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Fear not the Darkness, But What Lies Within, The recesses of our mind, The creepy cobwebbed corners,That lingers on and tickles us,With tingle feelings of alarm, The deep in the stomach, Pain we feel when we do warn, The fear is deadly it seeks, The deepest corner of our mind, It's just a story to alarm,Educate and provide entertainment for our minds. So read on dear reader, I hope you find the stories amusing and full of charm.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Three Word Wednesday-Stray Bullet- Part 34

Three Word Wednesday-Stray Bullet- Part 34

Decaying, adjective: decomposing, decomposed, rotting, rotten, putrescent, putrid, bad, off, perished; moldy, festering, fetid, rancid, rank; maggoty, wormy, declining, degenerating, dying, crumbling, disintegrating; derelict, run-down, tumbledown, ramshackle, shabby, decrepit; in decline, in ruins, on the way out.

Ember, noun: glowing coal, live coal; cinder; (embers) ashes, residue.

Fragrant, adjective: sweet-scented, sweet-smelling, scented, perfumed, aromatic, odoriferous, odiferous, perfumy; literary redolent. 

Stray Bullet- Part 34

“I want fish,” Stella-Marie declared.
“That’s good because I have reservations at Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips at The Linq Promenade,” Tina declared, “I think you’ll like this place Stella-Marie. It has old telephone booths to exit and enter the restaurant.”
“What’s a phone booth?” Stella-Marie asked.
“You’ll see,” I replied.
“The younger generation needs more education,” Aunt Louise commented, “Are you sure that this is a good place I smell decaying fish.”
“Your olfactory is off. This place smells wonderful,” I said.
“I think it smells wonderful too. It has a lovely fragrant smell as well,” Tina agreed.
“I like fish. I want fish with fries,” Stella-Marie said.
“I’m going to have shrimp,” Tina stated.
“Can I have that and fish?” Stella-Marie begged.
“Sure,” Tina said.
“What about cake? There’s supposed to be wedding cake,” Stella-Marie complained.
“I ordered a cake,” Aunt Louise stated.
“How did you know I picked Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant?” Tina asked.
“I’m afraid I overheard you making the reservation so I called back and they promised to produce a wedding cake.”

The meal was wonderful and we all had a wonderful celebration. I couldn’t believe me good fortune. Here I was married to the kindest most beautiful doctor in the world. Life was good, everyone was happy so why did I have this bad feeling at the bottom of my stomach? I didn’t carry any embers for my murderous ex-wife so why did I feel so off?  Nerves I thought just left over feelings from the past and my bad marriage. Tina truly loved me and we were going to have a new child to love. I was truly blessed. I smiled at my bride and then my child. It would all be bliss as Aunt Louise always cautioned me I had to quit borrowing trouble, I was a married man with two kids I was lucky! But Tina had been giving me looks all evening like she wanted to say something but didn’t.

We flew home that evening and Aunt Louise took Stella-Marie for the night while we went to honeymoon at Tina’s house.

 ©Sheilagh Lee February15 ,2016


  1. You are leading us on Sheilagh giving me a (false?) hope that things will turn out right in the end.