Dear Readers

Fear not the Darkness, But What Lies Within, The recesses of our mind, The creepy cobwebbed corners,That lingers on and tickles us,With tingle feelings of alarm, The deep in the stomach, Pain we feel when we do warn, The fear is deadly it seeks, The deepest corner of our mind, It's just a story to alarm,Educate and provide entertainment for our minds. So read on dear reader, I hope you find the stories amusing and full of charm.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Enough for now

“Do you really need them now?” my nanny had asked about my cars as we went to the park. I run away at the park finding myself lost. Night came and I lie down on a bench and sleep until my parents come.
I awoke to a young woman and a man. They seem familiar. They’ll take me to my daddy, so I go with them. The young woman spoke into a box like on Star Trek. I was frightened the young man comforted me. We reached a building and a young child ran to me then magically he turned into a man. I was baffled, how could this happen? I looked at the man and he looked like my dad, but he wasn’t my father. I searched my memories as he took my hand gently and hugged me.
“Dad, I’m so glad you’re okay.”
I looked again at the man and I was scared he called me Dad; but I was a little boy wasn’t I? He sang to me, ‘You are my sunshine.’ and the memories rushed back, this was my son, Alan and my grandson Kevin and my granddaughter Helena had found me. My memory had failed me again; how much longer would I know them?
“Dad, I’ll be there with you, always,” my son said.
I smile, for that is what I always said to him and he has brought me home. They love me let that be enough for it’s all I have.
©Sheilagh Lee June 14, 2018

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Murder She Commits?

Murder She Commits?

“We have to do something about what?” Joan asked,
 Everywhere Auntie goes she claims she solves murders; but I've discovered the truth. The old woman has set the murders up cleverly and then she points subtle fingers at someone else.” Giles complained.
“Nonsense, she’s old. She couldn’t commit the murders,” protested Joan.
“Joan; just because she has a romantic side and loves to put people together like us doesn’t mean she isn’t a ruthless psychopath.”
‘The very definition of a psychopath says she isn’t one. She only fits one thing of the criteria, extreme egocentricity. She isn’t a murderer.”
“She is my dear. If I were to write this story, I write how clever she was to set the crime up so those who feel guilty were caught. Those who protested killed themselves with Auntie’s help. Even if you truly believed that the people that have died are always nasty people,” protested Joan.
“You know!!” Giles stated ,”You know she’s a murderess; but you haven’t stopped her?”
“Giles, I’ve known your Auntie since I was a child. Nasty people always perish around her that doesn’t make her a murderer, just unlucky.”
“Okay, have it your way. As long as no one innocent gets hurt I’ll let it go.”
“And if someone does?” asks Joan.
“Then will have her committed to an old folks home in a locked unit for senile and Alzheimer's patients. I am a doctor after all.”
“That’s a relief. She killed Margaret last night.”
“She killed my sister Margaret Then why did you balk at what I said??
“She's harmless most of the time but we do have to call the police soon.
I’ll write the papers now and we'll take her for intake then we'll call the police.”
Good plan; are you sure you didn't kill Margaret? She was a busybody who wouldn't move out of our home,”Joan asked caulking her head and looking shrewdly and narrowing her eyes.
“Really, Joan, the need to kill isn't inherited.
I hope not, Giles.
“Quit worrying, Joan, I was adopted.
©Sheilagh Lee June 9, 2018

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Wake-up Call

Wake-up Call

Walking in late to the chapel, no one took notice of me as I took a pew. A woman at the pulpit talked about the deceased. Frankly I didn’t take her seriously, as she described the deceased as a good person who had lost their way and worked too much. The coffin had few flowers surrounding around it. Touching one of the vases I spilled water on the cuff of my suit. The cloying scent of lilies now clung to it.
Looking around I saw few people in the room. The speaker now dabbing her eyes was an older version of my preteen daughter. Trembling I advanced on the coffin. Looking inside I saw myself staring back at me.
I screamed and no one noticed. I begged God for one more chance to make this all right. I would be a better person I promised. I wouldn’t focus on my job so much but put my family first if only I had one more chance.
I awoke with a start. I was alive it had all been a dream. I could get on with my life go to work and forget all about this. I took my black suit out of the closet putting it on I found the cuff wet and a smell of lilies permeated from it. I put the suit back in the closet and told my office I was on vacation; my family and I were going to Disneyland. Life would be different from now on.

