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Fear not the Darkness, But What Lies Within, The recesses of our mind, The creepy cobwebbed corners,That lingers on and tickles us,With tingle feelings of alarm, The deep in the stomach, Pain we feel when we do warn, The fear is deadly it seeks, The deepest corner of our mind, It's just a story to alarm,Educate and provide entertainment for our minds. So read on dear reader, I hope you find the stories amusing and full of charm.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Three Word Wednesday-Stray Bullet- Part 38

Three Word Wednesday-Stray Bullet- Part 38

Taut, adjective: tight, stretched, rigid, flexed, tense, hard, solid, firm, rigid, stiff, fraught, strained, stressed, tense, uptight.

Underestimate: verb: underrate, undervalue, under-appreciate, lowball, do an injustice to, be wrong about, sell short, play down, understate; minimize, de-emphasize, under-emphasize, diminish, gloss over, trivialize; miscalculate, misjudge, misconstrue, misread.

Vigorous, adjective: robust, healthy, hale and hearty, strong, sturdy, fit; hardy, tough, athletic; bouncing, thriving, flourishing, blooming; energetic, lively, active, perky, spirited, vibrant, vital, zestful, strenuous, powerful, forceful, spirited, mettlesome, determined, aggressive, two-fisted, driving, eager, zealous, ardent, fervent, vehement, passionate; tough, robust, thorough, blunt, hard-hitting.

When we last left our hero. Sheriff Gunnar Bullet, he'd rashly married quickly in Vegas because his six months relationship with Doctor Tina Weldon had resulted in a pregnancy.. They don't seem to know about each other (she didn't even know when his birthday was) and his Aunt Louise though opposed to the union, gave in and supported him and Tina as not to lose Gunnar. The drug organization terrorizing the town seemed wrapped up in a tidy little bow as the culprits were in custody, as well as the murderers of the town's cops and families but Gunnar still has lingering doubts. Gunnar's best friend, Gordon the FBI agent did not attended the wedding because he's not speaking to Gunnar because of a misunderstanding between Gunnar and Gordon's fiancee, Perita Castillo. Tina had indicated that she wanted to tell him something but he said it could wait and he spent a wonderful night with his bride only to find her not in bed with him the next morning. (Tina came back with coffee as he was in the shower) As he stepped out of the shower  and put on his boxer shorts he heard Tina open the front door and then shots rang out and he had found his bride shot. he'd called for the ambulance but she had no vital signs. Reaching the hospital he hoped and prayed they'd save Tina and the baby but it didn't happen when he picked up the phone to tell his brother-in law he found out his brother-in law was dead too. 

Stray Bullet- Part 38

   If I hadn't known this was Thanksgiving I'd have thought it was Groundhog Day or the Ides of March. How could Tina's half-Brother be dead too?

 “How long do they think he was there, Errol?”

     There was a whispered conversation near the phone then Errol stated, “A few hours. I think it was a suicide boss; but of course there will be an autopsy. There’s a note addressed to you. I was just about to open it up but I’ll wait for you and Tina before reading it.”
“Tina’s dead.”
“What in the hell is going on? I’m so sorry, sir, I forgot myself. I’m so sorry for your loss. Was that the shooting call that came in boss?”
“Yes, I’m coming up, what floor?”
“Third floor, sir,” Errol said tautly then hung up.
“Will you stay her with them and arrange for the funeral home…to pick them up? I’ll speak with the director Hiram Packer later about the arrangements,” I asked Penny.
“I’ll make arrangements for all of them Gee. Don’t worry now, go see about Doctor Burton. But first give me your cell phone.”

       Obediently I gave it to her and Penny did something with it and then handed it back to me a few minutes later.

“What did you do?” I asked.
“I installed an app on your I-phone it will record all incoming and outgoing calls, It will also record and conversations if you wish you just press this button and say aloud I wish I could record this and it instantly records,” Penny explained.
“But why did you do that?”

“You’re going to need an edge just to carry on in the next few days. Conversations may escape you, your mind will wander of its own accord and your brain will fog in and out this will help. But for heaven sake if you figure out who did this and go after them take back up. Promise me boss,” Penny pleaded.
“I promise,” I answered obediently then shaking my head vigorously in agreement knowing full well that I wouldn’t wait for backup if I found this perpetrator.

       I laid my daughter down and kissed her sweet cheek goodbye and said vigourously, “I’ll be back, Tina-Marie. I have to find out who did this. I promise you baby they’ll pay.”

       I wiped away the tears that threatened to overtake me again and pulled myself together I had a job to do and I would do it. I stiffed my back and rage shook within me. Whoever had killed Tina and my baby girl would pay.

      In the elevator I wracked my brain, who was this Rita and why did the name sound so familiar? I tried to root out the memory in my brain and then I recalled Ethan Calladen’s ex-wife’s name. Her name was Rita.
She was that awful woman who had been found naked beside a dead John Calladen, (Aunt Louise’s husband). Aunt Louise had underestimated her. It couldn’t be her. Could it? Why would she come after Tina?

     I stepped off the elevator and went to the doctor’s lounge. Errol was examining the scene and I was grateful for his thoroughness.

“Gee, are you sure you should be working? I can handle this boss.”
“I know you can and I expect you to; but I’d like to see the note.”
“Sure. Normally I would have read it; but since it was addressed to you…”
“That’s okay Errol. Always read the evidence. I’ll give it back to you so you can log it in after I’m done.”
“That’s the other thing boss, even though I suspect a suicide, the drug he used was fentanyl.”
“You’re sure?”
“Yes, he had some packets in his hands.”
“Were they from the hospital pharmacy?”
“Yes, they were.”

      Before I picked up the letter an idea formed in my mind of something else. I had seen that picture on the mayor Ethan’s desk of his wife, Rita and she had reminded me of someone else I’d met recently. With a lot of surgical work, some dramatic weight loss and some make-up… could it be?

To be continued next week

©Sheilagh Lee March 15 ,2017


  1. But with enough surgical work, weight change, and makeup, anyone could be nearly anyone.

  2. there's actually a hint in there 'I had seen that picture on the mayor Ethan’s desk of his wife, Rita' and she had reminded me of someone else I’d met recently.' With a lot of surgical work, some dramatic weight loss and some make-up…
    could it be?
    Someone very beautiful..hmm