin hurt. Sean had tried to warn us when we travelled out to British Columbia that something was wrong by turning around in the car window and then we’d blown a tire. After that he also turned around when the car almost went over a cliff. My oldest son joked that the leprechaun was vengeful and the younger kids believed him.

            My husband insisted that the leprechaun wasn’t warning us Sean wasn’t vengeful or a savage, but a doll. That the tire had just blown and he’d made a mistake in geography getting too close to a cliff; but my young daughter, Sheilagh as she said her prayers that night said ...”and please tell Sean will get him a new suit if the car doesn’t break anymore.”
She then said to me. “We can, can’t we Mommy?” I reassured her we could; then realized he was faded. I promptly forgot about it.

                 Over the next few months we settled in and Sean was installed in the front window with a beautiful view of the mountains but he insisted on facing in. nothing went right the job my husband was offered caused allergic reactions and asthmatic attacks and then the old injury that had caused us to relocate reared again and my husband was hospitalized.

               During a family conference I explained how there wouldn’t be expensive presents and my oldest daughter blurted out to the younger ones there was no Santa and I had to admit that was true. My youngest daughter insisted with the surety of youth a child there was a Santa. That in fact she believed Daddy was sick because I hadn’t made Sean the suit I promised him and then of course she started crying about not getting a Chatty Cathy. She finished all of this with tears flowing down her face.

           The next day I took Sean down from the window and searching throw my scrap cloth and wool box. I found enough to make a new suit.
When the children came home from school they noticed right away that Sean was missing. Wanting to surprise them I told them Santa’s elves had the flu and Sean had gone to help him in return for a new Christmas suit. This made them happy and reaffirmed their belief in Santa. Even though they somehow understood even Santa didn’t have a lot of money either. They not only accept this idea but demanded bedtime stories of Sean and Santa.

         That Saturday I turned on a Santa television program for them and imagine my surprise when I heard Santa say,” All my elves are down with the flu and my friend Sean has come to help me.”
The camera panned to a doll that was the spitting imagine of Sean.
Muttering “I don’t believe it I went upstairs to look for Sean in my scrap basket. I took everything out piece by piece but I couldn’t find Sean. Following a sleepless night after sending the children to school I wondered where I could have lost him. I searched again and found Sean under a sock that needed darning. How I missed him the first second and gazillion time I don’t know.

         The next day my husband was released from the hospital came home and getting a licence shot a deer for Christmas dinner even though it hurt him to kill such a magnificent animal. We were happier. there was food for Christmas dinner.
Christmas morning Sean was back where he belonged in the window facing out, in his brand new suit. The doorbell rang at five a.m. and I found gaily wrapped presents outside the front door with the children’s names on them.  There had been a light snowfall overnight but the only tracks were hoof prints and two straight lines like those of a sleigh.

         We all stammered “What? Where? Why? How?”, as we looked  at each other in wonderment at the lack of human footprints and the two long lines where something big had rested.
The parcels were opened and to sounds of delight as it revealed a Chatty Cathy doll cuddled tightly, a pair of figure skates, a Bowie knife and a make-up mirror, a large toy crane and a model airplane.

         I found out later that the toys were supplied by an elderly lady who befriended the neighbourhood children and who had given all the children a Christmas party’ but neither she, nor anyone else could explain the lack of human footprints. Sheilagh was sure that she was Mrs. Santa Claus and had brought Sean back with her and the presents. That is why she always wanted us to give generously after that to charity to assist Santa with Christmas presents for others.

        Was Sean really a magical leprechaun? I am no longer sure. some things maybe coincidence but others have no explanation . The only thing I’m sure of its that it was the best Christmas ever.

I hope you enjoyed my mother's story.  My daughter now has Sean and has promised him another new suit, not bad since his last one was so long ago.

Merry Christmas!! Happy Holidays!!