©Sheilagh Lee June 5, 2018

Thursday, May 24, 2018

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 Recovering from a bullet wound, Sharron Alexander finds her memory a blank, she does not know who to trust. As she struggles to recover her assailant’s identity, they play cat and mouse with her searching to retrieve something Sharron doesn’t recall. Sharron must fight and remember or she will find out Dreams can Kill.

In the small town of Driftwood, Colorado, the new Sheriff Bullet just wants to work as a cop and make his daughter proud, again. Imagine his horror when on the first day on the job he finds most of his police force missing and then murdered. Sheriff Bullet must deal with the age old problem of murder, and then the new scourge of the twentieth century, an illicit new drug that is decimating the youth of Driftwood. Sheriff Bullet must work with the FBI and his police force to find the answers and save his job before his future is decided.

Poems from the heart of grief, philosophy, human emotions, nature , country, pride and humour.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

New release-Children's book ~ Henrietta and the Donor Eggs #childrensbook #adoption #infertility

New release-Children's book ~ Henrietta and the Donor Eggs

Henrietta has always wanted to be a mother. She’s mothered other hen’s chicks but she’s never been able to have her own. When Henrietta is ready to give up, another hen offers her eggs to Henrietta, so Henrietta too can be a mom. Henrietta sits on the eggs and hopes that her dream and her rooster Robert's will come true and that finally they'll have their own family

Friday, May 4, 2018

Oh Nuts

       Spring had sprung, finally. Flowering trees were sprouting blooms. Tree branches were getting green and full. The grass was growing. It was beautiful spring day and then I heard the noise of the neighbours opening their door. They put out their chairs and then I heard voices, singing, a radio blaring. I scurried around the yard doing busy work hoping they wouldn’t see me and I certainly didn’t want to speak to them. I was happy when I heard the door open and the neighbours usher themselves inside, I relaxed after all the sun was warm and toasty and I basked in its beauty.
I began digging. Then they came out again and I had to stop. They were shrill, even their breathing was loud. I hated them why did they have to ruin my peace and quiet?
“Don’t take it personally,” my brother said as he came up beside me.
“How can I not? I haven't seen my nuts all winter!”I answered.

“They’re digging up the lawn,” the voice of my neighbour rang out.

           His lawn? It was my family’s first. We’d been here for generations I just tolerated him. Maybe I'd burrow into his roof. He’s hate that. No, dad said it was wise to be good neighbours and let them think we’re cute then once in awhile they throw us some tasty morsels.

“Here, little squirrels some nuts for you,” the female neighbour called.

           Dad was right life was good with neighbours like these and we could tolerate their little quirks.

©Sheilagh Lee May3, 2018

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Pushed to Far

“I think we pushed too far, I man I pushed too far,” my husband told the man, I recognized as his brother, Dominic the shrink.
 I didn’t under any of this how had gotten here?  John had treated me badly for weeks beaten me kept me prisoner in the house but this? John had tried to kill me and changed his mind.
“Melanie, are you feeling better?” Dominic asked.
“Who are you?”
“Your doctor, Dominic Reiner. Do you know why you’re here?”
“Someone must have drugged me.”
“You know that’s not true, you took handfuls of those pills,” my husband blurted.
“John, would you wait outside?”
John compiled and left.
Dominic started his shrink mumbo jumbo. I of course insisted that I had been drugged but was ignored probably because Dominic was in on it I concluded. Weeks went by and I was trapped held against my will. Dominic plied me with drugs which I pretended to take and palmed. I told Dominic what he wanted to hear. Two months later I was released into my husband’s care.
John pretended to care made nice;  but when his back was turned I put my pills into his coffee and then I called an ambulance saying he’d tried to kill himself with my pills.  I transferred him to a safer environment for him, a hospital that still tried some of the older methods to cure depression. One of the doctor’s gave him a lobotomy John’s much nicer now.

©Sheilagh Lee April 26, 2018